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How to Clean an Air Fryer Jan 20, 2021

Maintain your small kitchen appliance easily with these tips for removing baked-on food and residual grease.

10 Essentials for the Millennial Kitchen Jan 21, 2021

From small space-friendly tools to staples you'll use for years to come, every adult kitchen needs these basic items.

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This kitchen hits the spot. On the menu: pink, pink, pink! Take a tour with HGTV Magazine.

9 Organizers Under $25 That Will Completely Change the Way You Use Your Freezer Jan 19, 2021

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13 Zero-Waste Kitchen Buys Under $20 Jan 21, 2021

Save money and the planet with these eco-friendly products you'll love using time and time again.

How to Replace Recessed Lighting Jan 15, 2021

Recessed or 'can' lights can be used as task lighting, accent lighting or to illuminate an entire room. They're easy to install in …

What You Need to Know About Adding a Kitchen in Your Basement Jan 13, 2021

By: Carrie Hamblin

Building a kitchen in a basement takes some special planning and considerations. Here’s what you need to know and what you might e …

How to Successfully Organize Your Refrigerator and Keep It Neat All Year Jan 8, 2021

Find out which bins, containers and drink dispensers get the job done, and transform the inside of your fridge into a feast for th …

The Best Coffeemakers Under $150 for Cafe-Quality Coffee at Home Jan 7, 2021

Say hello to cafe-style coffee with these top-rated coffeemakers that are sure to bring out your inner barista.

What Is the Average Cost to Remodel a Kitchen? Jan 6, 2021

Looking to remodel your kitchen, but don't have a clue about what it will cost? Find out what a kitchen remodel will typically cos …

20 Best Buys From Bed Bath & Beyond to Organize Every Room in the House Jan 5, 2021

Storage bins, drawer organizers, shoe racks, laundry baskets and more? Yes, please! Get up to 25 percent off all the above, and gi …

The Best Air Fryers for Every Budget and Household Jan 7, 2021

Find out everything you need to know about air fryers and where to buy the best model for you and your household.

How To Install Kitchen Cabinets Jan 4, 2021

By: Amy McEvoy and Kamron Sanders

Save money and achieve the bespoke look you’re after by learning how to install your own kitchen cabinets.

8 Best Smoothie Blenders to Kick-Start Your Day Jan 5, 2021

Get healthy and happy with morning smoothies that are both nutritious and delicious. These top-rated blenders can help supercharge …

These Game-Changing Kitchen Tools Might Just Make You a Morning Person Jan 4, 2021

If you're anything like us and good coffee and a good breakfast are two of the biggest motivators to not snooze your alarm, these …

The Best Water Filter Pitchers and Dispensers, Tested by HGTV Editors Jan 4, 2021


From pitchers perfect for mini fridges to larger 18-cup dispensers, keep your family hydrated with clean drinking water with one o …

Choosing Kitchen Countertops Dec 9, 2020

Granite or laminate? Quartz or concrete? Get tips on how to find the right kitchen countertop surface for your kitchen remodel.

This Luxe, Light-Filled Kitchen Used To Be a Mercantile Store Dec 4, 2020

An old mercantile in a small Utah town becomes a charming family home. HGTV Magazine shows you the kitchen.

The Best Cyber Week Deals on Our Favorite Kitchen Gadgets Nov 27, 2020

Get your kitchen ready for holiday cooking — at a fraction of the cost.

Red Kitchen Paint Ideas Nov 20, 2020

Discover the best red paint to use in your kitchen.

Mediterranean Kitchen Design Nov 19, 2020

By: Sean McEvoy and Felicia Feaster

Gather information and ideas on Mediterranean kitchen design, and prepare to add a bright and lively style to your kitchen space.

Luxury Kitchen Design Jan 4, 2021

By: Sean McEvoy and Felicia Feaster

What defines a luxury kitchen? Explore the options for luxury kitchen design, and prepare to create a best-in-class kitchen in you …

Tour a Traditional-Trendy Kitchen With Tons of Modern Touches Nov 11, 2020

A New Jersey family finally gets a kitchen that works for them, and it doesn’t put style on the back burner. HGTV Magazine takes y …

Best Way to Paint Kitchen Cabinets Nov 10, 2020

Get the details on how to paint kitchen cabinets in this step-by-step guide.

Tile Flooring in the Kitchen Nov 10, 2020

By: Kim Hildenbrand

Tile comes in many styles and can stand up to the heaviest use your family can dish out.

20 Gift Ideas for Coffee Lovers Nov 9, 2020

If your daily mantra is "but first ... coffee," these coffeemakers, accessories, mugs and more will help you be your own barista a …

14 Gifts Under $60 for People Who Love to Cook Dec 2, 2020

Cater to the chef in your life without spending too much bread.

We Tried Souping In an Instant Pot Blender & It Couldn't Have Been Easier (or Tastier) Nov 3, 2020

Say goodbye to canned soups when you say hello to Instant Pot's Ace Nova blender. (It can make ice cream, too!)

10 Cold-Weather Cookware Essentials to Buy Now Oct 30, 2020

Embrace the season of pasta, roasts, stews and pies with these winter-perfect kitchen buys.

Choose the Best Flooring for Your Kitchen Oct 26, 2020

Tile, stone, cork, wood or vinyl? Kitchen choices fit all budgets.

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