6 Tips That Will Get Your House Fall-Ready

Get your digs just as ready for fall as you are.

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We still have quite a few weeks left of warm weather, but those chilly months are right around the corner. I mean, it’s already mid-August! While the temperatures are still in the upper 80s, you can start prepping your house for the cooler season. We've got six tips that will give your house some TLC before the crisp, fall months are here.

Cozy Bedding



Varying textures is the key not only to using white effectively, but also to packing a white-on-white room with a strong textural story. When a room’s major focus is color, for instance in a bold red and blue room, the contrast becomes the Aha! moment of the design. Since white-on-white spaces are void of strong color, the best way to add visual interest is to ensure the space is packed with a plethora of textures. The bed-scape of this guest bedroom combines whites in many different ways; the bed pillows are ultra-white cotton, the Euro shams are made of a casual, washed beige-white linen, the accent pillow features rouged silk, the ultra-white duvet has a faint waffle pattern, and the woven throw blanket is made from yellow-white cotton.

It’s time to take out those down comforters, cotton sheets, knits and shake the dust off. Give them a good wash and store them in a convenient closet, so when the icy nights come, you’ll have your blankets ready to go. There’s nothing worse than roaming around at midnight, half asleep looking for your warmest blanket.

Tend to the Fireplace + Chimney

Cozy Gray and White Fireside Sitting Area

Cozy Gray and White Fireside Sitting Area

Brian Patrick Flynn designed this cozy sitting area with brick fireplace, modern furniture and vibrant patterned, gray-and-white wallpaper. The purple accent pillows add a fun pop of color and texture.

Ah, the fireplace. The cornerstone of family hangouts during the chilly months. For my family, there was never a fall or winter month when we weren’t around the fire at least once a day. Now is the ideal time to schedule a chimney cleaning to avoid chimney fires. Give them the love they deserve, because they’ll be working around the clock come fall!

Stock Up on Firewood

Industrial Log Rack

Industrial Log Rack

Create your own industrial style log rack

Photo by: Sam Henderson

Sam Henderson

Speaking of fireplaces, now is a great time to start your firewood pile. When the winter months roll around you’ll be glad you did. Make a firewood rack outside and a carrier to transport the wood inside. Look at all that DIY-ing.

Check the Furnace + Boiler

White gas boiler mounted in wall cupboard

Photo by: iStock/brizmaker


Whether you have a furnace or a boiler, it’s good to make sure everything will run smoothly this fall when the temperatures drop. Get it inspected and make sure to change the filters on a furnace regularly throughout the fall and winter. This will help keep energy costs down and wallets happy.

Plant Fall Bulbs for Spring Flowers

Planting flower bulbs (tulip) in the flower-garden in autumn

Photo by: iStock/OlgaPonomarenko


There are a variety of flowers to plant in the fall that will bloom in the spring, so get some fall gardening done before the ground freezes. Consider planting these bulbs during fall for spring flowers: tulip, iris, daffodil, hyacinth and lily.

Fall + Winter Toolbox

Now is a great time to rummage through your garage or shed and get all your fall and winter tools in one, easy accessible location. Nothing is worse than trekking through the snow in search for a snow shovel.

Neat garage tools hanging on a storage rack

Photo by: iStock/jodiejohnson


For fall: leaf blower, broom, rake, gardening tools (bulb planting!)
For winter: ice scraper, ice salts, snow shovel, snow blower

Once you've rounded up all the essentials, clear out a space in the garage or shed and store them. You'll be thankful you did when the next snowstorm hits!

Easy Exterior Updates You Can Tackle in One Day or Less

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Paint the Front Door

If your front door is in need of an update, consider earthy, evergreen tones that work well with almost any color. The pine green used here works well with classic autumnal tones ranging from pumpkin and mustard to moodier colors like dark brown and black.

Photo By: Flynnside Out Productions

Swap Out Light Fixtures

If you've got a contractor-grade sconce in your exterior entry, swap it out for something more modern. Simple fixtures are easy to replace with basic DIY electrical skills; however, more intricate sconces with trickier wiring are better fit for a professional electrician.

Photo By: Flynnside Out Productions

Try On New Numbers

Sometimes the smallest details can make the biggest impact. Swap out sun-faded, rusted or worn-out house numbers with fresh, modern digits. To highlight the '50s era of this ranch-style home, a classic, midcentury font was chosen.

Photo By: Flynnside Out Productions

Freshen Up the Railing

Highlight the architectural lines of your exterior railings with a simple sanding, pressure wash or paint update. If your house was recently painted, a simple spray with a pressure washer should do the trick. But if the wood is faded, cracked and coarse, it's probably ideal to sand any splintery surfaces, then update the wood with a sprayed semi-gloss finish.

Photo By: Flynnside Out Productions

Replace Old Exterior Doors

Instantly add architecture to your exterior with a pre-hung door update. Make sure you know the overall opening of the existing door, its proper swing (left or right) and the thickness of your exterior walls before choosing the perfect style. Depending on the material and how easily accessible the area is, a door swap can take anywhere from two hours to a full day.

Photo By: Flynnside Out Productions

Install New Door Hardware

Whether you replace your exterior door completely or update what you've already got, a simple change of hardware can drastically change the overall look. Something to think about when you're replacing door hardware is how time consuming it can be to touch up paint or stain in addition to installing the knobs and deadbolts. Consider removing the existing hardware, then fully covering the door with one or two coats of paint or stain before attaching the new fixtures. This is often much easier and more efficient than touching up around the new hardware once it's installed.

Photo By: Flynnside Out Productions

Plant Lush Evergreens

Make a long-lasting, low-maintenance first impression by livening up your entry with planted arborvitae. Known for loving as much sun as possible, these evergreens require a ton of water the first few weeks after they're planted. They'll add rich, lush, green texture all year round.

Photo By: Flynnside Out Productions

Create a Landscaped Look

One of the fastest ways to add a landscaped look to small spots in the yard is with evergreen plants surrounded by bales of pine straw. Once the messy ground is dug for the plants, simply open up a bale of pine straw and fill the spaces between each plant, as well as the surrounding areas.

Photo By: Flynnside Out Productions

Add High-Contrast Plants

Add a splash of color to your plant beds with one or two low-sitting plants packed with saturated color. In the fall, acid-green tones juxtapose beautifully with autumnal colors such as burnt orange, muddy yellow and black-brown.

Photo By: Flynnside Out Productions

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