8 Best Tower Fans of 2024, Tested and Reviewed

Whether you're looking to stay ultra cool during the sweltering summer months or to drift off into a breezy slumber, these editor-approved tower fans will get the job done.

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Updated on January 16, 2024

Our Top Tower Fan Picks

Tested by HGTV editors

There's nothing quite like a stream of crisp, cool air on a hot summer day. Beat the heat, while also saving energy, with a sleek and slim tower fan in your home. Or, if you're like me and sleep hot even during the colder months, a tower fan is the perfect sleep companion for a breezy slumber that doubles as peaceful white noise to drift off to. While bulky box fans and large pedestal fans may take up much-needed floor space, a tower fan's vertical and space-saving design can tuck away in a corner without disrupting your existing design aesthetics. And, with the majority of tower fans being portable, storing them during colder months will be an easy task. The small footprint paired with a vertical stream of quiet, oscillating air is the perfect accompaniment to a hot day — with or without central air.

How Tower Fans Work

Tower fans work by pulling in your space's existing air through the back of the unit, spinning the air around inside, then forcefully pushing it out the front to distribute that air evenly throughout the space, creating a draft that feels cool. Because tower fans don't actually remove the heat from the room like an air conditioner and instead circulate the space's existing air, they utilize significantly less energy than an AC unit. And because of the smaller footprint, they also use less energy than other bladed electric fans on the market such as pedestal fans, box fans and large floor fans.

How We Tested

Our team of editors tested 14 different tower fans in a variety of prices, features and designs to discover the best one for each category and household. We lived with the fans in our homes for weeks and observed each one to determine the overall winners based on cooling coverage, speed settings, oscillation function, appearance, control capabilities, noise output, design, size and any additional included features.


When it comes to features, price and, most importantly, cooling power, the Lasko fan wins our "Best Overall" pick. And we're not the only ones who loved this fan: With over 33,000 positive customer ratings just on Amazon alone, we'd say this fan is enjoyed by lots of consumers. The 42-inch fan quickly assembles by snapping the round base into the tower unit — no tools required. A buttoned control panel pairs with LED indicator lights to make operating the fan a breeze. An easy-to-use remote stores in the back of the fan for quick storage, though the two AAA batteries required to operate it are not included. With cooling power you can feel right away, the fan features three adjustable speeds, 90-degree oscillation, an automatic timer and a nighttime setting. The powerful, widespread cooling design makes this fan ideal for all room sizes, including the living room, kitchen, office or bedroom. Our tester noticed that, even on the lowest setting, she could feel the breeze from about 10 to 12 feet away. Though lightweight, she also found that the fan was very stable and didn't feel tipsy at all. The indented handle on the back makes it easy to carry up a staircase or move between rooms. A downside that our tester noticed is that the fan makes a slight mechanical hum when on the highest setting, which was a little too loud for her when sleeping.

Our Editor Says: "This fan pushes out a lot of air. It did a great job of cooling my 12' by 16' living room, and it can certainly cool an even bigger room. I used it in my bedroom as well, which is smaller, and the fan easily cooled the entire room on the lowest setting."


Whether you're on the hunt for a tower fan that will keep you cool while you sleep or a fan that will provide peaceful white noise, look to the Dreo Nomad One to do both. This fan takes our "Best for Sleeping" spot thanks to its "quieter-than-a-whisper" cooling power that puts out as low as 34 decibels of sound, according to the company’s website. Four speed settings, 90 degrees of oscillation and four modes (normal, natural, sleep and auto) allow for easy comfort you can control on the touchscreen panel or with the sleek remote (battery included). Our tester preferred using the fan on normal mode because she likes a consistent noise and airflow she can control. However, she did notice how the other modes would be valuable to some users. On sleep mode, the fan decreases a speed level every 30 minutes, decreasing by two levels at most after an hour. On auto mode, the fan adapts to the ambient temperature. On natural mode, the fan runs at alternating speeds. Standing at 36 inches tall, the sleek design allows the fan to blend in with any decor style while delivering ultra-fast cool air. Cleaning the fan is fairly simple with an easy-to-disassemble grille and impeller wheel that can be wiped clean. It also includes a carry handle at the back that doubles as a remote holder.

Our Editor Says: "This fan is both quietly powerful and aesthetically pleasing. It's obvious the designers put thought into creating a product that was both functional and beautiful. I like the design a lot, and it definitely vibes with my modern farmhouse aesthetic."

