Make Wedding Planning Easier With Digital Mood Boards

Wedding planning is stressful enough as it is. Make the process easier and more organized with inspired mood boards for every part of your big day.

If you're lucky enough to be planning your wedding, you have a lot of decisions to make before your big day. I actually got married before Pinterest was around (gasp!), so I needed to get creative when it came to keeping track of my inspiration photos. That's when I began to love digital mood boards.

Ombre Palettes Popular Among Blushing Brides

Ombre Palettes Popular Among Blushing Brides

"For this upcoming year, I see ombre as a trend that will continue to pop up in wedding decor — using tonal pieces to accent bridesmaids' ensembles, ombre cakes and monochromatic colors in overall decor," says Sara Murray, BHLDN Stylist

Photo by: Courtesy of BHLDN

Courtesy of BHLDN

Mood boards are a fantastic way to keep track of all the disorganized color, pattern and photo information you might have floating around in your head. And once you get the hang of them, they're really easy to create.

Choose Your Tool

There are quite a few options when it comes to choosing a tool for creating your mood board, but I always recommend going for whatever source feels most comfortable.

I often go between PowerPoint or Keynote (I made this simple board pictured in Powerpoint) as I find it's easy to move photos around and create templates that I can use over and over again. But there's also a lot of free tools online you could use. Here's a list of some of my favorites

Zero in on a Topic

Though you don't need to get super specific with your mood board, I find that it really helps to discover what you're hoping to visually brainstorm. You can tackle some of the finer details with inspiration for things like table decor, wedding cakes or bridesmaid dresses. Or you could work on a general board that includes inspiration and images for your overall wedding as a starting point.

Get Inspired

I always love to flip through magazines before I kick off a new mood board project. I specifically like to look for color and pattern inspiration, as well as other images that might help to remind me of the feeling or vibe I'm going for. Of course, you can also get inspired online by visiting sites like Pinterest or Polyvore. If I happen to find any images in magazines that I want to use, I'll cut them out and scan them or snap a photo.

Gather Your Images

Once I get an idea of where I am in terms of visual inspiration, I'll start looking around online for actual photos to include on my mood board. Again, you can visit sites such as Pinterest, Polyvore, Tumblr or even Google Image search if you know exactly what you're looking for. You can also visit individual wedding magazine sites and look through their photo galleries for inspiration. I often like to bring all the images I saved onto the blank mood board and then make final decisions about what stays and what goes.

Bring It All Together

Once you edit your saved photos and decide which ones you want to keep for your mood board, you can start arranging them. There is no right or wrong way to do this, so go with whatever method works for you.

You could go for a collage-style board and overlap your photos and text, or you can keep things neater by lining up your images. In this example, I went for a cleaner look.

This example board was all about the wedding dress detail; however, I wanted to make sure to include the wedding color palette so you could keep the decor and color scheme in mind.

Save Your Work

Once you've hit upon a style of mood board you like to work with, make sure to save your work as a template.

When starting a new mood board, I like to open up the last one I created and work from there. I can swap out images and update text based on whatever I'm working on. Make sure when you do this to "save as" so you don't overwrite your old file.

You can keep everything online or print color copies. This is helpful when you want to look at several things at once such as mood boards for the cake, table decor and flowers. I usually like to print out copies of all of my mood boards and then tuck them into a notebook or my planner so I have them with me at all times. You never know when inspiration might strike!

The Hottest Wedding Trends of the Moment

See All Photos

Flower Crowns

"Hair flowers. Can't wait for this trend to trickle down from Pinterest/magazines to real wedding bookings. It's a '60s, '70s throwback, but can be totally modern. Great for flower girls — keeps their hands free, makes them feel like they're wearing a 'princess' crown." -Facebook fan Bloom Boxx

Photo By: Courtesy of BHLDN

Rustic Overtones

"Loving the rustic barn weddings. Mason jars, wildflowers, wood crates and lots of ivory lace and burlap!" -Facebook fan Lisette Bocker

Art Deco Elegance

"'Gatsby-inspired' is the big buzz word. If you're looking to evoke the Gatsby feeling, go for a majestic museum or grand hall and accent your ensemble with a few art deco accessories and a few glamorous elements of decor." -Sara Murray, BHLDN Stylist

Photo By: Courtesy of BHLDN

All That Glitters

"I'm definitely anticipating more sheen, sparkle and metallics!" -Sabrina Soto, The High Low Project

Classic Glamour

"Classic, glamorous looks are back in a big way: modest lace dresses, champagne coupes, bold red lips, vintage beaded clutches and crystal brooches." -Cathleya Schroeckenstein, editor-in-chief, Weddingbee

