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This Ranch-Style Home Underwent An Extra-Lovable Renovation Aug 11, 2021

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Copy the Curb Appeal: Milwaukee, Wisconsin 36 Photos

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5 Bold Maximalist Spaces That Prove More Is Better 5 Photos

These bold spaces from HGTV Magazine have more of ... everything. Go bigger and bolder and your rooms will be fab-er!

Tour an Airy Bungalow With Tons of Indoor-Outdoor Spaces 9 Photos

Indoors, outdoors: It all flows together beautifully in this airy Los Angeles home. Take a tour with HGTV Magazine.

25+ High/Low Duos That Scream Summer 56 Photos

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Warm Paint Shade Ideas We Love: Red, Pink, Orange, Yellow and More 100 Photos

Wow! What color is that? HGTV Magazine is here with some tips on how to use warm paint colors around your house.

This Bright and Patterned Kitchen Is Always in Bloom Jul 28, 2021

HGTV Magazine takes you on a tour of a cooking space brought to life with vibrant wallpaper.

12 Back-to-School Home Ideas From HGTV Magazine 12 Photos

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8 Timeless and Classic Navy and White Interiors 8 Photos

HGTV Magazine inspires with some fantastic new ways to enjoy the classic color combo.

Tour a Lively Santa Fe Haven Filled With Pattern and Spunk 10 Photos

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21 Front Door Looks We're Obsessed With 22 Photos

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Tour a Chic Beach House Filled With Neutral Tones and Tons of Texture 10 Photos

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Tour a Calm, Cool and Clutterproof Kitchen Jun 16, 2021

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Explore a California Cabin With Adventurous Style 9 Photos

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Vote For Your Favorite Front Door Color From HGTV Magazine May 18, 2021

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Tour a Split-Level Home in Texas Dripping in Color 10 Photos

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17 Fun Paint Projects to Brighten Your Space 17 Photos

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Copy the Curb Appeal: Shreveport, Louisiana 36 Photos

Stop-and-stare houses in a Shreveport, Louisiana, neighborhood — grab some ideas!

Try This Summertime Grapefruit Cocktail Recipe May 3, 2021

The Extra Great cocktail from HGTV Magazine is a refreshing (and cute!) drink ready to meet all of your happy hour needs.

Farmhouse Charm and Fresh Style Make This Kitchen Totally Cool Apr 30, 2021

One happy mix! HGTV Magazine takes you on a tour of a perky farmhouse kitchen in New Ulm, Texas.

17 Super-Trendy Rooms Getting Lots of Love on Instagram 17 Photos

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