Planting a Fairy Garden

Learn how to plant your very own miniature garden.

A View From Above

Peering down from above the garden allows you to take in the entire layout.

Fairy Garden Plantings

Miniature varieties of plantings are widely available at your local garden centers and online. Included in this garden: button fern, asparagus fern, rosemary, diantus, hens and chicks, miniature common juniper, fairy vine, baby tears and leptinella.

A Basket Container

This basket was pre-lined with plastic. I cut drainage holes in the plastic and filled the basket almost completely with potting soil.

Test Out Placement

Considering where your structures will be, lay out your plants while still in their pots. This way it is easier to move them until you are satisfied with their placement.

Tallest to Shortest

Place taller plantings toward the back of your garden to provide depth. Here a miniature juniper is placed beside the coastal fairy house.

Layered Foliage

Select plants not only with beautiful blooms but also with a variety of foliage.

Add Clusters

Try planting a few plants relatively close to one another. This gives your garden the appearance that it has been around for years.

Create Pathways

With small pebbles or aquarium stones, create small pathways to entryways, patios and under trellises.

A Garden in a Garden

Think about creating a tiny garden with rows of hens and chicks for the fairies to tend.

Found Items

A miniature colander within the fairy house makes a lovely bed when filled with soft leaves and flower pillows.

Traveling Vines

Training vines to grow on rooftops, along fences and on trellises offers a whimsical touch.

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