20 Garden-Fresh Baby Names

Picking wildflowers? Easy. Picking a baby name? Not so much. Get inspired by these unique, straight-from-the-garden ideas.

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Fresh From the Garden

Like a garden in bloom, a new bundle of joy brings beauty, life and abundant happiness. The downside? Picking a name worthy of your perfect little one. With so many meaningful and adorable names to choose from, the decision can be daunting. Never fear, we've hand-picked a list of garden-inspired names as unique and lovely as your blossoming babe.


Abilene is a girl's name of Hebrew origin meaning meadow or grassy area. It's most recognizable as the Texan city that bears the same name.


If you love the thought of a name meaning meadow for a boy, consider the English name Bentley, which means "meadow with coarse grass."


Named after the deciduous tree that bears a bright-golden pome fruit, Quince is a handsome name of Latin origin that's fit for a boy.


Hebrew for "one resembling a blossom," Blimah is a beautiful name for your little girl.


For a more masculine version of "blossom," there's Florian. The name is Latin in origin, derived from the stem "Flos" meaning flower.


Chloris, the goddess of spring, flowers and plants (Roman counterpart, Flora) was said to live in the Elysian Fields, the area of the Underworld where the worthy souls lived.


From the Old English word Wrenna, wrens are adorable and tenacious songbirds that love to hang out in gardens. This name is unisex, but is more popular among girls.


Spanish for leaf, Patia is a sweet name for a little girl.


This Persian name is an early spelling of Jasmine and is derived from the name of the fragrant flower that means "love."


Chrysanthe is the feminine form of an ancient Greek name meaning "golden flower." The masculine form is Chrysanthos.


Everything sounds more sophisticated in French. Cerise means cherry and is a sweet name for a baby girl.


A sweet, unisex name, this popular garden herb means "wisdom."

Terra or Terran

Terra is Latin for "earth or land." The masculine counterpart is Terran.


Traditionally a boy's name, Leslie is Scottish for "garden of holly." Today, Leslie is a popular name for girls.


Name your baby boy after one of the heartiest trees in nature. Oren is Hebrew for "pine tree."


Arbor is of Latin origin and means "shelter of vines, branches or tree." It's a lovely name for a boy or a girl.


From the Latin Juniperus meaning "youth producing" or "evergreen," this name also belongs to a small evergreen shrub that produces berries used for flavoring gin. It's robust, hearty and a great name for a baby boy.


This unisex name is Hebrew for "garden or fruitful land."


A member of the birch family, the alder tree is known as "tree of the fairies" in Irish and Austrian mythology and is believed to have healing properties.


Afanen is a name of Welsh origin that means "raspberry." It is traditionally a girl's name but can be unisex.

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