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Twist on Tradition: Kids Will Love Making These Cute Tree-Shaped Cookies Nov 30, 2018

Bring on the family fun by making these tree-themed holiday cookies that feature the addition of wholesome maple syrup.

Learn About the Monarch Butterfly's Fall Migration Oct 29, 2018

Make way for monarchs! These pretty butterflies migrate each fall to spend winter where frosts won’t find them. Read on to see whe …

How to Make a Hydroponic Garden in a Jar Nov 28, 2018

This handy setup lets you grow herbs in a glass jar while providing plants with proper drainage and you with a low-maintenance wat …

Make a Cool Cottage-Style Window Box Out of PVC Pipe Nov 28, 2018

Pep up a plain window with this clever, easy DIY window box project.

Turn Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey Into Jerky Nov 19, 2018

Take those leftovers "to go" with an easy recipe for holiday jerky.

This Tabletop Hydroponic Garden is Totally Worth the Price Nov 16, 2018

We tested this indoor herb garden at the office and now it’s our favorite coworker.

10 Great Ways To Use Apples This Fall 11 Photos

Fall’s favorite fruit can make more than pies and crisps. Try some of these ideas to showcase apples in ways your family will love …

3 Tabletop Hydroponic Kits for Growing Herbs and Veggies at Home Sep 25, 2018

No garden? No problem. Try growing your own food right on your kitchen countertop with systems that require little space, time or …

Crafty Fall: Create These Kooky Witch Legs Just in Time for Halloween 13 Photos

Unsuspecting garden guests are sure to get a surprise when they meet this Halloween-ready visitor.

Niche Gardens: The Best Way to Landscape Steep Slopes 13 Photos

See how two families transformed their challenging landscapes into beautiful gardens.

10 Ways To Use Dwarf Alberta Spruce in Your Yard 10 Photos

This pretty evergreen boasts a classic Christmas tree shape and holds its own in planting beds or pots. Learn some secrets to grow …

Fall Baking: A Homespun Recipe for Cranberry Apple Pie Sep 25, 2018

Fresh seasonal flavors team up in a sweet and tangy recipe for the fall and the holidays to come.

Apple Picking 101: 12 Tips for Fall Orchard Visits Sep 24, 2018

Hand-pick some old-fashioned fun by spending a day at an apple orchard. Make this autumn ritual part of your family’s fall traditi …

10 Rain Garden Design Ideas 10 Photos

Want to do your bit to help save the planet? Consider adding a rain garden to your yard. Check out these designs for inspiration.

3 Fall Recipes for Your Backyard Fire Pit Sep 14, 2018

Roast more than marshmallows around the fire this fall.

How to Protect Shrubs From Winter Damage Sep 18, 2018

Taking a few precautions can minimize winter damage to the shrubs in your landscape.

10 Gorgeous Fall Hanging Basket Ideas 10 Photos

Stage your own fall color show with spectacular hanging baskets overflowing with plants that thrive in the season’s cooler weather …

15 Easy + Delicious Fall Canning Recipes 15 Photos

Capture fall's finest flavors in a jar.

Thanks a Latte! Homemade Pumpkin Spice Syrup Sep 11, 2018

Make your own seasonal coffee drinks at home with this simple syrup using real pumpkin

The 11 Best Apples for Cooking and Baking 13 Photos

Get ready for fall and find out which apples are best suited for a delicious dessert.

5 Things You Need to Do in the Yard This Fall Sep 6, 2018

Do a few fall chores now to make sure your yard blooms brightly in the spring.

10 Plants That Mosquitoes Don’t Like 10 Photos

Outsmart mosquitoes by using plants that repel or confuse them—so they can’t find you to nibble.

Copy the Look: 5 Gorgeous Year-Round Garden Ideas 10 Photos

Find inspiring ideas to create a dreamy, productive garden for every season of the year.

How to Turn a Liquor Bottle Into a Hummingbird Feeder Sep 17, 2018

Learn the secret for drilling holes in heavy-bottom bottles so you can upcycle them into unique hummingbird feeders.

10 Common Garden Mistakes 10 Photos

Got garden game? Check your skill set against these very common garden mistakes.

This Glam Atlanta Garden Channels the Seventies 29 Photos

Lifestyle expert Danielle Rollins has transformed her fabulous Atlanta garden into a time-tripping respite from daily life.

11 Late Summer Cocktails From the Garden 11 Photos

Did you have a bountiful garden this year? Here's one way to enjoy the fruits (and veggies) of your labor.

These Natural Weed Killers Actually Work Sep 16, 2018

We tested natural weed-killing solutions.

Tour a Supersized, Colorful Atlanta Garden 36 Photos

This mind-blowing Southern garden is built for entertaining.

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