The Best Indoor Fly Traps

Pesky flies are such a nuisance. We'll help rid your home of them with these top-rated, indoor-friendly traps that don't use insecticides or odors.

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September 08, 2023

There are few things more maddening than when a fly sneaks its way into your home. Rather than chasing around the pests with a swatter, we've found handy and clever traps that help keep your home (and sanity) insect-free.

Leave the sprays and chemicals behind. These fly traps don't use odors or insecticides to attract bugs, and they're safe to use in homes with children and pets. Keep scrolling to discover effective products you need now to eliminate the flies in your house.

Best Overall Fly Trap


Our favorite traps are those that hide flies away and allow you to clean them without touching any of the yuckiness. The Zevo Indoor Flying Insect Trap works by attracting flies with a mix of UV and blue LED lights, then the adhesive backing on the unit captures them without the use of chemical insecticides or odors. Use the plug-in traps wherever you need to keep flies at bay — entryways, enclosed patios, garages, kitchens or bathrooms.

$20.99 | Target $36.48 | Amazon

Best Window Fly Trap

$11.04 (Pack of 30)

Catch those pests with easy-to-apply window strips. These transparent traps use specially designed glue to catch the flies and blend right into the window so they can't be seen by you or the flies. Bonus: Once the strips are removed, they won't leave behind a sticky residue — your window stays clean. Plus, they're odorless, non-toxic and eco-friendly.

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Best Fly Trap for Large Spaces

$27.99 $23.79

No zapping or buzzing here. The UV bulb in the Dynatrap FlyLight has a wavelength that attracts flying insects, and then the Sticky Tech Glue Card (three cards included) traps them discreetly behind the unit. Simply plug the trap into an outlet to cover up to 600 square feet.

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Best Sconce Fly Trap


Effective and efficient, this trap uses a UV light to lure in flying insects, silently capturing and killing them without a single popping noise. Each night, leave the sconce on as the only light to attract any insect that's found its way inside. The best part? The design keeps all the pests hidden from view.

$39.99 | Target $39.99 | Amazon

Best Budget Fly Trap

$2.24 (Pack of 10)

For less than just $3, you can stop those annoying flies right in their tracks. The Raid Fly Ribbons are easy to use and feature no insecticides or chemical odors, making them safe around children and pets. Each sticky ribbon traps over 100 flies and can last up to three months. Best of all? The traps come pre-baited with a food-base lure, so all you have to do is assemble them and hang them wherever needed with the included thumbtacks.

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Best Discreet Fly Trap


Small but mighty, the Safer Home Indoor Fly Trap starts working immediately when plugged in and can be rotated to fit any indoor outlet. And, because the glue card isn't transparent, the trapped insects are hidden out of sight until disposal.

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Best LED Fly Trap

$29.99 (Pack of 2)

Keep your home insect-free with the Brison Indoor Bug Zapper. LED bulbs attract the critters, which then get zapped by the electric coil. However, you get to keep your hands clean of any mess. The removable collection tray gives you no-touch disposal, and the trap is free of chemicals and poisons, making it a safe addition to your home.

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Best Fly Trap for Aesthetics

$32 (Pack of 2)

Fly traps are not known for their attractiveness, but this petite plug-in hides the mess behind an adorable cloud shape. Safe to use in areas with pets and kids, the nightlight/fly trap is completely odorless and doesn't use any chemicals.

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Best Fly Trap With Night Light

$19.99 $15.59

UVA light attracts flying insects such as flies, mosquitos and moths to the Mosalogic Flying Insect Trap and kills them without any noise. The trap features two light modes: smart mode and night mode. In smart mode, the machine will detect light to automatically turn it on and off, emitting a soft blue hue. In night mode, the light will stay on until turned off manually, emitting a soft yellow hue.

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Best UV Fly Trap


Like the other plug-in traps on our list, the Gardner FlyWeb Fly Light uses light to attract flying insects. The nine-watt UV light lures pests without the use of harmful chemicals. Once trapped, the bugs stay hidden on the back of the glue card. The discreet design takes up little space and protects rooms up to 600 square feet.

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Best Fly Trap for Houseplants

$7.49 $6.98

Rid your beloved houseplants of pesky flies, gnats, fruit flies and more with the Safer Brand Houseplant Sticky Stakes. The petite stakes feature non-toxic and effective sticky strips that attract insects like a magnet. Simply assemble the stakes, peel apart the strips to expose the glue and insert the stakes into your potted plant. When the strips are full of bugs, remove them from the stakes and toss in the trash.

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