Photo By: Courtesy of BHLDN

Sweet Spreads

"Instead of a traditional wedding cake, we got a bunch of pretty little cakes from Miette in San Francisco. This way there were a bunch of awesome flavors to try." -April V. Walters, 29, San Francisco, CA

Photo By: Courtesy of BHLDN

Prints + Pattern

"We're seeing more prints in wedding decor, from sweet florals to graphic prints like stripes and chevron, or even plaids. Go bold in color or use metallic and shades of white for a more subtle palette. Prints are absolutely stunning and add an unexpected element to your wedding decor." -Sara Murray, BHLDN Stylist

All Things Vintage

"Vintage ... it's just such a reminder of the past when my grandparents were married and life was simple." -Facebook fan Julie Zieg

Photo By: Courtesy of BHLDN

Photo Booth Fun

"We really liked having a photo booth guest book! It was a great way to get a memento of our smiling guests." -Courtney P.K., 36, San Francisco, CA

Stripped-Down Desserts

"Naked cakes! I love that they can look rustic or chic and the fillings and cake take center stage instead of icing or inedible fondant." -Facebook fan Milica Simmons Carter

Photo By: Courtesy of BHLDN

Offbeat Attire

"The dress is more creative. The brides are more daring at making bolder choices." -Sabrina Soto, The High Low Project

Photo By: Courtesy of BHLDN

Succulents Everywhere

"We used succulents in our centerpieces, corsages and boutonnieres. We were also able to give away and re-plant the succulents after the wedding." -Courtney P.K., 36, San Francisco, CA


"White is a strong trend for the bridal party and even wedding guests. No longer is it a faux pas to wear white to a wedding — we're seeing bridesmaids pop up in white left and right." -Sara Murray, BHLDN Stylist

Photo By: Courtesy of BHLDN

Signature Cocktails

"We loved creating unique cocktail recipes to represent each of us." -Courtney P.K., 36, San Francisco, CA

Tea Party

"Thrift-store teacups and teapots for flowers as centerpieces/table decor. [They're] vintage and romantic without looking commercial." -Facebook fan Kimberley Lyons

Photo By: Cristina Riches, Bird's Party

Small Bites

"Plates and portions are flirtier; it's more about the mingling and dancing. Wedding trends are becoming more free-spirited and personal to the couple." -Sabrina Soto, The High Low Project

Candy Buffet

"I'm a big fan of the candy bar, using candy in the colors of the wedding." -Facebook fan Denise Toungaian-Schwartzman

Photo By: Cristina Riches, Bird's Party

All-Natural Elements

"I'm seeing more indoor/outdoor elements. Bringing nature indoors; whether it's through rustic sources, grasses or wood textures and incorporating that into your decor." -Sabrina Soto, The High Low Project

Photo By: Courtesy of BHLDN

Mason Jars

"Mason jars, Mason jars, Mason jars! You can use them in so many ways for cheap. Glam them up or leave them plain for a simpler look." -Facebook fan Callie Brown

Doughnut Towers

"Doughnut tower instead of a traditional wedding cake!" -Facebook fan Johanna Parker

Photo By: Courtesy of BHLDN

Monochromatic + Ombre Accents

"For this upcoming year, I see ombre as a trend that will continue to pop up in wedding decor — using tonal pieces to accent bridesmaids' ensembles, ombre cakes and monochromatic colors in overall decor." -Sara Murray, BHLDN Stylist

Photo By: Courtesy of BHLDN

Seaside Ceremonies

"I just love coastal weddings! The natural scenery provides a beautiful backdrop for any wedding style." -Facebook fan Sara Jernigan

Photo By: Courtesy of BHLDN


"I love the concept of using vintage/antique birdcages to collect the cards and well wishes." -Facebook fan LaToya Nana Yaa Robinson

Photo By: BHLDN

Bold Palettes

"Color trends include pastel shades of coral, pink, mint, gray, yellow and lavender, but there are bold colors like plum, navy, and black and white making a strong showing this year, too." -Facebook fan Linda Sawyer

Photo By: Courtesy of BHLDN

Going Retro

"I would like [my wedding] to be like a 1950s garden party!" -Facebook fan Esther Garnier

Photo By: Courtesy of BHLDN

Paper Flowers

"I am really looking forward to making some beautiful paper flowers for my sister's wedding." -Facebook fan Eileen Maldonado-Toohey

Photo By: Cristina Riches, Bird's Party

Family Ties

"The salute to the couple's heritage. My daughter had a picture of her grandparents and parents with their wedding cakes. The cake topper was the one her parents used. And the bride and groom from her grandparents' cake was placed on the cake, too." -Facebook fan Alice Carroll Noe

Photo By: Courtesy of BHLDN

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