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Fine Art in Phoenix: Tour a Painter's Renovated Home

Laurie Anne, a fine artist living in Arizona, reveals why her favorite place to paint is the kitchen.

As Seen in HGTV Magazine

Tour a Chic Beach House Filled With Neutral Tones and Tons of Texture 10 Photos

Summer never ends in this Florida home. Also infinite: the inspiration. HGTV Magazine shows you around.

Explore a California Cabin With Adventurous Style 9 Photos

This A-frame has A-plus style! HGTV Magazine shows you around.

Tour a Split-Level Home in Texas Dripping in Color 10 Photos

So many vibrant spots happily coexist in this Texas home — prepare to be dazzled! HGTV Magazine is taking you on a tour.

Tour a California-Cool Dutch Colonial With Mid-Century Style 8 Photos

This Berkeley, California, reno was over a decade in the making — and worth the wait. Take a tour with HGTV Magazine.

Tour a Cheeky and Colorful Victorian Home 9 Photos

This Connecticut house is bursting with fun, fearless decorating moves. Take a tour with HGTV Magazine.

Tour a Glam, Family-Friendly California Home 11 Photos

HGTV Magazine shows you around a home where everything is chic and nothing is untouchable.

Tour a Texas Craftsman Filled With Eclectic Charm 7 Photos

A couple in Fort Worth, Texas, gets brand-new style using stuff they already own. HGTV Magazine shows you around.

Tour a Chic Craftsman Full of Vintage Finds and Modern Designs 11 Photos

This turn-of-the-century home in Houston has gorgeous 21st-century style. HGTV Magazine shows you around.

Tour a Very Cool Ohio Victorian Built in 1900 10 Photos

Her bones may be old, but “The Blonde Vic” in Columbus, Ohio, is hip at heart. HGTV Magazine shows you around.

Tour a Crafty, DIY-Decorated Home in Arizona 10 Photos

Custom touches make master crafter Rebecca Propes's home awesome. Take a tour with HGTV Magazine.

Tour a Calming, Christmas-Ready Home in Minnesota 8 Photos

All is easygoing and cozy inside this (almost) 100-year-old home. Take a look around with HGTV Magazine.

This Luxe, Light-Filled Kitchen Used To Be a Mercantile Store Dec 4, 2020

An old mercantile in a small Utah town becomes a charming family home. HGTV Magazine shows you the kitchen.

Tour a Crafty Oregon Home Filled With Christmas Magic 9 Photos

This family creates seriously magical holidays. Take a tour of their DIY decorated house with HGTV Magazine.

Tour a Traditional-Trendy Kitchen With Tons of Modern Touches Nov 11, 2020

A New Jersey family finally gets a kitchen that works for them, and it doesn’t put style on the back burner. HGTV Magazine takes y …

Here's How an Indiana Fixer-Upper Went From Drab to Lively and Fab 9 Photos

There’s more than one way to save a fixer-upper. HGTV Magazine shows you how a couple let cool and quirky be their guide.

Tour a 100-Year-Old Home With an Eclectic Twist 9 Photos

Discover the traditional (and not-so-traditional) touches in this New Jersey home, with HGTV Magazine.

Tour Chip Wade's Next-Level Rustic Wood Cabin 12 Photos

Woodsy turns chic in designer Chip Wade's lakeside getaway in Georgia. HGTV Magazine shows you around.

Small Updates Reaped Big Rewards in This Contemporary Home 10 Photos

Lots of mini changes add up to one seriously inspiring North Carolina home. HGTV Magazine shows you around.

The Story of Jason Reynolds' Cool and Creative Row Home 8 Photos

Once upon a time, an author in Washington, D.C., found a great place that needed character. Spoiler alert: there’s a happy ending. …

Tour a Glam Kitchen That Screams Girl-Power Jul 18, 2020

A newly single mom and her daughters create a glam space for themselves. HGTV Magazine gives you a tour.

Tour a Bright San Francisco Condo Filled With Sunny Accessories 8 Photos

Can you spot the light and bright touches that makes this San Francisco home just right? HGTV Magazine takes you on a tour.

Tour a Maryland River Home With Tons of Chill Charm 9 Photos

Family memories are made at a summer-camp-like getaway. HGTV Magazine takes you on a tour.

Tour a Cute California-Cool Cottage With Tons of Neutral Touches 11 Photos

HGTV Magazine shows you how one family doubled the size of their cottage without sacrificing any charm. Take a full tour of this s …

Tour a 1,000-Square-Foot Home Covered in Color in Washington D.C. 6 Photos

How many hues can you fit into a home? HGTV Magazine shows you a wowza space decked out in unexpected shades and lively combos.

This Colorful Home in Katy, Texas, Is a Maximalist's Dream 9 Photos

This home is filled with tons of color and texture — total eye-candy! HGTV Magazine shows you around.

Tour a Kid-Friendly Brooklyn Condo Bursting With Color 8 Photos

City vibes, family style! Take a spin around this colorful condo with HGTV Magazine.

Tour a Beautiful 160-Year-Old Home Filled With Pattern 10 Photos

There's a pattern here! HGTV Magazine gives you a close-up look at the inside of a stunning Italianate-style home in Glenview, Ken …

Tour a Bold, 1900s-Era Row Home in Washington D.C. 10 Photos

Dramatic colors, luxe textures, striking pieces — this house from HGTV Magazine does not hold back.

Tour a Dazzling Four Bedroom Home in Oklahoma City 10 Photos

This place delights everywhere you look! HGTV Magazine will show you around.

Tour All Three Floors of a Chic, 1,475-Square-Foot Home in Austin, Texas 7 Photos

There’s no shortage of star pieces in this Austin, Texas, home featured in HGTV Magazine.