Creative Strawberry Planters

Learn about different types of stylish containers you can use for growing strawberries.

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A Wall of Berries

Strawberries have shallow root systems and can easily thrive in small planting spaces. Vertical gardens, like this Florafelt wall planter with planting pockets, provide sufficient rooting space for strawberries to yield a tasty crop. Florafelt is made from recycled plastic bottles. Plants root into the felt, which absorbs and distributes water and also hosts soil microbes.

Berry Boots

Recycle a pair of waterproof garden boots into a strawberry jar-style planter. Cut holes in boot sides for planting pockets, drill a few holes in the sole for water drainage, fill with soil and plant. You should be able to use your berry boots for several growing seasons in every region. Protect boots from freezing during winter in coldest zones.

Strawberry Tower

Try a new twist on the traditional strawberry jar with a tiered planter. The strawberry tower planter is made from food-grade plastic and offers 20 planting pockets. The design features a flow-through watering system that moves water evenly throughout the planter when you water the top. Use the pot on a patio or deck, or hang it from a porch roof or tree limb. Tower height ranges from roughly 27 to 35 inches.

DIY Berry Tower

Create a strawberry tower using 4-inch PVC pipe by drilling 2.5-inch holes along the length. Drill three rows of holes, offsetting each row from the others. Don’t drill holes in the bottom 12 inches of pipe—you’ll bury this part. Spray paint the pipe in whatever shades you like. Fill the tower with a lightweight container planting mix and water. In a few weeks, savor lip-smacking berries.

Cedar Wall Planter

Try raising strawberries in specialized vertical planters. This untreated cedar vertical planterfeatures 29.5-inch-long shelves that hold soil to give plants a happy footing. A drip irrigation system makes watering a snap.

Hanging Strawberry Basket

Plant a everbearing strawberries in a hanging basket to savor juicy sweetness all season long. This will showcase the beauty of strawberries by lifting the harvest to eye level.

Draft Walls for Planting

When space is at a premium, grow strawberries on a wall using a vertical garden technique. Explore fabric planting pockets for an easy way to create a custom-size wall garden. With pocket planting systems, look at pocket depth and the material’s ability to hold and distribute water. Good systems also provide a type of plastic surface that fits behind the planting pockets to protect the wall.

Herbs and Strawberries Combine for Creative Display

Fruit and herb containers offer both beauty and fragrance to a patio space.

Try a Wall Trough

Give strawberries a leg up—and make picking less of a back-breaking affair by raising your crop in a wall planter. Look for containers sold for that purpose, or make your own using rain gutters. The planting space should be at least 6 inches deep and needs drainage holes to provide an effective growing zone for strawberries.

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