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Make a Pear Wedding Favor

Send your wedding guest home with this fresh, edible favor as part of your garden-inspired event.
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Happy Pear Wedding Favor

This fresh, edible reminder of the special day is sure to delight your wedding guests.

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Getting started

You will need: mini fruit crates (available at craft stores) / black card stock / sriting parchment / scissors / glue stick / double stick tape / excelsior (straw) / pears (1 for each crate) / hole punch / date stamp / stamp pad / ribbon (one 11" length for each pear). Cut black card stock to 4.5"x 2". Print your message on writing parchment using a word processing application. Your text box should be 4.25"x1.75". Cut out the messages and attach them to the center of the black card stock using a glue stick. Set aside to dry.

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Attaching the tag

Use double stick tape to attach the tag to the center of the side of the crate.

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Adding the filling

Fill each crate with a handful of excelsior filling.

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