8 Best Stadium Chairs, Tested and Reviewed

The best stadium chairs provide ample back support and cushioning for watching the home team for hours.

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May 06, 2024

Photo by: Theresa Holland

Theresa Holland

There’s nothing quite like watching sports in person, cheering with the crowd and seeing all the action in real-time. But since metal bleachers are famously uncomfortable — and, notably, backless — a stadium seat might keep you from thinking you’d rather be watching from your living room couch.

These portable, legless chairs can provide back support and cushioning. Many have additional features, like armrests, cup holders, pockets and bleacher hooks to secure them in place.

We tested 15 top-rated options firsthand, then narrowed it down to the best stadium seats for all body sizes and budgets.

Photo by: Theresa Holland

Theresa Holland

How We Tested

We selected 15 best-selling stadium seats to try out in a real-life setting. After unboxing them, we unfolded or unrolled them and adjusted the incline. Next, we sat in the seats to evaluate the comfort, noting how supportive they were and whether our legs were at a comfortable angle.

We also inspected all the features, folded them up, carried them around, and cleaned them according to the manufacturers’ instructions. Taking into account portability, weather resistance, size, weight capacity, comfort and overall value, we narrowed it down to the best stadium seats.

$92.95 $67.99
What We Like
  1. Exceptionally comfortable
  2. Adjustable recline
  3. Optional armrests
  4. East backpack-style carrying
What We Don't Like
  1. Not compact
  2. No cup holder

The Oniva Ventura Seat stood out for all-around comfort. It has foam cushioning throughout, including a thick seat cushion, padded armrests and a plush backrest. It offers great back support and can be adjusted to six recline angles. Since the armrests limit the seat width, you can invert them to increase it by 5 inches.

This is a backpack-style stadium chair, meaning it has shoulder straps for carrying it on your back. It folds out flat instead of into itself, so it’s not the most compact. But the straps are padded and adjustable — plus, carrying it this way evenly distributes the weight, which is ideal for walking longer distances.

We found this stadium seat easy to fold, unfold and adjust. While it doesn’t have a bleacher hook, the grippy, water-resistant underside helps it stay in place. And although there’s no cupholder, it does have a zippered pocket. Considering the exceptional comfort, versatility and portability, we think the price is reasonable — and the brand backs it with a lifetime guarantee.

  1. Materials Polyester, foam, steel
  2. Dimensions (Expanded) 20" x 16" x 16"
  3. Weight 6.6 lbs
  4. Special Features 6 recline positions, adjustable shoulder straps, water-resistant grippy bottom, zippered pocket
What We Like
  1. Very affordable
  2. Light and portable
  3. Adjustable recline
  4. Can be used as two-person cushion
What We Don't Like
  1. Doesn't stay up on its own
  2. Minimal features

For budget shoppers, we recommend the Coleman Stadium Seat. Made of water-resistant nylon and foam (without any metal components), it’s lighter than most other options we tested. It also rolls up compactly and secures with Velcro straps for easy carrying with the long crossbody strap.

While it’s not super thick, it still provides some cushioning and back support. We felt totally supported, even when leaning back with our full body weight. We also appreciate that you can adjust the recline with the cinch buckle straps.

Since this stadium seat is so lightweight, it doesn’t stay up very well when no one is sitting on it. But you also have the option to lay it flat on a bleacher to create a two-person cushion. Coleman backs this product with a one-year warranty, which is generous considering it’s under $20.

  1. Materials Nylon, foam
  2. Dimensions (Expanded) 18.5" x 18.5" x 1.9"
  3. Weight 1.2 lbs
  4. Special Features Mesh pocket, carrying straps, adjustable recline
What We Like
  1. Repels water and stains
  2. Extra-wide and deep seat
  3. Comfortable and supportive
  4. Lightweight
What We Don't Like
  1. No armrests
  2. Only one shoulder strap

Football season weather can be unpredictable. If rain is on the forecast, you’ll be glad to have a waterproof stadium seat, like this one from Alpcour. The extra-sturdy, 600-denier polyester not only repels water but also prevents stains and is a breeze to wipe clean.

It doesn’t have armrests, but this actually allows for a wider seat while the partially open back extends the depth. We found this bleacher chair comfy to sit in with good back support.

