How to Make Scary Halloween Candles Out of Pool Noodles

Learn how to inexpensively make a haunted-house-worthy spooky candelabra using pool noodles, battery operated candles and a few basic craft supplies.

By: Jessyca Williams

Light up your front porch or Halloween decorations with these easy-to-make drippy candelabra. Battery-operated tea-lights keep it safe and worry-free.

Photo by: Jessyca Williams

Jessyca Williams

Tools and Materials:

  • matte black spray paint
  • red and black acrylic paint
  • paintbrush
  • large charger
  • sea sponge
  • Spanish moss

1. Prep the Noodles

Use scissors to cut the pool noodles to various lengths. We cut ours to 21”, 19", 17”, 16”, 15”, 14”, 12”, 9” and 8”. Place the battery-operated candle at the end of the noodle and trace around it with a permanent marker. Use the scissors to cut out the inside of the noodle for the candle to sit down into it. Do this for all the noodles.

2. Glue Noodles Together

Bunch the noodles together starting with the largest noodles and tiering them down in size. We used strips of Velcro to hold them together until the glue dries. Use something that won’t dent the noodles while holding them together until the glue dries.

3. Add the Melting Wax

Snip the front edges of the noodles at an angle to give the illusion of a melting candle. Add hot glue to the lip of each noodle. Drip the glue down the sides to look like melting wax.

4. Paint the Noodles

Spray the noodles with matte-black spray paint. Allow them to fully dry. Apply red paint onto the tops of the noodles and the glue drips. Let some of the black show through so it looks like melting lava.

5. Paint the Candles and the Base

Use a sea sponge to distress the red candles and a large charger or placemat that will sit under the candelabra. Insert the candles into the noodles. Glue the noodles to the charger.

Add spooky accessories and light the candles.

Scary Halloween Candles

Scary Halloween Candles

Learn how to inexpensively make a haunted-house-worthy spooky candelabra using pool noodles, battery-operated candles and a few basis craft supplies.

Photo by: Jessyca Williams

Jessyca Williams

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