The 40+ Most Clever TikTok Buys on Amazon

All of the most popular TikTok products that keep coming across your FYP aren't guaranteed hits — but these are tried-and-true winners.

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May 04, 2023

If you have a phone, like to shop and also happen to be easily influenced, you’ve probably bought one or two things because you saw them in a TikTok video. Whether you’re quickly scrolling between meetings, watching videos for the entirety of your lunch break or you can’t fall asleep without the sounds of people organizing their desk drawers coming from your phone, it’s hard not to be tempted to purchase something. Especially when you’ve watched at least 100 videos of someone turning their messy bathroom a sparkling, glossy white all because of a pink paste. Some of these products — like that viral cleaning product The Pink Stuff — deserve all of the accolades they seem to get. Others — like those mini ice cube trays that were supposed to make perfect little round ice cubes — tend to come and go because they weren’t as great as those polished influencer videos made them seem. But as long as TikTok is on your phone, there’s one guarantee: you’ll eventually find yourself watching video after video of people organizing their fridges, deep cleaning their appliances, perfecting their gallery walls, adding syrup to their water and taking off their makeup. And soon after that, you’ll spot a few products over and over again — and you'll consider adding some to your cart. Well, if that sounds like you, we've rounded up some of the more tried-and-true products on TikTok that won't be a waste of money.


CleanTok is definitely one of the more visually satisfying rabbit holes you can go down. Although some of these videos just offer soothing views (industrial rug cleaning, anyone?), others offer practical solutions for the areas of your home you never thought you’d get fully clean. From a spin mop that helps get all the grime off your floors to a Shark Tank-famous sponge, here are some of our favorite cleaning supplies.


Okay, WaterTok is a little bit controversial. And whether you think the brightly colored powders and syrups that creators make flavors like birthday cake water from are up your alley or not, there are a few things you can learn from their videos. For one, having a sleek tumbler that keeps your beverage cold for a long time will certainly improve your morning commute. And for another — even if you’re not quite ready to add “unicorn” flavoring to your water, everyone knows nugget ice is the best ice to accompany any cold beverage. Whatever your taste is, you’re sure to find something good here.


If you’ve found yourself on CleanTok, it’s only a matter of time before you start to see tons of organization videos on your FYP as well. These consist mostly of products that help organize your pantry, your kitchen drawers and your bedroom. However, the biggest areas of concern for Organization TikToks tend to be the household products you leave out on your counters or the junk drawers in your office and vanity. So if you’ve ever been tempted by the siren call of putting soap or snacks in labeled jars — or you just love watching people perfectly nestling their things — chances are you’ll recognize some of these.


Beauty, makeup and hair tips are everywhere on TikTok — and if you find some influencers that have your hair texture, skin texture or tone, it’s pretty tempting to try their recommendations out. Although filters and sponsored posts can be deterrents for some skeptics, there are also plenty of products that have popped up on a consistent basis — and plenty of beauty TikTokers you can trust. Those recommendations are ones worth exploring.

Home Decor

The products you see from your favorite budding interior designers or decor enthusiasts largely depend on your decor style. Some people swoon over maximalist decor like gigantic lemon stools or neon cowboy boot vases. Others are determined to become coastal grandmothers and decorate their entire homes in ocean blue, cream and rattan. And others still are more loyal to simple modern touches or rustic accents. Whatever your favorite is, we’ve included something for everyone.

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