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How to Make Potted Sunflower Cupcakes for Fall Sep 16, 2021

Fall and sunflowers go hand-in-hand, so whip up a batch of these blooming beauties for your next autumn-themed party. Sunflower pe …

Halloween Decoration: How to Make Human-Size Ghosts Sep 15, 2021

Chicken wire and gauze come together to create ghoulish ghost figures that can stand on their own or fly from the trees.

How to Brew Compost Tea Sep 15, 2021

Follow these simple step-by-step instructions to make your own compost tea, ideal for nourishing plants.

How to Put on a Duvet Cover Sep 10, 2021

Stop wrestling with your duvet once and for all. Learn how to put on a duvet cover the easy way.

Welcome Fall With This House Number Pumpkin Topiary Sep 8, 2021

Spice up your curb appeal with this DIY fall topiary made with different sized faux pumpkins, seasonal jewel tones and super glue. …

How to Re-Cover an Upholstered Ottoman Sep 7, 2021

By: Kara Hill

Learn how to reupholster an ottoman and turn a thrift-store footstool into a gorgeous (and functional) piece of home decor — all w …

How to Plant and Grow Marigold Flowers Sep 2, 2021

Easy-to-grow marigolds add bright yellow, gold, orange and creamy-white color to gardens and containers from spring into fall.

Planting and Growing Arugula Sep 1, 2021

Make some room in your vegetable garden for planting arugula — a flavorful green that's easy to grow in cool season gardens.

Planting and Growing Joe Pye Weed Aug 25, 2021

Forget the "weed" in this plant's name. Joe Pye weed is actually a wildflower that invites lots of lovely butterflies to your gard …

How to Hem Pants the Easy Way Aug 24, 2021

Learn how to hem pants without sewing. All you need is an iron, fusible tape and a couple of pins. The whole process takes about 1 …

How to Paint Wood Furniture Aug 24, 2021

By: Samantha Pattillo

Learn how to strip, sand and paint wood furniture.

Tips on Solving Common Toilet Problems Aug 19, 2021

Learn how to easily fix common toilet problems such as a toilet that runs intermittently, a toilet that flushes slowly and a clogg …

Here's How to Clean an Aquarium the Right Way Aug 6, 2021

Are you a new fish parent? Then, you’re probably wondering how to clean an aquarium. Like most things, there’s a right way and a w …

Planting and Growing Turnips Aug 11, 2021

Turnips are easy to grow and so delicious. Learn how to plant and grow this versatile vegetable.

Planting and Growing Radishes Aug 9, 2021

Plan on growing radishes in spring and fall. Slice them into salads for a peppery punch, roast them to caramelize their flavors or …

How to Prune a Tree Jul 26, 2021

Pruning trees doesn't have to be a daunting process. Learn how to safely, quickly and easily prune the trees in your yard.

Make a DIY Stock Tank Pool Aug 3, 2021

This stock tank pool how-to will have you lounging in the summer sun in just one weekend — and for a lot less cash than you'd expe …

How to Plant a Tree Jul 23, 2021

To give your new tree a good chance for success, follow these simple planting instructions.

Planting and Growing Spinach Jul 19, 2021

Spinach is a fast-growing, cool-season vegetable that can be harvested in as little as a month after you plant it. Here's what you …

How To Plant and Grow Kale Jul 20, 2021

Kale is the darling of foodies and chefs, who put it in everything from smoothies to stir fries. Planting and growing this superfo …

Planting and Growing Cauliflower Jul 19, 2021

Cauliflower thrives in cool temperatures, so it's a good pick for a fall garden. Here's how to grow this superfood in your backyar …

Planting and Growing Eggplant Jul 19, 2021

HGTV shares how to grow eggplant, including tips on planting eggplant, choosing the right variety for your garden and harvesting t …

Installing a Tile Floor Jul 16, 2021

Learn how to lay a stone or ceramic tile floor in a kitchen or bathroom.

Top 10 Ways to Paint Like a Pro Jul 16, 2021

By: Karin Beuerlein

For a professional-looking paint job, do what the experts do.

Planting and Growing Beets Jul 14, 2021

If you’re looking for a vegetable that’s a cinch to grow and packed with nutrition, you can’t beat beets.

How to Plant and Grow Brussels Sprouts Jul 9, 2021

Learn how to plant and grow Brussels sprouts, enjoyed for their tenderness and nutty flavor.

How to Start a Fall Garden Sep 1, 2021

Plant these fall vegetables in the summer to enjoy a haul of fresh produce when the temperatures cool.

How to Plant and Grow Broccoli Jul 9, 2021

Skip the grocery store produce section. Learn how easy it is to plant and grow tender, sweet broccoli in your own garden this seas …

How to Remove Pet Stains From Carpet Jun 24, 2021

Urine or vomit on carpet can be a pet owner's worst nightmare. Here's how you can clean some of the most common pet messes without …

Easy Essential Oil Disinfecting Spray Jun 24, 2021

Get your home germ-free with this simple cleaner.