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Wildflower Seed Wedding Favors

Treat your guests to jars filled with wildflower seeds for their gardens.
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Wedding Favors: Seeds of Love

Shower your wedding guests with seeds of love. Have your guests take home these wildflower seed favors.

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Gather Your Supplies

For these favors, you will need: jelly jars/burlap /wildflower seed mix/labels/marker/scissors/felt/hot glue gun & glue sticks/floral supply stamens/ribbon/computer/paper/computer printer/garden twine.

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Felted Flower: Step 1

Begin by cutting a circular base (approx. the size of a fifty cent piece). Cut 8 more fifty cent piece-sized circles, 7 quarter-sized circles, and 6 nickle-sized circles out of felt.

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Felted Flower: Step 2

Make the petal by hot gluing the ends onto one another. Repeat this for all of the three sized petals that you cut out in the previous step.

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