We've Got the #MondayBlues & the Only Cure is Coffee

Get through Monday (and the rest of the week) with these coffee-centric recipes.

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Oh, the Monday blues. It can be a struggle waking up on Monday morning after a nice weekend to the realization that there’s an entire work week ahead. You know what helps? Coffee. And when that doesn’t work? More coffee. For all the coffee lovers that need some morning encouragement, here are five ways to help you defeat those #MondayBlues all day long.  

Coffee Exfoliating Scrub

Coffee Beauty Scrub

Coffee Beauty Scrub

Yes, the heavens have answered and you can wash your skin with coffee grounds. Even better, you can make your own scrub. So the next Monday you roll out of bed, start off your morning with a little coffee exfoliator for an early boost of energy.

Make Your Own: Coffee Exfoliating Scrub

Caramel Cinnamon Latte

caramel pumpkin spice latte with cream

Photo by: Getty Images/rez-art

Getty Images/rez-art

For the mornings when a cup of black coffee won't cut it, give yourself five extra minutes and whip up a caramel cinnamon latte. It's totally worth it, and you'll be happy to be sippin' on that deliciousness all morning.

Make Your Own: Caramel Cinnamon Latte

Iced Coffee

So lunchtime rolls around and you've finished your latte. Maybe you need a little push to get you through the afternoon. What's better than a refreshing cup of iced coffee? Nothing.

Additional Recipe: Simple Iced Coffee

After Work: Boozy Irish Coffee 

Photo by: Food Network/Valerie Bertinelli

Food Network/Valerie Bertinelli

Depending on your desired caffeine intake, you may want to indulge in some boozy coffee to unwind from the work day. Plus, fall is right around the corner and this just seems like the perfect drink to transition into the chilly season.

Make Your Own: Irish Coffee

Mocha Pops

Photo by: Food Network

Food Network

While coffee is my favorite thing to drink every morning, I would definitely hop on the coffee dessert train. Just one look at these and I'm ready to curl up on the couch and end my day with a mocha pop or two. You should definitely finish a Monday with one of these beauties.

Make Your Own: Mocha Pops

Coffee-Themed Gift Ideas

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