$129.99 $116.98

Quickly and efficiently cool off a large room with the Dreo Pilot Max. This stylish fan features a whopping 120-degree oscillation that offers widespread, cool air throughout an entire room. Our tester used the fan in both her kitchen and living room and found the fan to work wonders at entirely cooling off both spaces. The mind-blowing cooling powers don’t stop there: The fan comes equipped with 12 speed settings to choose from (the most speeds of all the fans we tested), four modes and customizable oscillation. Tailor the fan to your needs with a one to 12-hour timer, mute function, remote and removable grille for easy maintenance. Our tester appreciated the sleek, slim shape of the fan and the bladeless design, as it makes it safe to operate around her curious infant. The brushless DC motor provides a surprisingly quiet stream of air as quiet as 25 decibels (quieter than a whisper), according to the company's website. On auto mode, the fan even adapts itself to ambient temperature to save energy without the user having to do any of the work. The fan will also automatically shut off after 15 hours of use in case you forget to turn the fan off before heading out the door. A downside our tester noticed was that the power cord was a little short, making the places she could put it in her room limited.

Our Editor Says: "I tested this fan in my kitchen on several very warm days when I was also using my oven (aka my kitchen was a furnace), and this fan made a world of difference. Not only did it move the air around, which automatically makes a room feel cooler, but it also made the room feel like I had an additional AC unit running."

$74.99 $53.99

The Honeywell Quiet Set 8-Speed Tower Fan is ideal for spaces like bedrooms, offices and nurseries thanks to its many functionalities and cooling capabilities. Eight speed settings — Sleep, Whisper, Calm, White Noise, Relax, Refresh, Cool and Power Cool — allow you to customize the ideal coolness and noise output to your liking. Out of the box, the sturdy base easily snaps into place and is ready to use. While the fan does come with a straightforward remote, it does not include the batteries required to use it. Our tester appreciated the option to turn the display brightness down (or completely off) at night as well as the timer to turn the fan off after a certain amount of hours. She found the two top speeds paired with the oscillation function to be strong enough to cool off her entire bedroom, while the lower settings were ideal for maintaining the temperature in the room. The three lowest settings (Sleep, Whisper and Calm) are very quiet and conducive to sleepers who prefer no noise at night. But for anyone who sleeps best with some white noise, the higher settings provide a soft background sound. While this fan is ideal for bedrooms, our tester found it was not ideal for cooling large spaces like a garage.

Our Editor Says: "I really liked the sleek, straightforward control panel, the light dimming feature and the creativity in naming each setting to match the overall effect achieved by that fan speed. The tower fan is also tall and thin, which makes it easy to tuck in a corner or next to a piece of furniture when not in use."


Dyson's Pure Cool Purifying Fan checks all the boxes with its sleek, innovative and powerful design. The fan boasts 10 speeds, 70 degrees of oscillation, diffused and focused airflow, and a sleep timer. This fan is the most expensive on our list — but for a good reason. It comes equipped with a 360-degree filtration system and Dyson's Air Multiplier technology, allowing clean, purified air to circulate throughout the entire room (recommended for spaces up to 800 square feet). The HEPA filter captures 99.97% of pollutants such as pollen, bacteria and pet dander and is certified by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America as asthma and allergy friendly. Our tester found that the filter is very easy to install/change, and the machine will even notify you when the filter needs changing. Another perk? The iconic bladeless design not only allows air to flow out uniformly but also allows the fan to operate safely around kids since there are no grilles or fast-spinning blades for little fingers to get stuck in. For this, the fan was awarded a seal of approval by Parent Tested Parent Approved. The fan comes with a small remote that magnetizes to the top of the unit, but our tester noticed that it has very little reach. It's also worth noting that the oscillation function and sleep timer can only be operated with the remote. The biggest downside to this model will be, for most buyers, the price.

Our Editor Says: "This fan 100% lives up to the hype. It's powerful, aesthetically pleasing, and, best of all, cleans the air my family and dog are breathing. The bladeless design is very easy to clean — no more trying to dust every crevice of an awkward grille. I sleep with the fan on level seven, which emits a steady stream of cool air and soothing white noise to fall asleep to."


If you're a smart technology buff, then be sure to check out the Govee Smart Tower Fan. This fan takes our "Best With Smart Technology" category thanks to its easy-to-use app and simple voice control functions. The Govee app allows you to fully control the operation of the fan from your phone, set specific schedules for the fan to run, turn off indicator lights and even check the temperature and humidity of the room it's in, thanks to a sensor on the fan. Once the fan is paired to an Alexa Amazon or Google Assistant smart device, you can also use voice commands to operate it. Our tester noticed the voice commands worked great, except when trying to control the oscillation function. The tower fan not only comes equipped with innovative smart technology but also features eight speeds and four modes (sleep, nature, normal and auto). The fan is lightweight and portable, but it also packs a powerful punch of airflow. Our tester placed the fan in her sunroom, and after running it for a couple of hours, she found it had cooled the space down by 10 degrees. She usually has a small AC unit running in the room during the summer but hasn't needed it since adding the fan to the space. While the fan is powerful, it's best for medium or small spaces. Other features include 75 degrees of oscillation, a safety lock and an output of super quiet noise (around 34 decibels according to the company).

Our Editor Says: "The look of this tower fan is sleek, the smart tech is simple to understand, it easily functions with Amazon and Google voice-controlled devices, it oscillates and has a good range of airflow. I would suggest this fan to my friends or even give it as a gift knowing that it looks good in most spaces."

