15 Quick + Easy DIY Party Favors

Let your guests know how much you appreciate them by sending them home with a gift reminiscent of the party. Check out these creative DIY party favor ideas that you can put together in a snap.

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Infused Sugars

Infused sugars are ideal for any spring or summer soiree. They're versatile and can be customized to a specific region's flavor with ingredients like vanilla beans, espresso beans or even exotic fruits. For an added touch to make your gift even sweeter, attach a tag to the canister with a special family recipe that includes their new infused sugar. Design by Eden Passante of Sugar and Charm

Choose an ingredient (suggestions: whole coffee beans, vanilla beans, lavender or citrus zest). Let the ingredients dry out on wax paper overnight before adding them to the sugar. In a sealed container, layer the sugar with your ingredient of choice. The sugar will take a few days to infuse, so keep the containers tightly sealed.

Easy As Pie

Perfect for an outdoor barbecue or intimate dinner party, these petite pie party favors will capture the hearts and tummies of all your guests. Tiny pie tins, your favorite pie crust recipe and a delicious canned-pie filling make these little gifts simple to make. Don't forget to wrap up the delectable treats in your favorite vintage handkerchiefs or fabric for an extra-special touch. Recipe and design by Rubyellen Bratcher of Cakies

Sweet Orange Ginger Tea

Use bulk spices to create your own custom blend of tea to keep guests remembering your party long after the night is over.

Buckets of Bubblegum

Whether you're planning a kid's birthday party or a neighborhood block party, a small pail filled to the rim with colorful gumballs will do the trick. Take it a step further and make a game out of it — can you blow the biggest bubble? Even adults will leave the party feeling like kids again. Design by Kim Stoegbauer of The TomKat Studio

Jar of Goodies

For a party during the cooler months, a more substantial edible favor is in order. Pour homemade spiced nuts, trail mix or granola into Mason jars; then customize with a printed label or some attractive washi tape.

Delectable Lavender Lemon Cakes

Hosting a sweet, summer-style celebration? Give your guests a party favor they'll savor to the last bite.

To make these personal lemon cakes, cut one lemon in half. Hollow out both sides of the lemon and fill with a lavender lemon cake recipe of your choosing. Tie the lemon closed with a piece of twine. Place the tied, batter-filled lemon in tin foil and bake in the oven. (Note: Set the oven to double the normal cooking time and reduce the temperature of your cake recipe by 50 degrees for the best results.) Once the cakes are done, place a few sprigs of lavender inside the twine as a pretty garnish, add a creative label and watch your guests enjoy their scrumptious desserts. Design by Victoria Hudgins of A Subtle Revelry. Photography by Carly Taylor

A New Take on an Old Recipe

For the music lovers out there, this is a must-try party favor to show off your personality. Just grab some cellophane CD envelopes and pop your favorite homemade cookies right in. Wrap it up in colorful twine and top it off with a special message. Friends and family will leave with a grin on their face when they receive these personal party favors. Design by Kim Stoegbauer of The TomKat Studio

A Taste of Tradition

These gifts are reason enough to celebrate with a spring or summer brunch. Topped with a vintage, printed fabric these traditional jam jars will be the talk of the table. Go the distance and use homemade jam. Then, surprise your guests by sending them off with their own taste of your family's favorite homemade jams.

Candy Kit Bottles

Give a perfect amount of candy for guests to break into when a sweet craving hits. Fill three small glass vials with three different kinds of candy. Here, we used Nerds, Sour Worms and Snowcaps to cover sweet, sour and chocolatey cravings. 

Cupcake Liner Candy Favors

Whip up some cute candy favors with just a couple of supplies from the kitchen. Simply tape two cupcake liners together and fill with any colorful candy of your choice. Add a tiny toothpick sign to make the favor double as a place setting. With so many styles of cupcake liners readily available, this favor can go from a bright and festive birthday party to an elegant and sophisticated wedding reception. Design by Jessica Okui of Zakka Life

Shiny Succulents

For an easy favor that will last, spray paint mini terra cotta pots in a shiny gold color and plant succulents as a party favor. Hot pink aquarium rocks add a fun pop of color.

Colorful Cactus

If you like the idea of potted succulents as a favor, you'll also love these cacti in vibrant planters. A plastic handle makes these poky little plants easy to take on the go.

Wrapped-Up Bouquet

Deciding on party favors and decor can be as simple as stepping into your garden. Bundle up some freshly picked flowers with printed wrapping paper. Then attach a ribbon to the top of the cone-shaped "vase" to adorn chairs and tables. As your guests are about to leave, just send these pretty arrangements home with them. Design by Denise Vivaldo

Fortune-Filled Delights

Going for an element of the Orient? Takeout boxes brimming with fortune cookies (or white chocolate-covered fortune cookies like these) can be a great decoration and entertainment, too. For a little extra fun, open the cookies together to spark elated chatter. Design by Chris Nease of Celebrations at Home

Boxed Sweets

Don't overthink it. Delicous candy in a cute box is all you need to show your guests how much you appreciate their company.

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