Enchanting Fairy Gardens We Want to Live In

We're head-over-heels for these magical, mini landscapes.

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Cozy Cottages

Create a community for fairy families by building a picturesque conglomerate of tiny cottages in your outdoor garden.

Colored Pencil Garden Fence

You can create a fence for your garden by gluing together a variety of objects you can find around the house. We used colored pencils and skewers to create our fence, but you can use popsicle sticks, toothpicks, chopsticks, crayons, twigs, plastic forks or spoons, cotton swabs or any other items you think would work.

Fireside Fairy Tales

This petite, printed tent is the perfect spot for a fairy camp-out. A miniature fire pit and a bright-white pebble walkway add even more charm to the garden.

Friendly Front Door

First impressions are everything—yes, even in fairy gardens. This sweet, stone-lined front door is ready to greet guests with style. The best part, though? The pretty white posies, potted in acorn-cap planters.

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Petite Pricklies

These miniature clay succulents are the perfect addition for the boho-chic fairy gardens. Bonus? When you run out of space in the fairy garden, these little plants make the perfect pop of color on a shelf in your home, too! Click the link below to learn how to make your own.

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Fairy Estate

Fairy gardener Ronna Moore channeled her inner Jane Austen by modeling this picturesque garden after an English country estate.

A Fairy Mailbox

Once you have a home for your fairies, you may want to add a mailbox so they can get letters from all their friends! Recreate this at home by making a tube of out of bark, and attached it to a twig with hot glue. Make the mailbox flag out of felt and use our fairies' favorite colors to paint a greeting.

Gnome Neighbors

The friendly gnomes-next-door are serving up some serious curb appeal from this red plaid lunch box. Just look at the lush landscaping, a funky camper and working string lights!

Whimsical Squash

This fun, whimsical project can be done by older kids without much supervision, but is also great for parents and little kids to enjoy together. Simply hollow out a gourd, then get creative with polymer clay.

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Shark-Tastic Garden

Add some beachy bliss to your home no matter where you live with this seaside-themed garden. Combine a shark's head (that's actually a painted rock), an Adirondack chair made of popsicle sticks and an ocean made of blue aquarium rocks within a galvanized bucket for a breezy display.

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Leprechaun Garden

According to Irish folklore, leprechauns enjoy living in seclusion and are attracted to areas where they can bury their many treasures away from prying eyes. To create the ideal leprechaun retreat, surround a miniature fairy cottage with lush green plants, moss, river rocks and, of course, a pot of gold.

Picnic for Two

A large terra cotta saucer filled will moss sets the grassy scene for a fairy picnic. Recreate this garden at home and use a hot glue gun to attach the bright red blanket and sleek stepping stones to your display.

Fairy Fiesta

There are fairy gardens... and then, there are fairy fiestas. This sweet, saturated display is fashioned from rainbow jelly beans and festive, fun accessories. Yes, the llama is a non-negotiable for those recreating this party at home. Click the link below to make your own!

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A Place to Relax

Just imagine your fairy friends curled up beneath this twiggy pavilion, poring over their favorite fairy tales.

Movin' On Up

Think vertical! An easy-to-make stick ladder allows you to create multiple tiers of fun for your fairy friends. Make the ladder even more enticing to by installing a wishing well at the bottom. We made this one out of a bottle cap, river rocks and coffee stir sticks.

Tree Trunk Hotel

An old hollow log makes a cozy home for outdoor fairies. Attach sun-loving succulents to the top to create a roof and a pathway of stones to let the fairy folk know their new hotel is open for business.

Pumpkin Village

This fall, forget the boring old jack-o-lanterns and create a fairy pumpkin village instead! Recruit the kiddos for endless hours of creative fun.

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Make use of your prized potted orchid or bonsai branch and use it to create a sweet swing set for your fairy friends. Pro tip: be sure to keep the swing out of reach of curious kittens and select a stem that’s sturdy enough for a set of wings!

Hang-Out Spot

The best place to unwind after a long, magical day? This cool, cross-printed hammock in the succulent fairy forest, of course. All you need to start this project is a classic terra cotta pot.

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Spooky Spot

Get creative this Halloween with a spooky graveyard diorama made from twigs, moss and a faux pumpkin.

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