$129.99 $119.99

Why have a fan and a heater when you can have both in one unit? The Lasko FH500 does just that with its innovative design that's made up of a 1500-watt ceramic heater as well as a powerful fan. Cool off during the warmer months with four quiet fan speeds, or stay toasty during the cooler months with three heater speeds. The unit has an easy-to-use control panel on top that's clearly marked — blue for the fan function and red for heat. A standout feature of this fan is a tip-over safety feature that automatically turns the machine off if it falls over — very important if you have little ones in the house. Our tester used both the heater and fan functions in her 12' by 16' living room and noted that the fan was powerful enough to cool off the room even on the lowest setting. It also heated the room very quickly on the high setting paired with the 90-degree oscillation. The heater has a thermostat that can be set to the temperature you want, and it will automatically turn on and off to keep the room at that temperature. Our tester appreciated how quiet the unit is, sounding less like a mechanical buzz and more like light wind blowing. Other features of the tower fan include an eight-hour programmable timer, a multi-function remote control, an easy-vacuum filter and a sleek, space-saving design that blends in nicely in the home. A downside our tester noticed was the indicator lights on the control panel are quite bright and had to be covered when she used the fan while sleeping. The unit is also heavier than other tower fans because of the ceramic heater, but our tester appreciated the indented handle on the upper back that made carrying it up the stairs a lot easier.

Our Editor Says: "For a few extra bucks it's worth getting the combo heater and fan. It's one less out-of-season thing sitting in my storage room. I can use this all year long, especially in spring and fall when you don't want to have the heat or AC running, you can just use this fan to take the edge off.”

$64.99 $60.99

If you're looking for an efficient tower fan under $65, then the Honeywell Quiet Set 5-Speed Tower Fan might be for you. This budget-friendly fan boasts a wide array of handy features such as five speed levels, auto-dim control panel, remote control, auto-off timer and optional oscillation. No tools are required for assembly — just attach the base to the fan unit. Cool off your space by choosing one of the five speeds labeled as Power Cool, Refresh, White Noise, Calm and Sleep. Our tester preferred the Power Cool setting paired with the oscillation function to cool off her living room as well as her porch. She noticed that the fan is pretty quiet even on the highest setting, while the two lowest settings are extremely quiet. The White Noise setting, she found, was ideal for background noise while sleeping. After 15 seconds of interaction with the control panel, the auto-dim feature reduces the brightness on the panel by 50%, making it ideal for nighttime use as well. Customize the fan's operation even further with a 1-, 2-, 4- or 8-hour timer. The remote control (batteries not included) attaches to the back of the fan when not in use. The only change our tester would make would be to the style of the base. She wished it wasn't open so she could hide the excess cord inside.

Our Editor Says: "The fan is very lightweight and easy to move around. The white color blends in well in my space, and overall, it doesn't take up too much room. I have white walls, so I feel like it's worth leaving out all the time for the added comfort."

What to Consider When Shopping for a Tower Fan

Cooling Distribution: The most important feature of any fan is its cooling abilities. When shopping for a tower fan, you'll want to look at two main cooling features: oscillation and room coverage. Oscillating air is key to keeping a room cool with a constant breeze that swivels back and forth. Typically fans will have 70 to 90 degrees of oscillation, while some even boast up to 120 degrees of oscillation. It's also important to consider what size room you'll be using the fan in, as some are recommended for small rooms while others are best for larger spaces.

Speeds and Modes: A fan's speed and/or mode settings can make a huge difference in its overall cooling capabilities. The higher the speed, the stronger the airflow will be. Some modes include ones that emulate a natural breeze or sleep modes that progressively decrease the fan's speed until it reaches the lowest setting. While not all tower fans will have different modes to choose from, most will have at least a couple of speeds for you to customize the breeze to your liking.

Controls: Controls on tower fans can range from manual knobs to buttoned panels to touchscreen displays. Whether or not you'd prefer a remote control should be considered as well since not all fans come with one. All of the fans on our list include a remote or phone app control for convenient operation.

Features: Some tower fans will boast additional helpful features such as a timer to customize when the fan runs, a carrying handle for easy portability, dimming control lights for nighttime use, purifying capabilities and smart technology.

Noise Level: Consider how loud (or silent) you'd prefer the operation of the fan to be when utilizing it. If you plan on using it in the bedroom, choosing a fan that puts out low or white noise is key when trying to fall asleep. Some units are designed to put out whisper-quiet noise, while others are designed to be powerful and may have a mechanical sound.

Size and Design: While tower fans are designed to be more space-saving than pedestal and box fans thanks to their slim shape, you'll still want to consider if the height, circumference of the base and overall footprint will work in your space. Because you'd be utilizing the fan indoors, it's also important to consider how the fan looks in appearance, and whether or not it would blend in with your home's existing design aesthetic or not.

We considered all of these factors, as well as customer reviews, when testing and selecting our top picks.

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