The Alpcour Stadium Seat folds flat and can be carried with the shoulder strap. Though the weight isn’t evenly distributed when carrying it like backpack-style options, the Alpcour Stadium Seat is pretty lightweight since there are no metal components.

  1. Materials Polyester, foam
  2. Dimensions (Expanded) 21" x 17" x 14"
  3. Weight 4.2 lbs
  4. Special Features 6-position recline, waterproof exterior
What We Like
  1. 2+ inches wider than most others
  2. Comfortable for long periods
  3. Nonslip armrests
  4. Snack pocket and cup holder
What We Don't Like
  1. Narrow cup holder
  2. Low weight capacity

Prefer something wider? The Rio Gear Bleacher Boss might be your best bet. This stadium seat is just over 22 inches wide, whereas most others we tested are under 20 inches. (But we should note it has a relatively low weight capacity of 225 pounds.)

Similar to a beach chair, it has a metal frame and a slightly padded nylon seat and backrest. We found it comfortable and supportive enough to sit in for multiple hours. Although the armrests don’t have thick cushioning, they’re wrapped in foam and have a grippy surface to prevent your elbows from slipping.

This stadium seat has a mesh pocket for things like snacks or sunglasses and a somewhat narrow cup holder that could fit a plastic water bottle or canned drink. The comparatively lightweight design attaches to bleachers with spring locks. It folds in half, secures with Velcro, and can be carried with the shoulder strap.

  1. Materials Nylon, foam, steel
  2. Dimensions (Expanded) 22.25" x 20.25" x 14.5"
  3. Weight 5 lbs
  4. Special Features Mesh pocket, cup holder, spring locks
$90 $63.74
What We Like
  1. Supports up to 500 pounds
  2. Extra-thick seat cushion
  3. Stays in place well
What We Don't Like
  1. No armrests
  2. Somewhat heavy

Supporting up to 500 pounds, the Flash Furniture Grandstand Seat has the highest weight capacity of all the stadium chairs we tested. But that’s not all we like about it. With a 3-inch-thick seat cushion and a supportive backrest, it’s very comfortable to sit in.

At first, it seemed like the aluminum frame may not stay in place on a metal surface. But the attached bleacher hook secures it, and rubber grips prevent it from sliding around.

This stadium chair folds down to roughly the size of a briefcase. It’s on the heavier side, and without any shoulder straps, the only way to carry it is with the grab handle. Still, we think the Grandstand Seat a good value based on the durable, comfy design.

  1. Materials Canvas, foam, rubber, aluminum
  2. Dimensions (Expanded) 18" x 18" x 14"
  3. Weight 7.6 lbs
  4. Special Features Bleacher hook, rubber grips, grab handle
$89.99 $79.99
What We Like
  1. Thick cushions throughout
  2. Widens by inverting armrests
  3. Feature-rich design
  4. Comfortable to carry
What We Don't Like
  1. Not compact
  2. Slightly heavy

If armrests are a priority, we suggest the Sportneer Stadium Seat. This comfy bleacher chair has thick, supportive cushioning throughout the seat, backrest and armrests. And if you ever want the seat to be wider, you can invert the armrests. (The brand also has an extra-wide version about 3 inches wider than this one.)

This chair can be adjusted to six recline positions. We like the feature-rich design, which boasts two cup holders and four pockets for things like snacks, sunglasses or your phone. There’s also a buckle on the bottom to secure it to bleachers.

The Sportneer Stadium Seat folds flat instead of into itself, so it’s not compact. And while it’s slightly heavy, the padded, adjustable shoulder straps allow you to carry it like a backpack with the weight evenly distributed.

  1. Materials Polyester, foam, PVC, steel
  2. Dimensions (Expanded) 20.5" x 17.3" x 17.3"
  3. Weight 6.8 lbs
  4. Special Features 6-position recline, 2 cup holders, padded shoulder straps, 4 pockets, bottom buckle
What We Like
  1. Can lean back without tipping
  2. Comfortable for multiple hours
  3. High weight capacity
  4. Attractive quilted design
What We Don't Like
  1. No armrests
  2. Recline doesn't adjust

If back support is a must-have, consider the Sheenive Stadium Seat. This bleacher chair has a padded backrest with plenty of height. We could sit upright in it without straining our lower backs and felt like we could fully relax and lean all our weight back. At 380 pounds, the weight capacity is on the higher side for those we tested.

