I Own a Lovesac Sofa – Here’s What You Need to Know Before Buying One

Considering buying a modular sofa? Here’s everything you need to know about Lovesac’s modular sectional sofa.

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April 10, 2024

Let’s face it: Sofas can get old and dirty fast, especially if you have three kids, a dog and a husband who likes to eat in front of the TV. I had the same sectional sofa in my den for almost 10 years — its dark brown color did a great job of hiding debris and stains, but over time, the soft chenille fabric started to wear. The foam fill in the cushions began to misshape, making them uncomfortable to sit on. I knew it was time for a new sofa.

Photo by: Colleen Sullivan

Colleen Sullivan

Lovesac sofas first piqued my interest when I discovered you can add and remove sections depending on your needs, design the sections to suit a room’s dimensions and clean the covers in a washing machine. (They can also be replaced if they’ve been permanently damaged to avoid buying a whole new couch). But here’s the catch: You have to put the sofa together. Intrigued, I headed over to a Lovesac store at a nearby mall where the shop’s manager explained how the system worked and where we designed the shape of the sofa using small wooden blocks. I then perused the over 250 standard and custom fabric options before heading home to place blue painter’s tape on the floor to map out where the sofa would be positioned in the room and to study how the different fabric samples appeared in the space’s natural light. A week later, I placed my order and prepared for the slew of boxes that would arrive at my house. (More on that later!) I’ve now been living with my new sectional for over a year. Ahead, learn everything you need to know before purchasing a Lovesac sofa.

The Lovesac Sofa Shopping Experience

When selecting a sectional sofa, you’ll have two choices of fill: a standard memory foam that consists of three high-density layers of foam for a firmer feel and Lovesac’s softest option known as the Lovesoft, which features a blend of synthetic fibers over a foam-filled chamber.

I chose the more rigid standard fill after the store manager shared that I’d likely be constantly fluffing, flipping and rotating the pillows if I went with one of the other two softer options. And she was right, I never have to punch the pillows to redistribute or restructure the inserts. But unlike my husband and kids, who prefer a firmer feel, I wish we had gone with a cozier, plusher fill. I miss sinking into our sofa like I did with our old sectional, especially when I’m looking to nap.

There are two ways to arrange the Lovesac Seats — by rotating the cushion, the seat depth adjusts from standard to "deep."

Lovesac offers a variety of add-on accessories including cup holders, coasters, tables and wireless charging stations. After a few months, I ordered casters from Amazon to make my ottoman more mobile in the room. Customers can also upgrade their sactionals with the StealthTech Sound + Charge System, featuring a wireless charging station on the arm and a Harman Kardon surround sound system where sound passes through the foam, upholstery and fabric layer.

If I were shopping for a sofa today, there are a few features I wasn’t aware of when I purchased mine that are also worth considering. I wasn’t aware there was a storage seat option, which provides a place to stow blankets and pillows, although reviewers complain there’s no handle to open and close the lid top. I also didn’t realize there were other shape options such as the angled side (which operates both as an arm and back and can be ordered with a side pillow) and the wedge seat, which offers a 40-degree curvier configuration. Both would have softened the look of my sofa while creating a more comfortable sactional.

Photo by: Colleen Sullivan

Colleen Sullivan

Shipping and Delivery of a Lovesac Sofa

Delivery time depends on the fabric selected. Custom fabrics can take up four to 12 weeks to ship as they’re cut and sewn on demand, while standard options usually arrive within two weeks. I chose the standard corded velvet in a navy color, and my sofa arrived in 10 days.

The seats and sides (called “sactionals”) are shipped in separate boxes as are the covers. In the side box, you’ll find a turquoise clamp, two wooden bases (called “shoes”) and four legs. Buried within the frame of the seat, you’ll discover the back and seat pillows, which are held down by two turquoise metal bars that require some maneuvering and muscle to remove, a clamp and four wooden bases.

Photo by: Colleen Sullivan

Colleen Sullivan

Assembling a Lovesac Sofa

Depending on the size of your couch and the room where the sofa will live, finding the room to construct the couch can be challenging due to all the sofa pieces and cardboard boxes. You can opt to open one box at a time as you put each section together, or attack the boxes all at once, grouping the cushions, clamps, wooden bases, legs and covers together. I chose the latter so I could eliminate the (26!) cardboard boxes straight away. You’ll need a game plan for what to do with the empty boxes — luckily, we live in a town with free curbside recycling. Even luckier, we weren’t required to break down each box.

