Grand Cottage Garden With Pond

This formal cottage garden by Andrew Grosman is filled with beautiful blooms and features a pond framed by wetland plants and a gazebo in which to enjoy the surroundings. 

Photo By: Andrew Grossman

Photo By: Andrew Grossman

Photo By: Andrew Grossman

Photo By: Andrew Grossman

Photo By: Andrew Grossman

Photo By: Andrew Grossman

A Formal Cottage Garden with Gazebo

Climbing pink roses spill over a wood gazebo in this formal cottage garden, framing the entryway towards the shingled home. A simple rope fence intersects the garden and defines the entry garden from the large expanse of lawn framed by silvery lavender Russian sage.

Aquatic Plant Surround a Wetland-Like Pond

Layers of aquatic plants surround a naturalistic wetland pond in this serene cottage garden.

Cottage Garden Pond Framed by Lilacs

A naturalistic pond is planted with aquatic plants to give the property an authentic cottage garden feel

Formal Cottage Garden with Metal Gazebo

A vibrant purple-flowering vine spills over an antique metal gazebo nestled amongst the verdant plants of a formal cottage-style garden. Planting the garden up against the gazebo helps to soften the structure's edges and creates a cohesive design. The gazebo offers a comfortable vantage point from which to view the wetland-like pond and the rest of the lush cottage garden.

A Gravel Pathway Through a Formal Cottage Garden

A casual gravel pathway leads visitors to the home's front door, passing through layered plants in the cottage garden. The soft color palette creates a soothing garden and a welcome entry to the home.

A Formal Cottage Garden to Frame the Cape-Style House

The welcoming cottage garden in front of a cape-style home uses a successful mix of colorful plants in a variety of heights and textures. The homes edges are softened with the use of climbing plants, and weathered wood features are continued through the garden to continue the hardscape palette throughout and create a cohesive design.

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