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May 22

8 Awesome Flea Markets Across the U.S.

Thrifting season has arrived! Browse HGTV Magazine's guide of top shopping destinations.

May 20

26 Ways to Make Any Outdoor Get-Together Totally Epic 26 Photos

Lots of fun stuff and tasty eats from HGTV Magazine to host your outdoor palooza. Just add friends!

May 13

24 Happy Home Finds That Only Look Expensive 24 Photos

These accessories from HGTV Magazine aren't as pricey as they appear.

May 13

50 Design Ideas From HGTV Magazine to Try Before You Die 50 Photos

From budget hacks to easy updates, these creative home ideas from HGTV Magazine are sure to spiff up your space. Test a few or try …

May 10

Copy the Curb Appeal: Portland, Oregon 27 Photos

These eye-catching houses from HGTV Magazine are loaded with inspiring ideas.

May 8

Colorful Ideas Abound In This Happy Florida Home 9 Photos

Playful patterns and fun colors bring the bliss in this home-y oasis featured in HGTV Magazine.

May 7

HGTV Stars Spill Their Disaster-Proof Paint Tricks

These people know paint! From disaster-proof colors to prep steps everyone should do, HGTV Magazine has the full scoop.

May 2

Our Favorite Paint Projects From HGTV Magazine 8 Photos

HGTV Magazine editors will paint just about anything! Take a look back at fun projects from years past.

April 29

An Infusion of Cool Revived This Outdated Living Room

After a colorful renovation, this family's living room looks a whole lot younger. Get all the details with HGTV Magazine.

April 22

It’s Always Spring In This Bright and Fresh Kitchen

HGTV Magazine features a kitchen filled with vivid colors actually found in nature—a breath of fresh air all year.

April 19

Classic Meets Cool in This Trendy Texas Home 11 Photos

You don't have to choose — traditional and quirky pieces can get along beautifully. HGTV Magazine takes you on a tour.

April 17

12 Extra-Cute Doormats That Will Make Coming Home the Best Part of Your Day 12 Photos

These doormats from HGTV Magazine know how to step it up!

April 10

Rock These 62 Pops of Color Anywhere in Your Home 63 Photos

Want to refresh a room? Pick a favorite color, or go for something new. Try one piece or a few! HGTV Magazine has you covered with …

April 5

This Nashville Home Isn't Your Average New Build 11 Photos

You won’t find anything cookie-cutter in this spunky space! Take a tour with HGTV Magazine.

April 2

These Best Ever Baskets Are Perfect for Hiding Clutter 24 Photos

From cool new styles to can't-beat-'em-classics, these baskets from HGTV Magazine make for a fashionable way to hide clutter. Toss …

April 1

8 Accessories You Never Knew You Could Spray Paint 8 Photos

Yay, let's spray! HGTV Magazine shows you all the amazing things you can do with spray paint.

March 28

An HGTV Magazine Makeover Completely Transformed This Office 8 Photos

A New York City office went from corporate-blah to colorfully homey, thanks to the editors at HGTV Magazine.

March 28

This One-Story House Has Sky-High Style 10 Photos

A couple makes their place big-time chic by starting neutral, then sprinkling color, pattern and glitz. HGTV Magazine gives you an …

March 22

Copy the Curb Appeal: Boulder, Colorado 35 Photos

These eye-catching houses from HGTV Magazine are loaded with inspiring ideas.

March 20

A Bright, Light Kitchen Makeover

HGTV Magazine shows you the fastest way to take years off a tired space: tons of cool, white and bright touches.

March 18

How to Make Unexpected Design Combos Work In Your Home

These cool combos from HGTV Magazine break the decorating rules ... and the results are awesome.

March 15

28 Ways to Add a Splash to Your Bathroom 28 Photos

Try out these quick and easy bathroom updates from HGTV Magazine—no plumber needed.

March 7

5 Rugs to Build a Room Around 49 Photos

A new rug calls for new accessories, and HGTV Magazine has you covered.

March 4

How to Decorate Every Room In Your Home Like a Design Blogger 47 Photos

Design bloggers share the rooms in their homes they'd hang out in 24/7 if they could ... and HGTV Magazine shows you how to get th …

February 27

First Home Stories From HGTV Stars 9 Photos

Even HGTV stars were once newbie homeowners, making design mistakes, blowing their budgets and facing down rodents. HGTV Magazine …

February 25

30 High/Low Duos to Fuel Your Spring Shopping Addiction 60 Photos

These dynamic duos from HGTV Magazine have drastically different price tags.

February 15

Our Favorite Warm-Toned Decor From HGTV Magazine 50 Photos

Warm hues can inject energy or amp up the cozy factor in any room, but no matter what, they always create a more welcoming abode. …

February 15

Stylize Your Kitchen With These Countertop Combos

No need to put everything away—make countertop workhorses look stylish with these simple formulas from HGTV Magazine.

February 13

3 Homes That Make Living In Less Than 1,600 Square Feet Look Chic 24 Photos

These three homes have cute in every corner. Take a tour then get the look with HGTV Magazine.

February 8

These 12 Crafts Are Your Next DIY Decorating Projects 12 Photos

Whatever you're into, pick one of these cool crafts from HGTV Magazine, and start creating.

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