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Today’s storage shed options are more attractive than you think.

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Enjoy your dinners alfresco with our can't-miss Amazon outdoor dining set finds.

How to Get Rid of Ticks Jul 3, 2024

By: Paul Cox

Learn how to make your backyard less tick-friendly and how to remove ticks the right way.

How to Keep Bees Away from Hummingbird Feeders Jul 11, 2024

Bees love to feast on nectar like the sugar water in a hummingbird feeder. Learn effective ways to keep bees away from a hummingbi …

How to Make a Moss Pole for Climbing Plants Jul 1, 2024

By: Jessyca Williams

Learn how to make a DIY sphagnum moss pole for climbing indoor plants such as pothos, philodendrons, hoyas and monsteras. Plus, fi …

Learn How to Grow Ranunculus Flowers Jun 27, 2024

These delicate blooms make a big statement in the spring garden.

The Best Sun Hats to Protect Your Face Jun 27, 2024

Keep your skin protected from the sun's harmful UV rays with a chic, hard-working sun hat. Shop these top-rated UPF 50+ finds for …

Pyracantha Coccinea: What You Need to Know Jun 26, 2024

This tough and thorny shrub stands out in spring flower and fall fruit.

The 8 Best Shade Sails for Your Backyard in 2024 Jul 10, 2024

Give your porch or patio a cool(ing) update with these top-rated shade sails.

How to Plant a Clover Lawn Jun 21, 2024

By: Ryan Reed

Give your outdoor space an English garden aesthetic by transforming your traditional turf lawn into sustainable clover.

The Best Outdoor Cushions, Pillows and Poufs for Every Style and Budget Jun 20, 2024

Find the best UV- and water-resistant cushions, pillows and poufs, and successfully prep your outdoor space for summer.

The All American-Made Backyard Jun 17, 2024

What's red, white and blue all over? This perfectly patriotic backyard! Dress up your own outdoor space with some of these fun fin …

What's Wrong With My Peppers? Jun 11, 2024

Learn about common pepper problems — along with a few tips to make things right.

10 Patio Misters That Will Keep You Cool This Summer Jun 7, 2024

Beat the heat this summer with these top-rated patio misters.

How to Test and Amend Garden Soil Jun 6, 2024

Grow a bountiful garden or a healthy lawn when you know how to test and amend your garden soil.

Rewild a Garden and Help Make the Earth Healthy Again Jun 5, 2024

Transform your outdoor space into a vibrant, eco-friendly haven that embraces nature.

The Best Outdoor String Lights for Every Space Jul 10, 2024

Give your backyard or balcony a glow-up with some of our favorite string lighting ideas and product picks.

How to Grow and Care for Celosia Plants May 31, 2024

They’re bright, beautiful and can withstand even the hottest of summers. Start growing one of the best drought-tolerant flowers ou …

Create a Monarch Waystation in Your Garden May 28, 2024

Use our guide to make a monarch waystation in your yard. You’ll help save monarch butterflies while adding beauty to your garden.

12 Outdoor Sectionals for Every Style and Budget May 20, 2024

Deck out your outdoor space with one of these lounge-worthy outdoor sectionals starting at less than $250!

The Best Lawn and Garden Edging Products May 15, 2024

Discover a range of lawn edging products and tips for creating crisp borders across your landscape.

33 Ways to Brighten Up Your Yard for Summer May 13, 2024

Give your outdoor space a happy update for the season with design ideas, colorful decor and tips from the HGTV stars.

The Best Gas Grills for Every Budget May 10, 2024

Grilling season is coming in hot! Find out which gas grill is the best fit for your space, and discover important details to look …

How to Grow Caladium Plants Apr 30, 2024

With its heart-shaped leaves, strong tolerance for shade and unique, tropical look, it’s no wonder gardeners love growing this sum …

What is Electroculture Gardening, Does It Work and How to Try It Apr 29, 2024

By: Jessyca Williams

Electroculture uses the power of atmospheric electricity to boost plant growth. It has a long history and many gardeners swear by …

How to Deadhead Flowers: Tips and Tricks Apr 26, 2024

Want more flowers? Deadheading is an easy way to encourage more blooms and keep your plants looking their best.

The 10 Best Bug Zappers for Chemical-Free Pest Control Apr 23, 2024

Winter is in our rearview mirror, and there's nothing but sunshine on the horizon — except for those pesky bugs that love summer a …

The 15 Best Mosquito Repellents on Amazon Apr 19, 2024

We're not putting up with mosquito bites this summer. These top-rated products, from wearables to candles, are only a click away f …

The Best Patio Chairs for Every Style and Budget Apr 21, 2024

These weather-resistant chairs are just what you need to transform your outdoor space into a summer oasis.

What Is No-Mow May and Is It a Good Idea? Apr 17, 2024

No-mow May is all about helping pollinators. Learn more about this trend and how to make it work for you.

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