3 Creative (and Cute!) Ideas for Wrapping Cash

Because cash folded into a card just doesn't say "Merry Christmas" like it used to.

Photo by: Jason Kisner

Jason Kisner

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It’s Handmade Holidays week on I Heart HGTV! All week long, we’re sharing our favorite DIY gift ideas for groups, from BFFs to coworkers to extended family. Plus, we’ll share our favorite gift-wrap tricks.

A little something you should know about me: I LOVE giving gifts. All year long, I pay attention to (and take notes!) when my friends and family mention a favorite food, a candy bar they miss from when they were younger or an item they wanted but couldn’t justify buying. My favorite kind of gifts are the ones people are not expecting but really, truly want. But sometimes, despite the fact that I feel like I’m cheating when I give it, what people really want is cash. And if cash is what they want, the least I can do is make their gift a little more special than a few bills tucked away inside a generic card. In the end, the recipient may not even care about the adorable presentation. But, guys, I really do.

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Forget the boring card and envelope and try these fun cash-gifting ideas.

That’s better than your typical cash gift, amiright? 

Car Cargo

Kids and car aficionados alike will adore cash boxes piled high on a vintage car or truck model (a second small gift in and of itself!). An inexpensive toy version will be just fine, too. And believe it or not, the origami cash box looks way harder than it actually is. I’d give yourself 15 minutes at the most, and this car cargo will be ready to go.

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Sweet Surprise

Photo by: Jason Kisner

Jason Kisner

My second idea was definitely Wonka-inspired. The key here is to find a candy bar wrapped in foil. You can use craft paper or leftover wrapping paper to wrap up your very own golden ticket (aka cash). Get as creative as you like with stickers, ribbon, greenery and even ornaments for embellishments. Just make sure the gift recipient knows to look under the wrapper for an extra-sweet surprise.

Cash-Filled Ornaments

Photo by: Jason Kisner

Jason Kisner

Lastly, these gorgeously-gold ornaments are the perfect gift to give if you happen to be hosting the family Christmas party at your house. The process is incredibly quick, and they can adorn your tree until the lucky recipients are ready to take them home. Tip: Be sure to affix the cash to the top of the ornament to make cash retrieval a breeze.

Photo by: Jason Kisner

Jason Kisner

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