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18 Fun Party Themes, Games and Activities

Planning a party and not sure how to entertain your guests? Keep the good times rolling with these crowd-pleasing ideas for adults and kids alike.

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Capture the Fun With a Photo Booth

Take snapping party pics to a new level by setting up your own photo booth — no rental required. Our easy-to-follow instructions cover how to create a colorful backdrop, how to properly light the area and even includes fun (free!) printable props that are sure to get the party started.

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A Crafting Kid = a Happy Kid

Keep your littlest party guests happily occupied by setting up a kids' crafts area. Cover a table with a disposable tablecloth or brown Kraft paper, then set out big stacks of paper along with an assortment of crayons or colored pencils. Fill small containers with beads and twine for making jewelry and place juice boxes, milk cartons and bottled waters in an ice-filled container nearby so little artists can stay hydrated. Kids will love the recycled crayons shown here, learn how to make them.

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Make Food Prep Part of the Party

The kitchen is inevitably the hub of the party so plan a menu that encourages guests' involvement. Meals that require several steps but aren't too time consuming, like homemade pizza, are your best bet. Pre-chop veggies, grate cheese and slice meat toppings before guests arrive then they can help shape the dough and build the pies to suit their taste when they arrive. For a healthier option, have a salad party or ask guests to help prepare items for the grill such as vegetable skewers. Don't worry about asking your friends to assist; most will appreciate helping and will have fun while they do it.

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Photo: Jamie Rector

Build a Bonfire

Who doesn't love sitting around a fire, relaxing with a drink, making s'mores and sharing stories and songs? Bonfires are great because they provide light and warmth in cold weather as well as another place for people to gather. Plus, the mood around the fire can range from mellow and contemplative to loud and boisterous. 

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