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Woodsy Summer Wedding

From billowing shade trees to a romantic ivy altar, it's easy to see how this nature-loving couple made the woods their own enchanting wedding venue.

Anna + Bryant

Anna and Bryant Reese were married on August 12, 2012, surrounded by friends, family and an enchanting woodsy setting. "I wanted something different, and we're just woodsy people," says Anna. "We love going to the mountains, and Bryant even proposed to me at the fork outside of Cades Cove (in the Smoky Mountains)."

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Symbol With a Story

Anna loves all things vintage, so a vintage wedding ring was a must. "I found Anna's ring at an antique store," says Bryant. "It's an Edwardian-style, early-1900s ring."

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Happy Hues

Since the pair married in late summer, Anna and Bryant chose a very seasonal, vibrant color palette of coral, turquoise and yellow.

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First Look

Anna chose a stunning tea-length wedding gown that she calls her "fairy-princess dress." "The flower crown seemed necessary to complete the look," she laughs.

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