Party a Go-Go With Our Favorite Handheld Sweets

Whether you're hosting a spring shower, summer cookout, fall tailgate or winter cocktail party, even the most diet-devoted guest finds it hard to pass up a bite or two of something sweet making petite treats that can be munched while mingling a tasty choice.

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Spring: Party on the Patio

The arrival of warm weather makes us all want to shake off cabin fever and spend more time in the great outdoors. Plan a get-together for a sunny spring day and keep guests mingling and chatting with an assortment of small desserts. Read on for 32 dessert recipes that are sure to satisfy even the pickiest palate.

Spring: Mini Naked Floral Cakes

Perfect for spring weddings or showers, these may look almost too good to eat but your guests won't be able to resist removing the blooms and digging in. Bonus: They're super easy to whip up using your go-to cake and buttercream recipe or even storebought cake mix and frosting. Get the recipe.

Spring: Raspberry Mousse-Filled Chocolate Cookie Shots

A decadent treat for kids and adults alike, these mini cookie cups are a tasty mess-free container that can be filled with anything you'd like but we're partial to piping them full of our rich raspberry mousse. Get the recipe.

Spring: Mini Fruit Tarts

Put an assortment of seasonal berries or your favorite fruit to delicious use to top rich mascarpone cheese-filled tartlets. A champagne-infused glaze adds a sweet finishing touch. Get the recipe.

Summer: Portable Ice Cream Sundaes

Summer was made for celebrations — and ice cream! Easily whip up enough single-serve sundaes to feed a crowd by filling mini lidded jars with storebought ice cream and our recipes for decadent homemade sauces and flavorful toppings. Freeze till guests arrive, then attach a disposable spoon so guests can munch as they mingle. Get the recipe.

Summer: Personal Banana Pudding

A summer classic, banana pudding is a southern cookout staple. Beloved by kids of all ages, this clever portable version is ideal for any summer get-together — from kids' birthday celebrations to pool parties. Get the recipe.

Summer: Piña Colada Tartlets

Treat guests to a taste of the tropics with these mini tarts that feature all the flavors (and a bit of the booze) of the classic summer cocktail. Get the recipe.

Summer: Fresh Fruit Salsa

Hit the farmer's market or corner store, then turn the season's bounty of fresh produce into a healthy and flavorful sweet dip your guests can feel good about indulging in. Get the recipe.

Summer: Chill Out

Entertaining alfresco is *great* but sweltering temps and high humidity can mean disaster for chilled desserts. Keep cold desserts cold by filling a container — large bowl, garden urn, kiddie pool or even a wheelbarrow — with ice, then filling to the brim with grab-and-go treats. Try one of these chilly, summerlicious dessert ideas: Peanut Butter Cookie Ice Cream, Grilled Peach Ice Cream and Homemade Strawberry Ice Cream.

Summer: Personal Pie Pops

Hit the farmer's market, or your backyard, then turn summer's fresh fruits into easy-to-much mini pies that kids and adults alike will happily devour. Get the recipe.

Anytime: Keep Pets Safe

Pets are family so include them in your party plans — but be sure to keep any desserts, especially those containing chocolate, nuts, raisins or any artificial sweeteners well out of paw's reach and discourage guests from giving you furbaby 'just a bite'. Get more tips for keeping pets safe this summer.

Anytime: Baby Showers

Treat the mom-to-be with a party to celebrate her (in all her glowy wonderfulness!) and the baby's arrival. Ensure that everyone gets enough to eat with an assortment of sweets, including a few that the party's guest-of-honor won't be able to resist, like these petite treats that feature the can't-miss combo of chocolate and raspberry. Get the recipe.

Baby Shower: Neapolitan Bonbon Cupcakes

These little bundles of joy get an extra special sweet surprise courtesy of an unwrapped bonbon topping the mountain of homemade strawberry and vanilla frosting. Get the recipe.

Baby Shower: Macarons With Orange Blossom Buttercream

Macarons, France's trendiest confection, have become quite the staple of showers, weddings and other sophisticated soirees. These petite 2-bite treats look complicated but you can actually whip them up yourself; our recipe will show you how. Get the recipe.

Baby Shower: Strawberry Milk Whoopie Pies

A treat for the eyes and the palate, these pretty pink pies are full of strawberry flavor. The pastel hue is perfect for a baby shower or gender-reveal party; add an extra finishing touch with multicolor nonpareils or gold or silver sprinkles. Get the recipe.

