Tackle a Tailgate: 12 Recipes That Will Bring Opponents Together

Hosting a tailgate party? Don't drop the ball. Tackle this game day food and drink menu that's sure to score major points with your guests.
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When it comes to game day, we all love a good nailbiter. But when the pressure is on to throw the perfect tailgate party, no one wants to drop the ball. To ensure your party is one for the books, serve up these ultimate game-day recipes that will score major points with your friends and may even leave opponents cheering for the good guys. Are you ready? Break!

Spicy Chicken Wings

And the kick is good! You can't go wrong with this game-day staple. Classic fried chicken wings are coated with a flavorful mango chutney, curry and lime juice combination that still provides that spicy kick everyone loves but with a new twist. This intense flavor is not for fair weather fans.

Pretzels + Beer Cheese

Pub-Style Pretzels With Beer Cheese

Pub-Style Pretzels With Beer Cheese

Pub-style pretzels with creamy beer cheese sauce make with Gouda are the perfect appetizer for adult Halloween guest.

Why settle for drinking an ice-cold brew when you can eat it too? Enter this delicious pub-style pretzel and beer cheese duo. Because everything is better with cheese.

Meatball Sandwiches

One order of spaghetti and meatballs, hold the noodles. Who knew the best ingredient in a classic dinner recipe could be turned into the perfect bite-sized sandwich? Beef, pork and veal mixed meatballs covered with spaghetti sauce and provolone cheese combine with parmesan parsley biscuits for the ultimate touchdown.

Make This: Meatball Sandwiches

Beer Sangria

Substitute a wheat beer in place of wine for this winning game play. Quick and easy to prepare, this party-ready sangria infuses beer with a fruity and refreshing taste.

Make This: Beer Sangria

Corn and Bean Salsa

Health conscious fans will rejoice with this fresh and flavorful game-day salsa on the menu. Serve this healthy and colorful snack with baked corn chips and you're sure to draw a huddle.

Pizza Hand Pies

Homemade Pizza Hand Pies

Homemade Pizza Hand Pies

Just a few basic ingredients are all you need to whip up these tasty little pockets of spicy, cheesy goodness.

Nothing tames anxious fans like a hot, cheesy pizza with tasty toppings. These easy-to-make, hearty hand pies transform a party favorite into bite-sized snacks that can be eaten on the go.

Glazed Brownies

Just when you thought they couldn't taste any better, a chocolate and heavy cream glaze is the literal "icing on the cake" and turns traditional brownies into a downright decadent treat.

Make This: Glazed Brownies

Deviled Eggs x 3



If you throw a party without deviled eggs, is it really a party? Put a new spin on a classic party appetizer with these three different recipes, because all good things come in threes.

Hearty Chili

One of the most classic tailgate staples, this hearty game-day chili is perfect for chilly game days. A simple recipe that includes, you guessed it, beer (a vital game day food group), will satisfy even the " hangriest " football fans.

Make This: Game Day Chili

Spiked Lemonade

When life hands you lemons, make spiked lemonade. Top off a glass of lemonade with a few mint leaves for a kid-friendly treat or add some bourbon and club soda for a refreshing adult beverage.

Make This: Spiked Lemonade

Spicy Cashews

Chili and Lime Roasted Cashews

Chili and Lime Roasted Cashews

Roast cashews with chili pepper and lime juice for a tangy snack to contrast all the Halloween sweets.

Quiet rowdy guests with these tangy cashews that make for the perfect grazing snack. Lime juice and chile pepper give these roasted nuts a flavorful kick.

Fried Pies

These grab-and-go pies are both delicious and impossible to fumble. Use canned apple and cherry pie filling to cut down on prep time, and in just five minutes your pies will be fried to golden-brown perfection.

Make This: Fried Pies

10 Tips for Hosting a Winning Tailgate Party

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Party Like an All-Star

Clever seating solutions and portable snacks and drinks will help you bring the creature comforts of home to the stadium, ballpark or field.

Provide Collapsible Seating

Most guests will stand at a tailgate but after hours of food prep, you'll appreciate having a few spots to sit down and relax. Collapsible leather stools are not only comfortable, they're also easy on the eyes. Pick up a few and keep them safely stowed in your trunk. Since they take up very little room when collapsed, you won't have to sacrifice much of your vehicle's storage space.

Photo By: Flynnside Out Productions

Keep Guests Cozy

As the sun goes down, temps can drop drastically. Keep your guests warm with a basket filled with woven throws. In addition to offering cold-weather comfort, blankets are another opportunity to work your team colors into the party.

Turn a Wheelbarrow Into a Mobile Cooler

Instead of a standard plastic cooler, chill drinks in a wheelbarrow a few feet away from your vehicle's tailgate to free up valuable space in the back for serving food or offering guests more spots to sit and relax.

Label Menu Items

Save yourself precious party time explaining what each platter is by marking your culinary creations with moss, toothpicks and tiny paper flags. This way, guests can easily find the foods they like, freeing you up to mingle and get your pre-game party on.  

Photo By: Flynnside Out Productions

Chili A Go-Go

Just before heading out, pack your favorite chili recipe into lidded mason jars, use twine to tie a disposible spoon onto each, then pack the jars inside a thermal tote to keep them warm. When you arrive at the stadium, serve the chili to your guests on a tiered tray.

S'mores on a Stick

Pre-make s'mores by placing marshmallows on wooden skewers, dip each in melted chocolate then roll in graham cracker crumbs. The bite-size snacks will offer guests the taste of the campfire classic without the need to prepare them fireside.  

Game-Time Favors

As the party comes to a close and everyone prepares to go root on the home team, give your guests a tailgate survival kit packed with cold soda, sunscreen, trail mix, napkins and moist towelettes. The kit will also come in handy when the game is over and your squad heads back to the truck for a post-game celebration.

Photo By: Flynnside Out Productions

Party-Proof Your Serving Containers

Instead of serving guests from fragile glass containers, opt for sturdy serveware like woven baskets and unbreakable melamine bowls.  

Serve Snacks Singly

Serve your sweet and savory snacks in a rustic bucket packed with brown paper bags filled with favorites like popcorn, pretzels and chocolate candies. When the party heads into the stadium, guests can each grab a brown bag of their favorite snack to enjoy while watching the game.  

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