How to Make Granite Countertops Shine

Keep your granite countertops looking like new with a few simple steps.

August 02, 2019
Granite Countertop

Cleaning Granite Countertops

Granite countertops are a popular choice in kitchen countertops because they are easy to clean.

Photo by: Jalynn Baker

Jalynn Baker

How to Clean Countertops 03:45

Keep your kitchen or bathroom sparkling with these easy cleaning tips for every type of countertop.

What You'll Need:

  • dish soap
  • water
  • sponge
  • isopropyl alcohol
  • spray bottle
  • clean rag or towel
  • razor blade and gloves (optional)

If you love to cook in the kitchen, granite countertops are a great addition to your home. Granite is one of the sturdiest countertop materials on the market. It stands up well to everyday wear and tear and is resistant to scratches. It also resists heat well. Granite is a porous material, so it absorbs liquids. However, as long as you apply a sealant yearly, your granite countertop should last you for years to come. Applying a sealant is easy. Just follow the instructions on the sealant packaging, and reapply at least once a year.

Keeping your granite countertops clean is just as important as sealing it. Below we share steps on how to disinfect and help your granite countertops shine.

Granite Countertop

Cleaning Granite Countertops

Remove any crumbs or debris before cleaning.

Photo by: Jalynn Baker

Jalynn Baker

Step 1: Clean Off the Counters

Begin by removing everything off of the counter. Take all appliances, crockery and keepsakes, and move them to another surface like the kitchen table or stovetop. Once the counters are free of large items, use a dry sponge to brush away any debris.

Granite Countertop

Cleaning Granite Countertops

Scrub countertops with a mixture of dish soap and water.

Photo by: Jalynn Baker

Jalynn Baker

Step 2: Scrub the Surface

Since granite countertops have a sealant on them to keep them shiny and stain-resistant, you want to avoid using anything too acidic or basic on the granite. Instead, a little soap and water should do the trick. Add dish soap and warm water to a sponge, get a good lather, and begin cleaning. Scrub your countertops from back to front in an "S" pattern. You may need to scrub a bit more if there is a really stubborn or sticky spill.

Granite Countertop

Cleaning Granite Countertops

Use a razor blade to remove difficult spots.

Photo by: Jalynn Baker

Jalynn Baker

Step 3: Use a Razor Blade If Needed

If scrubbing doesn't work, the spot might require a razor blade. Use the razor blade to scrape away any gunk or build up on the countertop. Don’t worry, you aren't going to scratch the surface. Simply make sure that the entire edge of the blade rests on the counter. Once satisfied, rinse your sponge and wipe up the suds. You may need to rinse your sponge, ring it out and wipe up the remaining suds a few times. Make sure your counters are free from any large puddles or leftover suds. Note: Wear gloves when working with sharp objects.

Step 4: Disinfect the Surface

In a spray bottle, create a 50/50 mixture of isopropyl alcohol and water. One cup alcohol and one cup water should do it. Spray the entire counter down with the water/alcohol mixture and wait five minutes (Image 1). After five minutes, wipe the moisture off the counters from back to front with a clean dish towel using a sweeping "S" motion (Image 2). Once you've completed these steps, your counters should be clean and disinfected.

You can clean concrete and quartz countertops using the same steps as above. Doing these steps weekly will ensure your countertops will stand the test of time!

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