7 Tips for Starting (and Keeping) a Travel Journal

Millennial entrepreneur and beauty guru Ariana Pierce shares her expert tips for recording travel memories in style.

Photo by: Ariana Pierce

Ariana Pierce

It doesn't matter if I'm traveling to Charleston, S.C. or Chiang Mai, Thailand, I still go into every trip with ambitious plans to capture each and every detail of my travels through photos, unexpected souvenirs and journeling ... of some sort. When I return home, I find I take half as many photos as I wanted to, spend more money than I budgeted and only write one (maybe?) entry. I'll always come home with maps, ticket stubs, bottle caps, wine corks, receipts, wristbands for that Pinterest project that will totally happen. Is anyone else in the same boat? Raise your empty leather-bound journal in the air!

With summer travel right around the corner, I wanted to set some goals to capture my family trips in a more meaningful way. I chatted with millennial entrepreneur Ariana Pierce about her top tips for choosing a travel journal and getting started. Here's what she has to say:

Find a journal that pushes you to dream.

When it comes to being a travel lover, having a journal to write out your dream vacations, road trips and abroad experiences is vitally important. It's a place where you can plan out where you want to go and record your memories from past experiences. When I created my travel journal, Around the World in Style, I did it to fill in the missing components that I couldn't find when it came to journaling about my travels. You should look for a journal that's visually stimulating and pushes you to dream beyond your comfort zone to see the world around you.

Do your research.

To get started with the journaling process, begin with making a list of the places you'd love to visit. Write out the landmarks you want to see most, the hotel you'd like to stay at and any other places you desire to discover. Then, do your research on what it takes to make the trip really happen. Things like plane tickets, excursion prices and hotel fees. Keep all of these plans in one place, and take time to get pictures that accompany your finds.

Dreams can come true.

When I was doing research for my trip to London, I pulled a picture of a really nice restaurant that would be fun to visit. Some time went by and I found myself heading there for a trip with friends. One night, we were searching for a place to eat and couldn't really decide on what we wanted. While walking down the street, a guy yells out and says, 'Hey, you should come eat here!' Of course, we stopped to check it out. While reading the menu, I discovered that it was the exact restaurant I pasted down in my journal. I believe this happened because when you take time to plan, you pull your vision to you like a magnet.

What's written is real.

When you plan out your trips before you go, three things happen. You save yourself from lots of stress, you maximize your time and you get the reward of seeing and doing most of the things you truly desire. I believe with my whole heart that what's written is real. When you take the time to write out your dreams and goals, you begin to attract those things into your life.

Before going on my recent trip to Paris, I planned out each place my friends and I would visit and the order in which we would go. Top tourist sites like The Louvre, Arc de Triomphe and the Eiffel Tower were all easy to cover on our day trip because we had a solid plan and schedule. This helped us to get so much done in little time because we had a vision for our trip. You can do the same with your travels. Plan out your trip in advance so you can cover everything you desire.

Stay positive.

If you're new at journaling, there's no need to overcomplicate it. Remember that it's your personal place to dream big and write out your heart's desires. One piece of advice I would give is to always write from a positive attitude. Sometimes when we think of journaling, the thought of writing out all our problems is the first thing we want to do. Though you should have a place to write out your deepest thoughts, keep that for your diary. When you're journaling about your travels, be happy and specific about what you want to accomplish and where you want to go, or use it as a place to write out your previous travel experiences, as they make for amazing memories in the future.

Make use of your downtime.

Whether you're in the car or on the plane to your next destination, use that time to plan out your trip and write out notes of items you may need to make your experience more enjoyable.

Create a vision board.

Photo by: Ariana Pierce

Ariana Pierce

Take it a bit further by doing a vision board in your journal, and paste pictures that represent how you see it going. Though you have written down what you want to happen, getting a visual picture for your trip makes it so much more fun.

Above, you'll see an example of my vision board page for an upcoming trip to China, India and Thailand. I pasted down pictures of The Great Wall of China, the Taj Mahal and even sipping Thai Tea in Thailand. Every time I look at it, I get a visual reminder of my ultimate dream vacation, which pushes me to make it happen daily.

For more tips from Ariana, follow her on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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