Install Glass Shower Doors

Get rid of that old shower curtain by installing a sleek glass shower door.


After: The glass shower door dresses up the bathroom.

After: The glass shower door dresses up the bathroom.

Materials and Tools:


Before: The shower curtain made the bathroom seem small and dark.

Before: The shower curtain made the bathroom seem small and dark.

one clear glass bath shower door set
two tubes clear silicone II sealant-water clean-up
caulking gun
cordless drill with battery and magnetic screw tip
drill bits
tape measure


1. Most tubs are a standard size and odds are that a normal tub door kit will work. Just decide on a style, and then read the box to make sure the adjustment range fits into the measurement of your bathtub opening.

2. If necessary, cut the door tracks to fit using a hacksaw. Or you can make quick cuts using a chop saw with carbide blade.

3. Clean and dry the tub surround and install the bottom track by running a bead of silicone along the tub edge.


4. Hold the side tracks level, and mark where to drill the holes. Remove the side tracks, and drill the holes to fit your anchors.

5. Run a bead of silicone down the center of the side tracks and screw them into place.


6. Cut the top track to fit, and set it on the side tracks.

7. Hang the doors from the top track, being sure to get the rollers into the grooves.

8. Install the handles on the doors.

9. Caulk the edges of the door frame along the sides and bottom, inside and out. Wait six to 12 hours for the caulk to set up before using the shower.

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