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20 Garden-Fresh Baby Names

Picking wildflowers? Easy. Picking a baby name? Not so much. Get inspired by these unique, straight-from-the-garden ideas.

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Fresh From the Garden

Like a garden in bloom, a new bundle of joy brings beauty, life and abundant happiness. The downside? Picking a name worthy of your perfect little one. With so many meaningful and adorable names to choose from, the decision can be daunting. Never fear, we've hand-picked a list of garden-inspired names as unique and lovely as your blossoming babe.

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Abilene is a girl's name of Hebrew origin meaning meadow or grassy area. It's most recognizable as the Texan city that bears the same name.

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If you love the thought of a name meaning meadow for a boy, consider the English name Bentley, which means "meadow with coarse grass."

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Named after the deciduous tree that bears a bright-golden pome fruit, Quince is a handsome name of Latin origin that's fit for a boy.

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