Make a Pear Wedding Favor

Send your wedding guest home with this fresh, edible favor as part of your garden-inspired event.

Happy Pear Wedding Favor

This fresh, edible reminder of the special day is sure to delight your wedding guests.

Getting started

You will need: mini fruit crates (available at craft stores) / black card stock / sriting parchment / scissors / glue stick / double stick tape / excelsior (straw) / pears (1 for each crate) / hole punch / date stamp / stamp pad / ribbon (one 11" length for each pear). Cut black card stock to 4.5"x 2". Print your message on writing parchment using a word processing application. Your text box should be 4.25"x1.75". Cut out the messages and attach them to the center of the black card stock using a glue stick. Set aside to dry.

Attaching the tag

Use double stick tape to attach the tag to the center of the side of the crate.

Adding the filling

Fill each crate with a handful of excelsior filling.

Make the Date Tags

Cut strips of writing parchment measuring .75"x3.5". Punch a hole at one end. Stamp the date in the very center of the strip. Place the hole over the stem of the pear. Note: choose pears that are small enough to fit in the crates and that have a fairly long stem.

Secure the Tag

Tie a knot and then a bow with an 11" length of ribbon just above the date tag to keep it in place.

Finishing Touches

Press the excelsior lower on one end of the crate than the other and insert the pear so that the top sticks up just a bit.

Fresh Fun

Send wedding guests away with a fresh edible reminder of your special day.

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