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How to Start Seeds

Basic kitchen items can make it easier to start seeds for your garden.

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How to Grow Lamb's Ears, Nature's Most Touchable Plant Jan 15, 2021

By: Dee Nash

Learn how to grow and use lamb's ears — great for a children's garden or a sensory garden.

How to Cut an Aloe Plant Jan 6, 2021

Find out how to make aloe vera gel. Here's what you need to know to harvest aloe vera leaves for the healing aloe vera gel they co …

How to Grow and Care for Air Plants Dec 16, 2020

These quirky plants don’t need soil, but they can’t live on air alone. Here’s what you need to know to keep them healthy.

Growing Bromeliads: How to Care for Bromeliads Nov 17, 2020

These exotic tropical plants are easy to grow if you give them what they need, and they make baby plants you can share with your g …

6 Ways to Prevent Animals From Eating Flowering Bulbs Nov 10, 2020

We’ve got some tips and tricks to keep pesky critters from digging up hardy bulbs like tulips, crocuses and hyacinths.

Poinsettia Care Through Winter (and Beyond) Dec 7, 2020

This iconic holiday plant has tropical roots. Get tips on keeping your poinsettia looking its best all year.

How to Care for Monstera, the Swiss Cheese Plant Oct 27, 2020

Caring for the Monstera tropical houseplant, nicknamed "Swiss cheese plant," is not as scary as it sounds.

Growing Japanese Maples: A Guide to Planting and Care Oct 23, 2020

Delicate beauty and vibrant colors make the Japanese maple a coveted choice for landscaping or for containers.

Growing Virginia Creeper Vine Oct 15, 2020

Looking for a vine with stunning fall color? Virginia creeper delivers. Learn how to grow this low-maintenance perennial vine.

How to Care for Your African Violet Oct 14, 2020

African violets have been among the world's most popular houseplants for more than a century. Here's how to take care of these exo …

Houseplants That Make Your Home Feel Like a Tropical Paradise Sep 29, 2020

Tropical houseplants and select design details can bring the island vacation vibe into your home.

How to Prep Your Plants Before You Bring Them Inside for Winter Sep 25, 2020

Houseplants that have spent summer basking in the great outdoors need a little TLC before coming inside for the winter.

Oleander: Pretty But Poisonous Aug 28, 2020

This shrub is a dangerous yet desirable beauty.

Learn How to Plant and Grow Spider Lily Aug 27, 2020

These old-fashioned favorites bring gorgeous blooms when other flowers have faded, popping up like magic in late summer.

Mums 101: When To Plant and How To Grow Chrysanthemums Oct 20, 2020

Mums can give you color till the cold comes. Here’s how to make the queen of autumn gardens thrive.

Tea Roses: How to Grow and Care for Hybrid Tea Roses and Old-Fashioned Tea Roses Aug 12, 2020

Hybrid and old-fashioned tea roses are perennial gardener favorites. Find out how to take care of these enduring, classic flowers.

Begonias: How to Plant, Grow and Care for Begonias Aug 4, 2020

Find out some begonia varieties to try in your home and garden and how to make sure they thrive with our begonia care tips.

Give Your Houseplants a Vacation Aug 15, 2019

It’s vacation time—for plants, that is. Give your indoor plants a little R&R by moving them outdoors for summer.

How to Grow Blueberries Aug 18, 2020

Blueberry plants can produce fruits for decades. Learn how to plant and maintain them the right way so they will reward you with d …

Evergreen Clematis Jul 23, 2020

Beautiful year-round, this glossy-leaf vine is a blooming wonder in early spring.

How to Braid Garlic for Storage Jul 16, 2020

Learn to braid garlic for storage and have flavorful — and beautiful — homegrown garlic at your fingertips well into winter.

How to Grow Red Potatoes Jul 9, 2020

Red potatoes are easy-to-grow small potatoes with thin, edible red skins and white flesh, and are perfect for salads, casseroles o …

How to Grow Potatoes in Containers Jul 9, 2020

Irish potatoes are easy to grow in containers on a sunny porch or patio.

How to Grow Foxgloves Jun 10, 2020

Prolific blooms make foxglove a great plant for your cottage garden. Find out how to grow and care for these pretty, dramatic flow …

12 Real Houseplants You Can Buy Online Jun 8, 2020

Shop these mood-boosting houseplants from the comfort of home.

How to Grow and Care for Snapdragon Flowers May 20, 2020

Bring cottage garden charm to your yard with snapdragons, an old-fashioned favorite.

How to Grow and Care for a Money Tree Plant May 15, 2020

Money may not grow on trees, but the money tree plant delivers good fortune and positive energy — or so the legend goes. Learn how …

Snowball Bush Viburnum: How to Grow May 14, 2020

Find out how to grow and care for snowball bush, an old-fashioned shrub known for its masses of beautiful white, snowball-like flo …

Houseplant Care: 8 Keys to Success May 14, 2020

Learn how to keep your indoor plants looking good with these easy maintenance and care tips.

How to Care for a ZZ Plant May 13, 2020

Weren't gifted with a green thumb? Then this houseplant is for you. ZZ plants provide high-impact looks with little maintenance.