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Keep your fireplace tidy between uses with these tips for cleaning the firebox, glass doors and accessories.

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How to Make a Two-Layer 3D Upholstered Headboard Oct 16, 2020

Add twice the style to your bedroom with a double-layer upholstered headboard.

How to Build a Space-Themed Kid's Headboard With Built-In Nightlights Oct 15, 2020

Learn how to make an illuminated space-themed headboard for a child's room using holiday lights and plywood.

How to Build a Headboard From an Old Picket Fence Oct 15, 2020

Learn how to make a headboard from some scrap wood and a salvaged picket fence.

How To Make A Tiered Basket Centerpiece Oct 20, 2020

Large-scale floral arrangements, especially centerpieces for a special occasion, can be expensive to purchase and intimidating to …

How to Lay a Brick Pathway Oct 14, 2020

This weekend, elevate your home’s exterior by installing an elegant brick paver walkway in your landscaping.

How to Make a Headboard Out of Old T-Shirts Oct 13, 2020

By: Joanne Palmisano

Kids often have a hard time parting with their favorite T-shirts even after they've outgrown them. Use their old T-shirts, sport j …

How to Clean Brass Oct 13, 2020

Whether your household furniture or accessories are solid brass or brass-plated, here are cleaning tips for making anything brass …

How To Make an Upcycled Headboard From a Wood Pallet Oct 1, 2020

This upcycled rustic headboard is easy to build and made almost entirely of salvaged materials. With some careful planning, you ca …

How to Make a Geometric Wood Headboard Sep 2, 2020

If you're looking for a stylish way to add personality and color to your bedroom, then this DIY modern art headboard is the perfec …

How to Make a Headboard From Upcycled Leather Belts Sep 18, 2020

See how to turn an assortment of thrift-store belts into a classy ombre headboard.

How to Make a Nautical-Inspired Headboard With a Sail Sep 18, 2020

Create an industrial-style headboard with a nautical touch by using PVC pipes to form the bed frame and stringing a sail in betwee …

How To Make a Faux-Leather Headboard Sep 29, 2020

Love the look of leather furniture but can't afford it? This beautiful leather-like headboard is easy on the budget but looks like …

How to Build a Pollinator House for Your Garden Sep 28, 2020

Boost your garden's ecosystem and keep bees and other pollinators coming back for more by following these easy steps to create you …

7+ Ways to Clean a Scorched Pan Sep 24, 2020

Remedy your burnt kitchen pots and pans with these homemade cleaning solutions.

How to German Smear a Brick Fireplace Oct 7, 2020

Give your fireplace a faux finish that mimics what you'd find in old European cottages with a German smear mortar wash.

Easy-to-Make Modern Fall Wreath Sep 18, 2020

Take a simple, yet stylish, approach to fall porch decor with this easy DIY wreath.

How to Clean a Gas Stovetop Sep 10, 2020

If your marathon cooking sessions have your gas range looking worse for wear, it’s time to hit pause and give it a good scrub down …

How to Make a Classic Tulle Tutu Sep 7, 2020

By: Jess Abbott

This pretty DIY skirt looks adorable as a flower girl dress, a Halloween costume, for ballerinas-in-training or just for the fun o …

Welcome Fall With These 3 Easy Faux Leaf DIYs Nov 4, 2020

Create these crafts while you wait for the pumpkin bread to bake.

How to Clean Soap Scum From Shower Doors Sep 3, 2020

Get tips on how to get your glass shower door looking as good as new.

How to Build a Hoop House to Protect Your Vegetables Sep 1, 2020

Extend your cool-weather growing season and even get a jump on spring with a DIY hoop house frame to cover a raised bed.

How to Make a Scarecrow to Frighten Unwanted Critters From Your Garden Aug 31, 2020

Build a simple scarecrow of your own design using wooden garden stakes, some old clothes and shoes, a hammer and a little imaginat …

DIY Doghouse: How to Build a Simple A-Frame Aug 27, 2020

By: John Riha

Build this easy DIY doghouse and give your best buddy a cozy space to take naps and escape the weather.

Halloween Kids' Craft: Hanging Foam Bats Sep 9, 2020

Black craft foam, googly eyes and fishing line are all you need to create a whole colony of swooping, weatherproof bats. Kids big …

How to Make a Life-Size Halloween Ghost Sep 8, 2020

Create a life-size ghost for Halloween using cheesecloth and other inexpensive items. Hang it from a tree or place it on your fron …

How to Hang Drywall Aug 20, 2020

Hanging drywall may sound complicated, but that doesn't have to be the case. Follow these step-by-step instructions and your insta …

How to Drain a Water Heater Aug 20, 2020

By: Jeff Wilson

Extend your water heater's life span by draining the tank annually to remove any sediment that may have built up.