Anytime: Wedding Showers

Unlike baby showers, where the sweets should be alcohol-free (no fair leaving the mom-to-be out of the fun) wedding showers can include a few tipsy treats, like this Boozy Cherry Bomb Brownie that gets its kick courtesy of a vodka-infused chocolate buttercream frosting, plus booze-soaked cherries. Get the recipe.

Wedding Shower: Rosé Toasting Cakes

Served chilled, these wine-infused cuties are an elegant way to toast the couple while enjoying moist poundcake wrapped in boozy white chocolate mousse. Cheers! Get the recipe.

Wedding Shower: Blackberry Wine Hand Pies

Ideal for an outdoor or rustic wedding shower, these handheld pies are just the right size for munching while you mingle — no plates or silverware required. Get the recipe.

Wedding Shower: Glitzy, Tipsy Strawberries

Wedding guests will flip for these decadent, dark-chocolate-dipped strawberries with a surprise: an inserted pipette is filled with champagne which slowly soaks into the strawberry to make them extra juicy (and boozy)! Get the recipe.

Fall: Time for a Tailgate

Shorter days and cooler nights can mean only one thing: fall, and the beginning of tailgate season, has arrived. Salty snacks and hearty comfort food are just the lead-up. Send guests off smiling by satisfying their pre-game sweet tooth with an assortment of petite treats. Get more tips for a winning tailgate.

Fall: Stout Pudding

Combining the rich flavors of Irish stout and bittersweet chocolate, indulging in this dense, not-too-sweet pudding may just become your new gameday tradition. Get the recipe.

Fall: Candy-Coated Apples

Whether you're team #caramelapple or team #candyapple, we can all agree that no fall festivities are complete without these handheld treats. Get our recipes for homemade caramel apples and sticky-sweet candy apples.

Fall: Mason Jar Pumpkin S'Mores

What would fall be without the oh-so-versatile pumpkin?! This year, trade in your traditional pie for this pumpkiny twist on fall's other favorite: s'mores! Get the recipe.

Fall: Pecan Tassies

In season from October thru December, pecans have naturally made their way into fall's favorite desserts. Featuring the crunch of pecans, sweetness of real maple syrup and a cookie-like shell, these small bites are sure to be the star of your shindig. Get the recipe.

Fall: Pecan Pralines

A southern tradition, pralines feature an unmistakable crumbly texture and rich, caramelly flavor. Surprise your guests with these timeless treats that are perfect at the end of a meal or as a take-home favor. Get the recipe.

Fall: Boozy Blondies and Brownies

Give chewy, from-scratch brownies and blondies a delicious, boozy twist with a splash (or two!) of your favorite brews. Get the recipe.

Fall: Pear and Fig Tart

In season from August thru October, fresh figs add a seasonal taste of fall to any sweet or savory recipe but are especially delicious when paired with juicy pears. Individually portioned in lidded jars, guests can enjoy the tarts during the party or take them home as a tasty favor. Get the recipe.

Winter: Comfort Food for Seasonal Soirees

Winter is the season for celebrating with our nearest and dearest. And, what's a celebration without sweets? Host a cookie or homemade treat swap so everyone gets a chance for their recipe to shine while also sampling their friends' and family's favorites. Try one of our 23 cookie recipes to make you look like a baking pro.

Winter: Spiked S'mores Brownies

Grown-ups deserve a sweet treat, too, and these spiked s'mores are just the thing for cold-weather hangouts — with or without a campfire. Get the recipe.

Winter: Chocolate Panna Cotta

Fill martini glasses with this creamy chilled dessert, then top with a crunchy cookie or chocolate shavings for a sophisticated small bite. Get the recipe.

Winter: Maple Nut Toffee

Take the traditional holiday favorite up a notch with the addition of real maple syrup. Perfect as both a party nibble and a favor; send guests home with a box of homemade toffee to enjoy later. Get the recipe.

Winter: Orange Buttercream Chocolates

Dark chocolate and zesty orange are a flavor pairing made in confectionery heaven. Although these 2-bite treats may look like expensive bon bons, they're actually easy to make at home using ... drumroll, please ... an ordinary ice cube tray. Get the recipe.

Winter: Pink Champagne Truffles

Toast your holiday guests or the New Year with these tiny truffles that feature the flavors of champagne, fruit and white chocolate. Get the recipe.

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