How to Tailgate in Style!

See how we tailgate in our respective regions. While the styles may vary, the love for the game remains the common bond.

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PAC 12 versus SEC Tailgating...Rustic Refinement!

Tailgating is a part of the fabric of American football and each region has its own unique traditions and flavors! Whether with a microbrew from the Northwest or a mint julep from the South...we all love to cheer on our favorite teams!

West Coast Tailgating

Just because fans of PAC 12 teams might seem more casual doesn't mean we don't take our tailgating just as seriously. A simple yet elegant approach will leave you plenty of time for doing what you do best...cheering your favorite team onto victory.

Score a Touchdown With This Simple Tailgating Arrangement

Large flowering plants like these mums provide the perfect backdrop and a table filled with goodies is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

Kick Off the Game, Show Your Team Spirit

Using pre-made burlap pennants, stencil the name of your favorite team or if you are rooting for multiple teams simply spell out the words, "Go Team" and use it again and again. Hang from the rear door or across the front of your table.

Slide Into the End Zone With Customized Glasses

Express your allegiance(s) by dressing up plain glasses with removable chalkboard labels. Here you see clearly a loyalty to PAC 12 teams.

Tackle Your Thirst

When games go long, keep your spirits up with hot coffee or mulled "Sack 'em" cider. Use your outdoor stove or grill to warm them up and go the distance by using glass mugs instead of paper cups.

You Won't Fumble With These Finger Foods!

Simple snacks like proscuitto-wrapped bread sticks, caramel corn and a build your own sandwich station make dining easy so that you can focus on rooting for your team.

Tailigating in the South

Southerners take their tailgating as seriously as their football! A mix of elegance, sophistication and tradition, at Southern SEC tailgates you'll find vintage family silver and bow ties rubbing elbows with BBQ and beer.

Serving up in Style!

With a nod to the regions of the SEC, serve up good Gulf shrimp or some Southern sliders featuring BBQ pulled pork on buttermilk biscuits.  Wash it all down with a good regional beer from an independent brewery or a mint julep.  

Classy Cutlery

Paper napkins and plastic cutlery take on an air of elegance, and are easy to grab, when placed in craft paper bags, stamped with a fun quote.

Southern Snacks

Placed in paper sacks for easy snacking; pretzels, peanuts and okra chips make for great Southern tailgating munchies!

Wrap it Up

For those crisp, cool fall football evenings keep your tailgating buddies warm by providing a basket full of blankets in their favorite team colors.

Pennant Pride

Cheer on your favorite teams with this colorful, spirited pennant. Easy to create using a pennant template and collegiate scrapbook paper, you'll be showing your true colors in style. In true sophisticated form, be sure to have a bottle of champagne chilling to toast your team's win!

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