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How can I contact HGTV talent?

For privacy reasons, HGTV does not release the addresses or phone numbers of our talent. However, most HGTV talent have their own website, Facebook page and Twitter accounts. If you would like to submit a request for a guest appearance by an HGTV host at a special event, we encourage you to contact them through those direct channels.

Can I get my house remodeled or decorated by HGTV?

The producers of each series choose the homes featured on HGTV. To find out which shows are currently accepting submissions in their areas, please visit our Be On HGTV page.

Will HGTV feature a new home that I'm building?

The producers of each series choose the homes featured on HGTV. To find out which shows are currently accepting submissions in their areas, please visit our Be On HGTV page.

How do I search for show information by show name, air-date or topic?

You may find a full list of our Shows here

I'm having trouble finding information on one of your shows. Where do I look?

You may find a full list of our Shows here

How can I purchase videos of HGTV shows?

Videos of HGTV programming are not for sale, but a variety of HGTV programs are accessible through Video On Demand. For a current listing, consult the HGTV Video On Demand monthly program guide. You can also watch episodes of many shows right here on the site. Check our Full Episodes page to see if your favorite is there.

How can I find out whether a show will air again?

In the Shows section, you can search by show name to view the re-air dates available for the next 30 days.

Why did you change your air schedule?

HGTV refreshes its schedule with new series and new episodes of existing series periodically throughout the year. In doing so, we sometimes move a few programs to different time periods to try to achieve a better combination of programming. We consider these changes very carefully and do our very best to keep the schedule as convenient as possible for the most number of viewers.

Why aren't HGTV schedules in my local television guide?

Local newspaper editors determine which networks to list in their weekly program guides. HGTV does not have the authority to demand that these papers include HGTV programming in their lineups, but we're working hard to encourage them to include us in their listings. If your paper does not include HGTV, write or call the editors of your newspaper to make your request.

Does HGTV offer a magazine or program guide for sale?

HGTV Magazine gives you insider secrets from your favorite HGTV stars. Get decorating ideas for your home, design tips, and real estate advice within each issue. Our publication is published, managed and distributed by our partner, Hearst Communications. Subscribe today! Current subscriber and need assistance with your account (subscription status, payments, billing, cancellation, address change, etc.)? Please call Hearst Customer Service at 1-866-587-4653 or manage your account online at Hearst Online Customer Support.

Are all HGTV programs closed-captioned?

As a commitment to our hearing-impaired audience and to comply with FCC guidelines, all HGTV programming will eventually be closed-captioned. A large portion of our programming library is already captioned, and the process to add this feature to all HGTV shows is an ongoing priority.

May I submit program ideas to HGTV?

HGTV appreciates your interest in suggesting ideas, but for legal reasons, we only accept show/series and specials proposals from television production companies with national or major market production credentials.

How do I advertise on your website?

For information about advertising on or any Scripps Networks site, please visit

You still haven't answered my question. What should I do now?

You can CHAT LIVE online with one of our Viewer Relations Associates Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET or send us an email. Just click here: Viewer Relations Team. A Viewer Relations Associate can address your programming or website related question. For expert or one-on-one advice from HGTV talent on personal projects, we recommend you sumbit your questions to them via their own personal website, Facebook page or Twitter account.

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