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Tour a Supersized, Colorful Atlanta Garden 36 Photos

This Atlanta garden featured on HGTV is a stunner with tons of plant color and texture and various zones for playing golf, swimming, gardening, hanging out and cooking.

What the Heck Is Mangospacho (and How to Make it) Aug 9, 2018

Give summer-fresh gazpacho a tropical twist with a mango-licious base.

10 Native Plants You Need to Be Growing 10 Photos shows natives you should be growing, including native plants bee balm, butterfly weed, aster, wild indigo and black-eyed susan.

Beckon Pollinators to Your Backyard With a Bee-neficial Container Garden 33 Photos

The gardening experts at share how to help #savethebees and other pollinators with a container garden full of flowers that bees and butterflies can't resist.

How to Rescue a Rose Jul 31, 2018

Everything's coming up roses until intense heat, pests and diseases arrive each summer. Give your plants some TLC and watch the blooms bounce back.

How to Garden in Just 15 Minutes a Day Jul 26, 2018

No time to garden? Learn 10 easy tricks to multiply minutes in the garden.

Throw a City S'Mores Party for Sophisticated Good Times 16 Photos

HGTV shows you how to make a tiny s'mores "fire pit" for even the smallest indoor or outdoor space.

Typical Tomato Problems + What To Do About Them 10 Photos showcases typical tomato problems, including late blight, blossom end rot and tomato hornworm. Learn how to fix tomato problems.

Favorite Houseplants by State 51 Photos

HGTV shares the surprising houseplants that are the most popular in each of the United States.

Scree Gardens: The Beauty and Versatility of Stone and Gravel 17 Photos

HGTV shares ideas for drawing inspiration from nature to transform challenging spaces into scree gardens for drought-tolerant, sun-loving plants.

Garden Therapy: Use Herbs for Healthy Teas 13 Photos

Brew a refreshing tea from garden herbs with these picks from HGTV..

Make a Delicious and Unique Cherry-Nectarine Salsa Jul 12, 2018

Life is just a bowl of cherries—unless you chop ‘em up and add nectarines for a delectable salsa.

How to Stop Caterpillar Damage in Your Garden 16 Photos

HGTV offers great ways to identify and treat caterpillar damage in your garden.

Tour a Gorgeous Atlanta Shade Garden 27 Photos

Find out how to use shade to your advantage as well as integrate quirky garden art into your garden in this HGTV tour.

Go Hydrangea-Crazy With These Cool New Varieties 10 Photos

Find the best plants to cure your craze for hydrangeas with

Why You Should Grow ‘Sugar Baby’ Watermelon Jul 12, 2018

Celebrate summer with luscious watermelon you grow yourself.

13 Ways to Handle Houseplant Problems 13 Photos

HGTV shares ways to troubleshoot when houseplant pests and diseases happen.

11 Celebrity Yards We Love Jul 9, 2018

These red-carpet regulars have some mighty fine green spaces.

The Easiest Tropical Plants to Grow at Home 13 Photos

Discover easiest tropical plants to grow from experts at HGTV, including air plant, ti plant, Meyer lemon and orange jasmine.

Why You Should Grow Paste Tomatoes Jul 2, 2018

Meet the tomato that’s a natural for sauces, roasting, drying and a host of other yummy uses.

13 Fabulous Flowers for Drying 13 Photos

Let the experts at HGTV help you find the best flowers for drying.

Eat Your (Purple) Fruits and Vegetables 10 Photos

HGTV shows you how to make purple fruits and vegetables that contain healing antioxidants part of your healthy diet.

How to Get the Perfect Lawn Jun 21, 2018

HGTV shares tips for getting the perfect lawn.

What Garden Experts Say You Should Be Pruning Now Jun 18, 2018

Grab your pruners—early summer is the time to snip and clip all kinds of plants.

Grow Your Own Lemongrass Jun 18, 2018

Love lemon? Try your hand at growing lemongrass.

How to Identify Common Plant Diseases 15 Photos explains common garden plant diseases, including tomato blight, blossom end rot, powdery mildew, tree gall and snow mold.

How to Never Water Your Plants Again Jun 8, 2018

Three hacks every plant owner should know.

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