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Child's Play: Dream Homes for Tykes Sep 14, 2018

Take your play outside with a fabulous playhouse.

DIY Craft Project: Make a Just-for-Kids Plant Stand Sep 14, 2018

Get your kids in the garden with this easy and fun family project. 

Summer Camps for Nature Lovers Sep 16, 2018

These summer camps may be just the thing for your budding gardener.

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Landscaping With Children in Mind Sep 14, 2018

A playhouse surrounded by a butterfly and bird garden.

Grow a Pizza Garden Apr 5, 2016

Creating an Italian masterpiece is as simple as running out to the yard to pick fresh toppings for your pizza from a productive, p …

Family-Friendly Backyard Retreat Oct 1, 2018

Landscape architect Bob Hursthouse designed a backyard retreat fit for celebrating all of life's milestones. The family-friendly s …

Plant a Child-Friendly Garden Jan 18, 2018

Even 2- and 3-year-olds can help plant their own little patch, and watch as life unfolds around them.

Play With Your Food: A Mother and Baby Bird Sep 16, 2018

Make some garden art you can eat with this great craft for kids.

DIY Horseshoe Court Apr 17, 2019

Get the family outside to play a game of horsehoes in your very own court!

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