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3 Tabletop Hydroponic Kits for Growing Herbs and Veggies at Home Sep 25, 2018

No garden? No problem. Try growing your own food right on your kitchen countertop with systems that require little space, time or …

What You Should Know About Biointensive Gardening Sep 14, 2018

Get bigger yields, using less water and energy, when you grow biointensive.

Outdoor Designs That Won the Hearts of HGTV Fans Sep 14, 2018

The HGTV audience has voted for their favorite outdoor designs from the 2018 Ultimate Outdoor Awards! See why they won over our HG …

How to Add Curb Appeal With Colorful Walkway Plantings Apr 16, 2018

Plant an inviting entry to make your house the envy of the whole neighborhood. A mixture of evergreens and annuals will mean an ea …

DIY It! Rainbow Jelly Beans Create a Perfectly Playful Spring Terrarium Sep 16, 2018

Create the cutest (and most colorful!) garden party where kids' craft supplies and jelly beans take center stage.

DIY Gnome Garden Getaway Feb 5, 2018

Gnomes and fairies need weekend getaways too! Create this camping-inspired garden in your favorite vintage lunchbox in just a few …

Horrible Houseplants to Grow for Halloween Oct 18, 2017

These plants aren't really horrible. They're just twisted, contorted, prickly and fun to grow for spooky decorations.

Cutting-Edge Landscape Designers to Check Out Sep 16, 2018

Sculptural gardens and contemporary creations show what’s next in outdoor spaces.

5 Clever Rock Painting Ideas Sep 17, 2018

Try the latest crafting trend. It's fun, relaxing and usually you can find your "canvas" for free in the backyard.

How to Grow a Lettuce Sphere Mar 13, 2018

Plant a deliciously decorative sphere of lettuces and greens.

7 Easy Home Projects You Can Tackle This Weekend Sep 16, 2018

Complete one of these tasks to feel accomplished all week.

Water-Focused Landscape Design Sets Private, Spiritual Tone at Beachfront Home Oct 2, 2018

Award-winning landscape architect David Young uses water gardens and native plants to restore order and create serenity at an esta …

Exotic Herbs To Grow Sep 14, 2018

Add some extra spice to your garden with these flavor-packed herbs from around the world.

Dig In: Plant a Pizza Garden Sep 14, 2018

Create delicious homemade pizzas with fresh-grown herbs and tomatoes from your garden.

Grow a Kitchen Herb Garden Sep 14, 2018

Herb gardens make an easy, tasty addition to your winter kitchen.

How to Preserve Your Garden Herbs Sep 14, 2018

Follow these simple steps for making your herb garden last.

6 Unusual Garden Herbs Sep 14, 2018

Think outside the seed packet with these unique herb options.

5 Things To Know Before You Buy a Farm Sep 18, 2018

Think you're up the challenge of starting a farm? Get advice from a couple who have made homesteading their life.

Buy Local: An Array of Farm Products Is Just a Click Away Sep 14, 2018

From goat milk caramels to herb-infused soap, find out about America's homespun harvest.

How Christopher Columbus Changed Modern Farming Sep 17, 2018

Learn how Columbus changed the future of farming.

Tiny Terrarium Craft Sep 14, 2018

Treat your guests to a living party favor with these mini take-home terrariums.

A Fairy Container Garden Sep 14, 2018

Learn how to create a miniature world where things are small in scale and huge with possibilities.

Farm Fresh Sep 14, 2018

One Georgia couple perfects the new trend of farm weddings with wildflowers, garden elements and fresh details.

Planting for Pollinators Sep 14, 2018

Bring beneficial birds, bees and butterflies to your garden by growing plants and flowers they love.

Plant a Wildlife-Friendly Edible Garden Sep 14, 2018

Strategic planting invites beneficial critters into your vegetable garden while deterring the annoying pests.

How to Create a Japanese String Garden Sep 14, 2018

Learn the Japanese art of kokedama and introduce a new form of gardening to your indoor or outdoor space.

Tour the Grounds and Gardens of an Elegant Horse Farm Sep 17, 2018

An English garden adds charm and connectivity to a Maryland estate.

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