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Winter Garden Chores to Do Now 13 Photos

Exercise your green thumb in the off-season with these useful winter garden chores.

13 Things You Must Do to Protect Your Garden this Winter 13 Photos

Prep your garden for winter chill with these must-do tasks.

What Are the Different Types of Carrots? Dec 6, 2019

Learn about the five types of carrots and which ones will work best for your garden.

How to Grow Sweet Potatoes in Containers Dec 5, 2019

Short on garden space? You'll be happy to know sweet potatoes can be grown in flower pots.

15 Tall Perennial Flowers 16 Photos

Add height and color to your garden with these easy-to-grow flowers.

The Top 10 Varieties of Sweet Potatoes to Grow in Your Garden 11 Photos

There are hundreds of varieties of sweet potatoes grown around the world; we've narrowed the list down to the top performers for y …

Trial Gardens: How New Plants Make It to Your Home Garden Dec 2, 2019

Plants go through years of breeding and testing before they land in commercial garden centers. Find out how a plant makes it from …

Tour a Georgia Garden Where Hydrangeas and Vintage Collectibles Rule 19 Photos

This beautiful, old-fashioned garden is full of charming vignettes and lots and lots of hydrangeas.

What's the Difference Between a Yam and a Sweet Potato? Nov 25, 2019

These two veggies are often called the same thing or misidentified; find out how to tell the difference between these two tasty tu …

23 Types of Pretty Poinsettias 23 Photos

Named for Joel Poinsett, the U.S. minister to Mexico who brought the plants home in 1825, the poinsettia is always decked in holid …

3 Ways to Store and Preserve Fresh-Picked Carrots Dec 5, 2019

Enjoy the flavor of garden-fresh carrots all year long by learning how to freeze, pressure cook and store them properly.

How to Winterize Irrigation Systems, Hoses and Sprinklers Nov 4, 2019

Learn how to button-up your watering gear to prevent cold-weather damage.

How to Cut Fennel Bulbs Nov 1, 2019

Simple knife skills will unlock fennel’s flavorful nature. Learn how to tackle this oversize bulb.

19 Great Hosta Varieties for Your Garden 19 Photos

This shade-loving plant comes in a head-spinning array of hues and sizes.

Should I Cover My Compost Pile? Oct 23, 2019

Maybe. It depends on a few things like weather, what type of composter you have and your gardening goals. Read on to find out when …

Grow a Cover Crop in the Fall to Benefit Next Spring's Garden Oct 22, 2019

Cover crops (aka - living mulch or green manure) improve garden soil with nutrients and organic matter. Plus they help suppress we …

What’s the Difference Between an Annual and a Perennial? Oct 23, 2019

Should you pick annuals or perennials when planting your garden? Here's a rundown on the differences between these two types of pl …

Types of Winter Squash Nov 5, 2019

Raise your culinary sights by growing different types of winter squash. These nutritious vegetables boast delicious flavor.

Yes, You Want to Attract Bats to Your Yard and Here's Why Oct 22, 2019

Everyone knows birds and bees help pollinate your landscape, but did you know bats are pollinators too? Not only will they help yo …

13 Popular Purple Flowering Perennials 14 Photos

Add a pop of purple to your garden with these varieties of perennial flowers that range from pale mauve to deep plum.

Tips on Buying a String Trimmer Oct 11, 2019

Before you plunk down good money for a new weed-eater, learn what features to look for to help keep your yard neat and tidy.

15 Cold-Hardy Succulents 15 Photos

Succulent season doesn’t end when summer does. There’s a slew of these pretty plants that can take as much cold as winter can dish …

9 Succulent Container Garden Combos 9 Photos

Add water-wise pizzazz to your porch, patio or garden with these container designs for hot- and cold-hardy succulents.

How to Increase Water Pressure in a Garden Hose Oct 8, 2019

Low pressure in a garden hose can be caused by a number of issues. Here’s what to look for and when to know if you’ll need profess …

Why Are There So Many Stink Bugs In My House? Oct 1, 2019

Brush up on stink bug basics and learn how to get rid of these smelly home invaders.

This Tabletop Hydroponic Garden Is Totally Worth the Price Nov 26, 2019

We tested this indoor herb garden at the office and now it’s our favorite coworker.

12 Real Houseplants You Can Buy Online Oct 1, 2019

Skip a trip to the garden store and shop these real houseplants from the comfort of home.

Take a Tour of an Elegant Charleston Walled Garden 24 Photos

This formal garden defined by brick paths, statuary and classic Southern plants, is an oasis in the heart of Charleston, South Car …

How to Keep Rabbits Out of Your Garden Without Harming Them Sep 26, 2019

Fed up with bunnies eating your plants? Follow these tips to prevent rabbit damage in your yard.

How to Use Water Features to Attract Birds to Your Yard Sep 26, 2019

See how a rocket engineer attracts birds by setting up proper habitats that include the gurgling sound of moving water.

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