Christmas Mailbox Decorating

Don't neglect the mailbox this holiday! Follow these step-by-step instructions to create a beautiful evergreen swag.

Evergreen Christmas Mailbox Swag

Give your guests and neighbors a glimpse of your holiday decorating by creating a DIY mailbox swag.

Mailbox Swag Supply List

You will need: chicken wire/wire cutters/florist wire/faux evergreen branches/real evergreen branches and trimmings/magnolia leaves (faux or real)/ornaments

Step One: Create Base

Create a base for your swag by forming a piece of chicken wire around your mailbox.  This creates a sturdy foundation to work with.  Begin by wiring artificial pieces of evergreen to the top of your wire form, starting at the front and working towards the back.

Step Two: Fill In Swag

Fill in your swag base by wiring in real and artificial evergreen, until it is full and has the form you like.  You can hold your base up from time to time to see how it will look on your mailbox.

Step Three: Attach Long Pieces

Attach long pieces of real evergreen underneath the top base. This will allow pieces to drape down each side of your mailbox, creating a custom look!

Step Four: Put a Bow on It

Create a nice loopy bow that matches your decor and wire to the middle of the base swag.  Leave long ends to wrap around the greenery.

Step Five: Add Ornaments

Cut a long piece of florist wire and fold in half.  String ornaments along the wire, staggering them and wire the ends onto the base.  Repeat for other side.

Step Six: Attach to Mailbox

Lay your swag over the top of the mailbox and form the chicken wire base tightly over the sides and back of mailbox.  Run doubled lengths of florist wire through the chicken wire and around mailbox post. Tie off, trip ends of wire.  For added security run a double length of wire underneath the mailbox.

It's All in the Details

Tuck small pieces of evergreen along the back of the mailbox to cover any chicken wire that is showing and tuck your ribbon ends throughout the evergreen.  Make sure your swag is sturdy and well attached and that your mail carrier will still have easy access to the front of your don't want to miss all of those lovely holiday cards!

Christmas Mailbox Decorating

Your neighbors and holiday guests will appreciate your beautiful mailbox all season long! 

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