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May 22

The Totally Timeless Kitchen

Make a cook space look good forever: Paint it white and add farmhouse touches. HGTV Magazine shows you how.

May 16

The Most Summery Summer House 9 Photos

Beachy colors and white paint turned this New Jersey home into a getaway worthy of its water view. HGTV Magazine takes you inside.

May 7

Copy the Curb Appeal: Saratoga Springs, New York 4 Photos

HGTV Magazine took a spin through Saratoga Springs to round up eye-catching houses loaded with inspiring ideas.

May 2

How to Make Cozy Look Cool 10 Photos

Natural touches meet glam pieces and bold colors in this step-right-in Georgia home from HGTV Magazine.

April 19

A Bright and Bold Bedroom Makeover

Watch this space from HGTV Magazine come back to life with lighter walls, a new rug, stylish furniture and punches of pattern.

April 17

A Maryland Home Full of Deals and DIYs 9 Photos

When you’re a designer and a mom of five, thrifty-chic style rules. This home from HTGV Magazine proves just that.

March 21

A Vintage Farmhouse With Style to Spare 11 Photos

HGTV Magazine takes you inside a well-appointed home with style inspired by Fixer Upper.

March 6

Inside Tahj Mowry's Los Angeles Home 7 Photos

The actor takes HGTV Magazine into his well-appointed home California Craftsman.

March 5

10 Lessons From a 'Young House Love' Kitchen Reno

Even seasoned home improvers can learn new tricks! Take it from Young House Love’s John and Sherry Petersik, who aced this major m …

February 16

Copy the Curb Appeal: Birmingham, Alabama 30 Photos

HGTV Magazine took a spin through Birmingham to round up eye-catching houses loaded with inspiring ideas.

February 15

5 People, 1,000 Square Feet, No Problem! 10 Photos

Small-space tricks help a family fit into a tiny Cape Cod, with style to spare. HGTV Magazine takes you inside.

February 6

Inside The Scott Brothers' Biggest Reno Yet 3 Photos

First comes love, then comes…a gut renovation! An inside look at how Drew, Linda and Jonathan overhauled a historic L.A. house. Pi …

February 5

Style Secrets to Steal From a 10-Ingredient Kitchen

A pinch of cement tile, a dash of wood stools, that's what it took to spice up this space from HGTV Magazine.

February 5

An Old House With Young Style 9 Photos

Bright colors, bold patterns, quirky accessories: A fun-loving couple breathe new life into this 1914 New Orleans home featured in …

January 31

Oh Brothers! Jonathan and Drew Scott are HGTV Magazine's First Cover Stars

Sara Peterson, HGTV Magazine's Editor in chief, gives you a first look at the March 2018 cover featuring not one, but two HGTV sta …

January 19

A California Home Full of Big Bargains and Big Style 10 Photos

Featured in HGTV Magazine, this California home’s chic decor was built on smart buys.

January 11

Proof Your Old Furniture Can Still Feel Modern 5 Photos

HGTV Magazine shares five ways to transform old furniture into totally fresh finds.

December 22

How to Decorate Your Fantasy Kitchen Island 4 Photos

HGTV Magazine picked out four stylish islands that will give you more space to prep and serve, while adding extra oomph to your ki …

December 19

A Kentucky Kitchen With a Scene-Stealing Backsplash

Twenty-eight colors add up to one amazing scene-stealer in this Louisville, KY, kitchen from HGTV Magazine.

December 11

A Fixer Upper-Inspired Christmas in Florida 9 Photos

HGTV Magazine takes you inside the home of a fan couple who gave their Sunshine State cottage a look that’s unmistakably Chip and …

December 7

What to Hang Above a Sofa 7 Photos

HGTV Magazine has the stylish ideas you need to fill the blank space above your sofa.

December 1

25 Fun Ways to Prep for the Holidays 25 Photos

HGTV Magazine has tons of merry ideas (some to DIY, some to buy) to get you all set for the season.

November 29

A One-of-a-Kind Christmas in Upstate New York 11 Photos

HGTV Magazine takes you inside a home that uses tie-dye instead of plaid and fuchsia rather than red in its holiday decor.

November 21

A Traditional House That Doesn't Feel Old Fashioned 10 Photos

HGTV Magazine takes you inside a home that proves old fashioned furniture doesn't have to feel stuffy.

October 12

5 Paint Colors, 1 Surefire Kitchen

Why do just one hue? This space from HGTV Magazine proves using a whole bunch of shades amps up the charm.

October 4

Cute-as-Pie Cake Stand Decorating Ideas 4 Photos

HGTV Magazine created four cute-as-pie displays that look perfect on cake stands.

October 2

A Kansas Home Full of Secondhand Finds 7 Photos

HGTV Magazine takes you inside a Kansas home that takes budget-friendly decorating to a whole new level.

October 2

50+ Home Accessories That Only Look Expensive 55 Photos

These fresh finds from HGTV Magazine will help you update your space without breaking the bank.

September 28

A Colorful, Cool and Comfy Pennsylvania Home 8 Photos

HGTV Magazine takes you inside a Pennsylvania home with interiors that are bursting with color and energy.

September 14

12 Ideas to Steal From a Colorful Texas Kitchen

There’s a whole lot of inspiration cooking in this kitchen from HGTV Magazine.

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Cranked Up Kitchen Style

5 Paint Colors, 1 Surefire Kitchen

Why do just one hue? This space proves multiple shades amp up the charm.

12 Ideas to Steal From a Bright Kitchen

There’s a whole lot of inspiration cooking in this sunny, smile-inducing kitchen.

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