Paver Patio With Natural Rock Pond and Cozy Seating Areas

This enchanting paver patio features a pathway around a natural stone pond, a sunken fire pit space surrounded by brown Adirondack chairs, and shrubbery in a mulched garden area. Neutral tufted wrought-iron seats surround a circular glass table.

Photo By: Mickman Brothers, Inc

Photo By: Mickman Brothers, Inc

Photo By: Mickman Brothers, Inc

Photo By: Mickman Brothers, Inc

Photo By: Mickman Brothers, Inc

Enchanting Cottage Backyard With Paver Patio Walkway, Natural Rock Pond and Cozy Sitting Areas

A paver pathway leads out into the backyard to a sitting area that looks back over a reflective pond. Along the way a sunken fireside patio is separated from the pathway using natural stone steps. Mulched garden areas surround the patio sections giving natural life and color to the design.

Beautiful Backyard Landscaping With Paver Patio Pathway, Stone Pond and Mulched Planter Areas

Natural stone steps connect paver patios in this gorgeous backyard. Stones create a bed for a pond bordered by planted shrubs lined in a mulched area. The patio pathway leads to a seating area and descends slightly to a fire pit with additional seating.

Paver Patio With Stone Fire Pit, Brown Adirondack Chairs and Mulched Surrounding Garden

A paver patio section is surrounded with boulders and bright plant life for a gorgeous mix of texture to naturally decorate the space. A stone fire pit is surrounded by brown adirondack chairs on the paver patio. A fountain blends into the mulched area creating a subtle extra in the design.

Outdoor Sitting Area on Paver Patio With Neutral Tufted Cushions on Wrought Iron Chairs Around a Glass Circular Table

A paver patio pathway leads to a stylish outdoor sitting space and continues down to a fire pit area with adirondack chairs. Beige cushions with a center tuft on the backrest pad the wrought iron chairs. A circular table with tinted glass top sits in the center topped with an oil lamp. Natural rock and plants surrounding the space add beautiful texture to the design.

Eye level shot of Paver Patio, Screened In Gazebo and Landscape Lighting

This area begins the walkway that invites you out into the backyard oasis. Warm landscape lighting gives a cozy and inviting feel to the paver patio. Mulch in the surrounding garden area and a natural rock section of the home's exterior wall add texture to the design. A screened in gazebo sits opposite the house connected by the patio space.

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