How to Build a Raised Garden Bed From Pallets

Learn how to create a mobile container garden with a wooden pallet, reclaimed shutters and casters.



Photo by: Susan Teare ©Susan Teare

Susan Teare, Susan Teare

A garden on wheels is great throughout the growing season. In spring, keep the garden in direct sunlight to give the plants a healthy start. Then in the hotter summer months, roll the garden to a shaded spot.


  • sturdy wood pallet
  • (4) 2x4 x 8"
  • (4) 1x8 x 48"
  • four recycled plastic shutters for decoration (optional)
  • recycled wood (not pressure-treated)
  • (4) 4-inch caster wheels
  • decking screws
  • no-VOC exterior-grade paint
  • landscaping fabric
  • bag of drainage stones
  • planting soil
  • compost


  • miter saw
  • level
  • drill
  • tape measure
  • shovel or trowel
  • paintbrush
  • scissors
  • staple gun

Determine Wheel Placement



Measure the bottom of the pallet. Mark equal distances in four corners for the caster placement.

Attach Wheels



Use decking (galvanized) screws to fasten the casters onto the pallet. It’s best to use wheels that turn in every direction.

Paint Pallet



Paint the top of the pallet with eco-friendly, exterior paint that can withstand water seeping through the landscape fabric and soil.

Cut Side Pieces



Cut the plywood to create sides for the pallet, and make sure they fit on the edges of the pallet.

Attach Sides

Use pieces of 2x4 in each corner to secure the sides to each other. When all four sides are attached to one another, attach it to the pallet by toe-nailing the 2x4 corners. Flip over the whole thing, and insert a few screws through the bottom of the pallet into the 2x4s.

Add Decorative Sides



For a finished look, add recycled plastic shutters to the sides. Use decking screws to attach the shutters. Paint the top edge of the wood sides to match the shutters.

Prep For Planting

Staple landscape fabric to the inside of the pallet box. Add a layer of small drainage stones on top of the fabric.

Layer Stones and Soil

Cut another piece of landscape fabric and lay it over the stones. Add one more layer of stones, then top with compost and soil mixture.

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