The manufacturer notes their product can be assembled with just one person, but unless you’re really strong (the box with the seat, for example, weighs 53 pounds), or you don’t mind spending a large portion of your weekend putting together a sectional, it’s best to enlist the help of others to assemble a Lovesac sofa, as the more assistance you have, the faster the process goes. My husband and I did the assembling ourselves, but our teenage son opened, emptied and discarded the boxes.

The amount of time it takes to assemble depends on the number of seats and sides that come with your configuration and how many people are putting it together. Our sofa included eight seats and nine sides, which took us about four and a half hours to assemble. The good news: There are no tools required and the process gets easier as you get familiar with putting together each sactional.

Photo by: Colleen Sullivan

Colleen Sullivan

Each modular section is made up of two pieces (the seats and the sides), which get inserted into a wooden base, known as a “shoe”, and secured with a metal clamp to prevent the sections from separating. In the packaging, you’ll also find screw-on legs, which come with self-stick felt pads to safeguard hardwood floors. The form-fitting covers on the pillows and sides need to go on before assembling, which can be tricky if you don’t take steps like fluffing the inserts and lining up the seams before applying. I strongly suggest watching this video, which features the founder & CEO of Lovesac demonstrating the best way to connect the seats and sides, along with this video, which shows how to put on the covers. Warning: With all the deconstruction of packaging and the endless application of seat, side and pillow covers, your hands will most likely ache during assembly. My husband and I needed to take finger fatigue breaks and felt soreness in our hands that evening once the job was complete.

How to Clean and Care for a Lovesac Sofa

Most of the covers (including the pet-friendly corded velvet, combed chenille and rained chenille fabrics) can be machine-washed in cold water and hung to dry to prevent shrinking. Some fabrics require dry cleaning (such as the heathered tweeds and waled velvets) while others (like the standard leathers) need to be spot cleaned using mild soap and water. Be sure to check your fabric’s cleaning instructions before making a fabric selection. Speaking of cleaning, one of the few issues I have with the Lovesac is the 1 ½-inch hard-to-reach space between the floor and the sofa, making cleaning under the sofa difficult without having to move all the heavy sections.

Photo by: Colleen Sullivan

Colleen Sullivan

Final Thoughts

If you live in a household with a lot of kids and pets or you like to redecorate often, this sofa is a great option. I strongly suggest sampling the fabrics — the last thing you’ll want to do is disassemble and pack everything up if you’re not happy with your purchase. From an aesthetic standpoint, I’m not crazy about our somewhat rigid U-shaped configuration and look forward to playing around with the sofa’s silhouette (the beauty of a Lovesac!). For now, our current profile allows for lots of people in seats (um, backs on sacs!), which I appreciate, especially when my kids have friends over or when the whole family is watching a movie or football game. To play up the corded velvet fabric and break up all the blue, I often add (and switch out) stylish yet affordable textured pillows from HomeGoods. Speaking of affordability, this sofa can be pricey, so be sure to keep your eyes open for the company’s sales and promotions.

Photo by: Colleen Sullivan

Colleen Sullivan

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Lovesac sofas sold?

I walked into a Lovesac store near my home in New Jersey because I wanted to experience the sofa, feel the fabric options and get help customizing the size and shape of my sofa. (You can locate a Lovesac showroom here.) If you don’t live near a store and you don’t want to order online, you can shop for a Lovesac sofa at a third-party retailer, like Best Buy and Costco, where the price depends on the promotions offered by the third-party retailer and the fabric options are often limited.

How much does a Lovesac cost, and do they go on sale?

Prices can range from $1,095 for a loveseat to over $10,000 for a multi-sectional sofa, depending on the size and fabric selection. The good news: Shipping is free and there are lots of sales, including discounts and promotions during tentpole retail moments like Presidents Day, Superbowl weekend, Memorial Day, Labor Day and Black Friday. In addition, Lovesac has a Heroes Discount Program, where active or retired U.S. service members and their dependents, active first responders, healthcare workers, teachers, veterinarians, veterinary techs and assistants can receive discounts on merchandise. There’s also a $100 bonus program if you refer a friend.

Does Lovesac ever discontinue fabrics?

Unfortunately, yes, which is why some customers choose to order an extra pillow and/or side cover as insurance against future damage. The manufacturer notes a discontinued standard fabric can continue as a custom option.

What’s the warranty and return policy on a Lovesac?

Lovesac includes a lifetime guarantee on all sactionals framing and hardware and a three-year warranty on seat cushions, back pillows and covers. With proof of purchase, eligible merchandise may be returned or exchanged within 60 days of the date received for a full refund or exchange. Custom orders are final sale.

Is there a number to call if you have questions when putting the sofa together?

You can ring the customer service line at 888-636-1223, where company advisors can help resolve problems from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. during the week and from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. over the weekend.


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