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Raise healthy eats from seed to harvest — no yard required.

How to Start Seeds

Basic kitchen items can make it easier to start seeds for your garden.

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Set your sights on growing a lavender tree or topiary.

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Whether you call them million bells or baby petunias, easy-to-grow calibrachoas may be small, but they pack a big punch of color i …

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Cilantro serves as a powerful companion plant in the vegetable garden, attracting beneficial insects that prey on insect pests of …

Growing Monarda: When to Plant and How to Grow Bee Balm Apr 27, 2021

Your garden will be buzzing—with helpful bees and compliments—when you plant colorful monarda, or bee balm.

Companion Planting for Watermelon Apr 21, 2021

Grow a better crop of watermelon by trying out companion planting techniques.

Companion Planting for Eggplant Apr 20, 2021

One of the most beautiful vegetable garden plants, eggplant can be plagued by pests like flea beetles. Try companion planting tech …

13 Best Indoor Herb Garden Kits Apr 22, 2021

Grab one of these indoor herb garden kits and start growing thyme, basil, parsley and more, so you can snip some herbs right when …

Companion Planting for Okra Apr 14, 2021

Boost your okra harvest by planting with companion plants, plus learn about creative ways to use okra in the garden.

Companion Planting for Zucchini Apr 14, 2021

Zucchini plants will produce loads of fruit if they don't get taken down by common pests and diseases. Try companion planting tech …

Companion Planting for Summer and Winter Squash Apr 14, 2021

For as many squash varieties as there are to grow, there are just as many problems that plague squash plants. Learn companion plan …

Companion Planting for Sweet and Hot Peppers Apr 14, 2021

Homegrown sweet and hot peppers top most gardeners' wish lists for the summer garden. Learn companion planting techniques that may …

Tips for Edible Gardening in Small Spaces Apr 14, 2021

Make the most of a small garden space by mixing flowers and vegetables in an ornamental edible garden.

Best Companion Plants for Cucumbers Apr 7, 2021

Discover companion planting techniques to boost your crop of cucumbers and avoid common pests like cucumber beetles and squash bug …

Companion Planting for Onions Apr 6, 2021

Onions are easy to grow and so ueful in the kitchen. Learn what other vegetables and herbs grow well with onions in the garden.

Companion Plants for Carrots Apr 5, 2021

Carrots are one of the trickiest, but most rewarding, vegetables to grow at home. Try companion planting techniques for a more suc …

Companion Plants for Beets Apr 8, 2021

Beets are relatively easy to grow but they can benefit from being planted before and after certain other garden crops.

How to Grow Knock Out Roses Apr 2, 2021

Roses are garden divas, but easy-to-grow Knock Out roses put roses within the skill set of most gardeners.

Companion Planting for Broccoli Mar 29, 2021

This cool-season crop attracts just as many gardeners as it does pests. Learn some companion planting techniques to ease the pest …

How to Plant and Grow Sweet Potatoes Mar 29, 2021

Sweet potatoes come in two forms: vining and bush varieties. Both types thrive in the hot summer sun and are relatively easy to gr …

Companion Planting for Potatoes Mar 25, 2021

Discover best garden companions for potatoes, from beans to barley, plus get potato planting and growing tips.

Blueberries: Planting, Growing and Caring for Blueberries Mar 25, 2021

Learn how to get a good blueberry harvest and how to use these versatile plants in your garden.

Companion Planting for Tomatoes Mar 22, 2021

Learn what companion plants to grow alongside your tomatoes to improve tomato plants' health and boost your harvest.

Begonias: How to Plant, Grow and Care for Begonias Mar 19, 2021

Discover some begonia varieties to try in your home and garden and find out how to make sure they thrive with our begonia care tip …

How to Identify and Get Rid of Poison Oak Plants Mar 22, 2021

Learn how to recognize and eradicate noxious poison oak from your landscaping.

Companion Planting for Strawberries Mar 17, 2021

Learn what to grow alongside your strawberry plants to increase your harvest and avoid common pests and diseases.

Growing Rose of Sharon Mar 16, 2021

Get planting and care tips for rose of Sharon, a beautiful hibiscus in rose's clothing.

Choosing the Right Crape Myrtle for Your Landscape Mar 11, 2021

Follow these tips to help you choose the right crape myrtle varieties for your yard and learn how to care for them.

Perennial Geranium Care: Your Guide to Growing Hardy Geraniums Mar 9, 2021

Learn why perennial geraniums should be your new favorite plant. These hardy geraniums bring the color to low-maintenance plants.

How to Plant and Grow Azaleas Mar 4, 2021

These flowering shrubs add a welcome show of color to spring landscapes. They have specific needs, but once satisfied, they grace …

12 Useful Products for Growing, Preserving and Cooking With Herbs Indoors Feb 24, 2021

Save herbs for home-cooked meals, cute decor and more with these handy gadgets and planters.