Stone Cottage Garden

The stone cottage, by Donald Pell, is surrounded by a lush garden filled with an array of textures and colors. 

Photo By: Donald Pell

Photo By: Donald Pell

Photo By: Donald Pell

Photo By: Donald Pell

Photo By: Donald Pell

Photo By: Donald Pell

A Stone Farmhouse Framed by a Verdant Country Garden

The dynamic garden composition in front of this 100 year-old stone Pennsylvania farmhouse is filled with perennials that command attention with their colorful foliage every season of the year. Euphorbia, Black-Eye Susans, and an array of textures add visual interest and color throughout the landscape.

A Shaded Roadside Country Garden

The shady undergrowth of this roadside garden includes plants in an array of textures and colors, creating an inviting entry to this Pennsylvania property. Purple flowering geraniums provide a pop of color amongst the verdant shrubs.

Vibrant Pink Groundcover Provides a Pop of Color in a Verdant Landscape

Pink Evening Primrose covers a large expanse in this country garden. The perennial blooms from March to July and as the name implies, opens its flowers from the early evening until the morning.

An Array of Colors in a Pennsylvania Garden

Purple hyssop and yellow flowering mustard create a complimentary color palette in this vibrant country garden. The design intent was to create a garden evocative of the regional landscape through the use of perennials with year round color and textural interest.

A Cottage Garden is a Study in Green Textures

Purple hyssop provides a frame for this cottage garden filled with shrubs and grasses in a range of green shades and textures.

A Coastal Garden's Study in Greens

Vibrant green grasses are interplanted with gray green flowering shrubs offset by white bulb-like perennials in this Pennsylvania garden.

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