20 Storage Solutions for Cluttered Cabinets

From practical yet pretty spice storage to space-saving plate stacking, transform your kitchen into an organizational dream with these clever solutions.

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Photo By: Melissa George, Polished Habitat

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Clothespins to the Rescue

With a couple clothespins and some super glue, the cluttered space under the sink can look a little more inviting. Add a small basket for rags and voila!

Over-the-Door Organizer

If the pantry and cabinets are already packed to the brim, it's time to think outside the box. Use an over-the-door organizer to sort your snacks, cooking utensils or whatever best suits your space.

Baskets Galore

Maximize and organize the space in all your cabinets with the help of a few plastic bins. Label the baskets according to their contents to double the impact.

Under the Sink

The space under the sink can quickly become a catch-all zone. Create a basket shelving system with a set of tension rods to house the countelss rags that get lost in the shuffle. Glass canisters are the perfect solution for storing your sponges without losing sight of them.

Added Shelf Space

Max out your vertical storage by adding undershelf baskets. Not only will it multiply the cabinet's capacity, but it will allow for more organization by creating designated ingredient areas.

Ultimate Chip Clip

Open bags of chips and pretzels create a mess in the cabinets (or on top of the fridge). Hang a large clip on an existing wire storage unit for instant organizational satisfaction.

C is for Coffee Cup

By adding bars and s-hooks to the inside of a cabinet, you can create a trendy, useful storage option for all your coffee cups.

Labeled Is Better

Spice racks and cabinets can easily get cluttered. Using uniform, clearly labeled jars, keep your spices organized while creating a clean, not to mention beautiful, cabinet. Make sure to replace your spices about every 12 months for the freshest flavors.

Back Door Baking Station

The secret to a more organized kitchen is utilizing a long-forgotten space: the back of the cabinet door. Attach a couple pieces of corkboard to hold your recipes and measurement conversions while a metal bar can hold both the measuring cups and spoons for easy access.

Chalkboard Central

Forget the sticky notes and scattered papers! Cover the back of your cabinet doors with chalkboard vinyl or paint to create easily hidden message boards that are certain to keep you on time and Fido fed all year long.

Make Your Own Magnet

Make the most of whatever space you have with a magnetic utensil holder. By attaching a magnetic strip to the back of a pantry or cabinet door, your utensil storage potential will double.

Goodbye Junk Drawer

It's time to clear out the junk drawer. Place all your takeout menus and important documents in plastic folders and adhere them to the inside of your kitchen cabinet.

Secret Hiding Place

This kitchen boasts a built-in pegboard that houses necessary cooking utensils that you can grab at a moment's notice. Even if you don't have space next to your oven, installing a pegboard inside a cabinet can provide space-saving storage.

Get in Formation

Make your shelves as pretty as possible with matching containers. Adding labels to the canisters not only completes the cohesive look, but it also makes sure that no one is confusing the salt with the sugar.

Spice Up a Tension Rod

Tension rods are the unsung heros of storage hacks. Add several sets of rods to the inside of a cabinet to create your own spice rack. Creating a custom rack will allow you to fashion the rack you need and not try to force an awkwardly shaped object into the cabinet.

Stack 'Em High

Cake stands don’t get used everyday, so put them to work as two-tiered storage systems. Small items, like ramekins and sauce dishes can sit both on top and underneath.

Strip of Chips

If you only have a narrow strip of cabinet space, this snack strip is the perfect hack to recreate. With a piece of painted wood and some curtain hooks, you can fashion this simple system in a few easy steps.

Hanging Spice Rack

Want a new take on a spice rack? Secure a metal bar to the back of a cabinet or pantry door and attach ring hooks. Store your most commonly used spices in easy-to-see bags and secure with the ring hooks for an easy-access spice storage system.

Plastic Chaos No More

Everyone has that one cabinet space or drawer that is filled to the brim with plasticware that you can never find matching lids to. Use shelves and peg systems to organize your plasticware by size and type for an easy storage solution.

Off the Hook

Beautiful organization is just a knob away. Add a couple to the inside of your cabinets (or the outside!) for accessible, simply styled storage.

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