Make an Indoor Fairy Garden

Add a bit of magic to your favorite indoor potted plants with this adorable fairy garden.

Fairy Garden Party

With a little hot glue, a few craft supplies and some potted plants, you can create a beautiful indoor fairy garden that's perfect for every season. Click through this gallery for fun ideas and inspiration to get started on your own fairy garden.

A Tiny Garden House

Create a little fairy cabin to go in your garden with a bit of bark and an interesting container. This wooden pot had a perfect roof shaped lid, and we added a door by carefully trimming a piece of bark to the right shape. Use hot glue to attach the door, and to add a handle. We used an empty snail shell from the garden for our handle.

Creating A Ladder

To get to their house, your fairies may need a ladder. If you'd like to create a rope ladder, you'll need some twigs and a bit of string. Create the rungs by cutting all the twigs to roughly the same length. Then tie all of the rungs together by knotting lengths of string on either end of each twig, spacing them evenly as you go.

Finished Rope Ladder

Glue your finished ladder to the top edge of the pot and let it hang down. If you'd like a more traditional ladder, simply glue your rungs to two larger twigs rather than tying them with string.

A Fairy Mailbox

Once you have a home for you fairies, you may want to add a mailbox so they can get letters from all their friends. We took a piece of wisteria vine from the yard, hollowed out the center leaving a tube of bark, and attached it to a twig with hot glue. The mailbox flag was created with polymer clay and we hung a hand painted, fabric "welcome" sign with a few pieces of string.

Building A Fairy Chair

You can create a little fairy chair with two long twigs, two short twigs and a piece of bark. Cut the bark into the size and shape of a chair seat. Glue the two long twigs to the back corners of the seat, creating the back legs of your chair below the seat, and the support for your chair back above the seat. Glue the short twigs on the front corners of the seat to create legs in the front.

Finished Chair

If your chair legs aren't even, simply trim them all to the same length. Then weave a bit of string back and forth between the two long sticks to create your chair back. If you're creating multiple chairs, try different weaving styles for different chairs to make each one unique.

Creating A Fairy Swing

If a chair isn't quite exciting enough, it's quick and easy to build a swing for your fairies. Glue 4 or 5 twigs together and trim to create a rectangle seat. Wrap a piece of string around each end of the rectangle and glue on the bottom to secure. Tie the string loosely on top in the center, creating a little triangle on both ends to hang your swing from.

Hanging Your Swing

Gently hang your swing from an orchid stem, bonsai branch, or your favorite potted plant. Just be aware that kids and cats find fairy swings hard to resist, so don't choose a plant or stem that's too delicate.

Making A Rake

Every garden fairy needs a few gardening tools to keep everything spic and span. Create a rake for your fairy with wire and a twig. Twist the wire to create a group of tines, and then use the wire to wrap the tines together around the end of the twig.

Shovel, Pitchfork and Rake

Create a pitchfork the same way you created the rake, but with only 3 tines. To make a shovel, glue a pine cone scale to the end of a twig to create the shovel blade. Use wire to make a handle and attach it to the top of the twig.

Garden Fence

You can create a fence for you garden by gluing together a variety of objects you can find around the house. We used colored pencils and skewers to create our fence, but you can use popsicle sticks, toothpicks, chopsticks, crayons, twigs, plastic forks or spoons, cotton swabs or any other items you think would work.

Fairy Gazing Ball

If you like yard ornaments, chance are your fairies will too. Put a gazing ball in your fairy garden by gluing a marble onto the end of a twig. It will be a bit top heavy so create a base for it with clay or a big dollop of hot glue.

Creating A Party Garland

Now that you've got the fairy garden basics, it's time to add the party. Start by creating a fun bunting to string across the yard. Cut out triangles of fabric, and attach them to a length of string by adding a little glue to one side and folding them over. You'll have a bit of fabric overhang, but it's easy to trim off once the glue dries.

Hang The Bunting

You may want to create a few little flags to decorate your garden as well. Simply cut slightly larger triangles and glue them to twigs. We used one of the flags to help hang our bunting, and sprinkled more throughout the garden for a festive feel.

Creating With Clay

Every party needs good food and drink, but tiny fairy food and dishes can be hard to find. Create your own using polymer clay. Roll different colors into spheres to create fruit, or press a sphere onto the end of a pencil or paintbrush to make a tiny cup. Shape the cup around the end of the tool, and add a handle with a little extra pinch of clay. Use the directions that came with your clay for baking.

A Fairy Picnic

You don't have to make everything out of clay. Try using buttons for plates and a pecan or walnut shell for a fruit bowl or picnic basket. A little square of cloth makes a perfect picnic blanket, and tiny white triangles are just the right size for fairy napkins.

A Tiny Bird's Nest

You can use polymer clay to add details all around your fairy garden. In addition to our mailbox flag, we also used clay to create this little bird's nest, complete with eggs. It was the perfect accessory for the roof of our fairy house.


Once all of your pieces are made, you'll need to arrange them into a cohesive display. We used a large planter saucer filled with moss for the bulk of our fairy garden. You can use hot glue to attach any pieces that might have trouble staying up on their own, like the mailbox and gazing ball, before you add the moss. Use stones to create a path to your fairy home, and arrange your picnic on the mossy lawn.

A Fairy Hammock

If one saucer isn't enough for your garden, or if you just want to expand it, add more plants, pots and even teacups around your saucer. We hung a little fairy hammock in a vintage teacup to give our fairies a place to relax. If you crochet, you can create a hammock by adding two stitches each row until your hammock is half as long as your would like it. Then decrease by two stitches each row. If you don't crochet, cut an oval out of lace, burlap or any other fabric and tie it at each end with string for hanging.

A Playground Pot

If you have a place to relax, you may also need a place to play. Paint a round bead like a soccer ball and set it under your swing. Add a flag for a splash of color, and don't forget a ladder. You can keep adding pots and accessories all year long, to make your fairy garden a lively and beautiful addition to your indoor plants.

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