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How to Care for a Fiddle Leaf Fig Jan 22, 2020

Pruning, watering, repotting, oh my! Keep your finicky ficus alive and thriving with our ten easy-to-follow tips.

13 Things to Know Before You Start Your Snowblower Jan 21, 2020

You've invested in an expensive snowblower, make sure you know how to use it properly and maintain it so it lasts for winters to c …

Best Plants For A Meadow Garden 10 Photos

The right mix of plants brings a meadow to beautiful, colorful life. Design your meadow garden with year-round interest by choosin …

Best Way To Get Rid Of Dandelions Permanently 10 Photos

Got dandelions? Learn how to eliminate this common weed once and for all.

How to Grow Calibrachoas Jan 17, 2020

Whether you call them million bells or baby petunias, easy-to-grow calibrachoas may be small, but they pack a big punch of color i …

Do Citronella Plants Repel Mosquitoes? Jan 21, 2020

Yes and no. There are two different kinds of citronella plants and only one has any effect on pesky insects. But they're both nice …

Apple Trivia 13 Photos

Celebrate autumn apple harvest with a bushel of facts about this crunchy fall favorite.

10 Varieties of Rhododendrons to Try in Your Yard (+ Growing Tips) 11 Photos

Looking for an evergreen shrub that loves the shade, bears large flowers, is low maintenance and will last for decades? Then look …

How to Grow and Care for Jade Plants Jan 16, 2020

In a collection of houseplants, a healthy jade plant is a shiny jewel that stands impressively on its own or it can add a sturdy c …

How to Care for a ZZ Plant Jan 16, 2020

Weren't gifted with a green thumb? Then this houseplant is for you. ZZ plants provide high-impact looks with little maintenance.

22 Lush Plants for Your Shade Garden 22 Photos

Turn a shady spot into a thriving garden with our favorite, shade-loving plant picks.

The Front Door Decor We Love 12 Photos

Come on in! HGTV Magazine has all the front porch inspo you need.

Beet Varieties to Grow in Your Garden 7 Photos

Yes, beets come in a variety of shapes and colors, and all of them are delicious. Find serving ideas and growing tips for this hea …

13 Low-Growing Perennial Groundcovers 14 Photos

Need help covering bald spots in your yard or keeping down weeds in your garden? These hardy, easy-to-maintain plants may be the a …

How to Build a DIY Compost Tumbler Jan 13, 2020

Make a fast-burning home compost bin for under $50. One 50-gallon drum will turn your family’s food scraps into rich, usable soil …

40 Wow-Worthy Hardscaping Ideas 40 Photos

Make the outdoors an extension of your home with smart hardscaping solutions. We share our top tips for transforming your front or …

How to Choose a Snow-Removal Service Dec 18, 2019

Here's what you should know before you hire a snow-removal service — before the snow starts flying.

All About Cyclamen Dec 11, 2019

This perennial cyclamen is very hardy so it's perfect for landscapes in the colder regions of the country.

All About Bugleweed Dec 10, 2019

This shade-loving perennial forms a dense ground cover topped with pretty purple-blue flower spikes that pop in the spring.

Stunning Low-Budget Container Gardens 20 Photos

By: Nancy Ondra

Repurpose old, damaged or about-to-be discarded items into smart-chic containers. If the items don't have drainage holes, add some …

12 Easy-to-Grow Perennials 13 Photos

Save time and effort by planting these hardy, easy-to-grow perennials that come back year after year.

Are Beets a Vegetable? Dec 12, 2019

Yes, they are, but did you also know that beets can be used to make red velvet cake and that beet greens are just as nutritious as …

Winter Garden Chores to Do Now 13 Photos

Exercise your green thumb in the off-season with these useful winter garden chores.

13 Things You Must Do to Protect Your Garden this Winter 13 Photos

Prep your garden for winter chill with these must-do tasks.

What Are the Different Types of Carrots? Jan 16, 2020

Learn about the five types of carrots and which ones will work best for your garden.

How to Grow Sweet Potatoes in Containers Dec 5, 2019

Short on garden space? You'll be happy to know sweet potatoes can be grown in flower pots.

15 Tall Perennial Flowers 16 Photos

Add height and color to your garden with these easy-to-grow flowers.

The Top 10 Varieties of Sweet Potatoes to Grow in Your Garden 11 Photos

There are hundreds of varieties of sweet potatoes grown around the world; we've narrowed the list down to the top performers for y …

Trial Gardens: How New Plants Make It to Your Home Garden Dec 2, 2019

Plants go through years of breeding and testing before they land in commercial garden centers. Find out how a plant makes it from …

Tour a Georgia Garden Where Hydrangeas and Vintage Collectibles Rule 19 Photos

This beautiful, old-fashioned garden is full of charming vignettes and lots and lots of hydrangeas.

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