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DIY Wall Bike Rack Mar 18, 2021

By: Paul Cox

Make an industrial-style DIY wall-mounted bike rack that will show off your bike and keep your riding gear organized.

How to Refinish a Dining Room Table Mar 16, 2021

Easily refinish a dated or worn dining room table to give it a fresh look.

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Easily (and quickly) dress up your holiday table with these adorable Easter bunny place cards.

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How to Clean Wood Cabinets Feb 22, 2021

Grime and grease don't stand a chance with these tips for cleaning wood cabinets in the kitchen or bathroom.

4 Easy DIY St. Patrick's Day Flower Arrangements Feb 22, 2021

Feeling lucky? Go green this St. Patrick's Day with one of these gorgeous, easy-to-make flower arrangements inspired by the rich h …

Make This Air-Dry Clay Clover Necklace for St. Patrick's Day Feb 22, 2021

You don't have to wear head-to-toe green on March 17 to be festive (or to avoid getting pinched). With just a few materials, you c …

St. Patrick's Day Craft: Rainbow and Clover Paper Wreath Feb 16, 2021

Welcome a little luck into your home with this easy-to-make St. Patrick's Day wreath.

How to Plant, Grow and Care for a Fig Tree Feb 10, 2021

Big on taste and good looks, fig trees ripen candy-like fruit on a plant packed with textural appeal. Best of all, this edible bea …

How to Clean a Couch Feb 9, 2021

Whether you've just got crumbs, or the toughest of stains, these cleaning tips will have your sofa looking as good as new.

Valentine's Day Gift Idea: DIY Herb Garden Kit Jan 29, 2021

Learn how to make a small growing kit for friends, family and kids this Valentine's Day. Fill it with everything they'll need to c …

How to Grow Cucumbers Feb 1, 2021

Get advice for planting, growing and harvesting cucumbers, including suggestions for types and varieties to grow, companion plants …

How to Plant and Grow Watermelon Jan 27, 2021

These sweet summer treats are easy to grow. All you need is a seed, sun, heat and water.

How to Clean a Humidifier Jan 25, 2021

Improve your home's air quality by disinfecting one of the most important small appliances you’re probably forgetting to clean.

Craft These Conversation Heart Bath Bombs for Valentine's Day Jan 25, 2021

Nothing says Valentine's Day like conversation hearts. Take that concept to the bathtub with heart-shaped bath bombs.

Valentine's Day Craft: Heart-Shaped Window Clings Jan 25, 2021

Entertain and delight the kids with this Valentine's Day stained-glass window cling project.

How to Grow Cucumbers in a Pot Jan 25, 2021

By: Margeaux Emery

Growing cool, crunchy cucumbers in a container is easy if you know the steps. These basics will make them a success.

Tips for a Raised Bed Vegetable Garden Mar 29, 2021

Raised bed vegetable gardening takes very little space and allows vegetables to be grown closer together. It's also a great soluti …

Easy-to-Make Valentine's Day Paper Chain Countdown Calendar Jan 21, 2021

Count down the days until Valentine's Day with a handmade paper heart chain.

Valentine's Day Craft: DIY Fringed Heart Pinata Jan 19, 2021

Whether you use it for a game or for decoration, this loved-themed pinata is sure to be a smash hit.

How to Clean a Computer Screen Jan 14, 2021

Get the low-down on how to safely remove dust, fingerprints, smudges and streaks from any type of laptop screen or computer monito …