We also like that the seat cushion is nearly 3 inches thick. One thing to note is that the backrest is perpendicular to the seat, and you can’t adjust the recline. Still, we think it’s comfortable enough to sit in for multiple hours.

We think the quilted design is appealing and like that there are a handful of neutral colors available. This stadium seat has a cup holder and handy mesh pouches, and you can carry it with the grab handle or padded shoulder strap. Considering the lower-than-average price tag, it’s an excellent value.

  1. Materials Oxford cloth, foam, rubber, steel
  2. Dimensions (Expanded) 17.1" x 16.5" x 13.5"
  3. Weight 5.8 lbs
  4. Special Features Padded shoulder strap, grab handle, cup holder, mesh pouches
$59.99 $39.99
What We Like
  1. Cup holder fits most bottles, cans and cups
  2. Grippy base and bleacher hooks
  3. Thick seat cushion
  4. Padded backrest
What We Don't Like
  1. Can't adjust recline
  2. Slightly cumbersome

We also liked the Sport Beats Stadium Seat. The comfortable design has a thick seat cushion and a padded backrest — though you can’t adjust the recline angle. There’s also a mesh cup holder that stretches to fit most bottles, cups or cans.

This bleacher chair is easy to fold and unfold. The frame has a grippy base to prevent it from shifting when you sit down, and you can secure it with the two bleacher hooks.

While it weighs over 6 pounds and isn’t the most compact, the padded shoulder strap makes it easy enough to carry. You can also stash the strap in the zippered pocket and tote it around by the grab handle.

  1. Materials Nylon, foam, powder-coated metal
  2. Dimensions (Expanded) 17" x 17" x 13"
  3. Weight 6.5 lbs
  4. Special Features Cup holder, carrying strap, zippered pocket, 2 bleacher hooks

Photo by: Theresa Holland

Theresa Holland

What to Consider Before Buying a Stadium Chair

  • Comfort: The whole point of a stadium chair is to make sitting on bleachers more comfortable. However, not all are created equal, and some are much comfier than others. Look for features that’ll alleviate pressure and support you in a seated position, like a cushioned seat, a backrest and armrests. If you prefer a slight recline, opt for one with an adjustable backrest.
  • Material: Stadium seats are often made of a water-resistant textile, like nylon or polyester. You might see options that mention denier (such as 600D polyester, which means 600-denier polyester). This tells you the density of the threads in the fabric, and higher numbers generally indicate a sturdier, thicker material. Many bleacher chairs also have foam padding, and some have aluminum or steel frames.
  • Your Body Type/Needs: Think about your body type and needs when browsing stadium chairs. Some have wider and deeper seats than others, and others have taller backrests. Beyond that, bleacher seats can have different weight capacities, so be sure to note that before buying one.
  • Portability: Another crucial consideration is portability. You’ll need to be able to carry the stadium chair from your car to the stadium and to your seat — and all the way back after the game. Backpack-style options aren’t compact, but they can be comfortable to carry, thanks to the adjustable padded shoulder straps. Some designs have just one shoulder or crossbody strap, and others only have a grab handle. Besides straps and handles, check the weight and folded dimensions, as this can vary.

Photo by: Theresa Holland

Theresa Holland


What is a stadium seat?

A stadium seat is essentially a portable, legless chair designed to be placed on a bleacher. Since bleachers don’t have backs and are usually just long metal (or sometimes wooden) benches, they’re generally not comfortable to sit on for multiple hours. To solve this problem, a stadium chair may have a cushioned seat, a backrest or padded armrests.

Do all stadiums allow stadium chairs?

Not all stadiums allow stadium chairs. If not, it could be because the venue prohibits carrying in anything over a certain size or that it wants to prevent these portable chairs from taking up too much space on the stands. Some stadiums might only allow stadium chairs of certain sizes. In any case, you’re wise to check the venue’s rules before game day.

What size should a stadium chair be?

A stadium chair should be large enough to be comfortable and provide adequate support but not so big that it takes up more than its share of space. It varies, but many of the options we tested are 18 to 20 inches wide and 14 to 16 inches tall. Again, it’s a good idea to check the venue’s rules ahead of time in terms of what you’re allowed to bring in.

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