Belle DuChene

Belle DuChene is a versatile figure in the digital content landscape who thrives on juggling multiple roles as a freelance writer, award-winning content producer, and adjunct professor of communications. With a knack for wearing various hats, her work (and more specifically, her hands!) can be seen testing household products or offering styling and how-to expertise in instructional videos for crafts and plants on top-tier platforms like and Better Homes & Gardens.

Infected with the travel bug since her study abroad experience at 16, Belle never stops seeking out international foods, customs, or penpals. If given the chance, she would wield the superpower of speaking fluently and cracking jokes in every language worldwide.

Equipped with a B.A. in French and textiles and apparel, alongside an M.A. in communications, Belle kickstarted her professional journey in the fashion realm as a producer and modeling agency booker. Ever on the lookout for trends, aesthetics, and innovations that enhance everyday life, Belle is eager to share her discoveries with the world.

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