9 Best Blenders for Smoothies and Shakes

Get healthy and happy with morning smoothies that are both nutritious and delicious. These top-rated blenders can help supercharge your day and put a spring in your step.

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December 12, 2022

Our Top Blender Picks

We all want to feel our best. Consuming whole fruits and veggies each day is a great way to get and stay healthy. It's easy, too, when you make fresh, nutritious smoothies a part of your daily routine. Some blenders, though, make this healthy habit harder to stick to than others. If a blender requires you to stop, stir and start multiple times before it will actually blend up or you have to spend several minutes hand-washing after use, you might as well run to your nearest juice bar or drive-thru to pick one up instead. Whether you need one for daily smoothies or occasional soups, sauces or nut butters, a good blender can be a game-changer.

What to Consider When Buying a Blender

Interface and Ease of Use: Are the controls easy to understand? Are there too many superfluous features you don't need? A good blender is one that's easy to use.

A blender is only as good as its power. If you rarely use a blender and don't mind stopping and starting to stir the ingredients until everything is fully blended or you only need a single-serve capacity, you may be able to get by with a low-wattage blender. For a reliable, easy-to-use choice, look for a blender with a max wattage in the 1,000 and above range.

Cleaning and Maintenance:
Is it easy to clean? A good blender should be fully or partially dishwasher safe or at least allow you to add water and soap and turn it on to clean.

: If you only plan to make single-serve smoothies, baby food or sauces, you may only need a small-capacity blender, which will be more affordable. If you plan to make smoothies for multiple people, soups, nut butters or other dishes that require a larger capacity, splurging for something like a Ninja or Vitamix is probably worth it.

Temperature Capabilities:
Most people use blenders for cold beverages like smoothies and margaritas, but if you want a true chef's blender, you'll want to make sure the model you select can handle hot ingredients as well.

Noise Level:
If you need to make morning smoothies without waking up your whole house, consider buying a blender specifically rated as a quiet choice.

We've rounded up the top-rated blenders for every need and budget. Shop our top recommendations below.

$99.99 $79.99

With a name like Ninja, it's hard to go wrong. That's according to more than 31,000 customer reviews, many of which profess a deep love for this top-rated (and very affordable) smoothie blender. There are multiple Ninjas on the market, but we're most enamored with the budget-friendly Ninja Professional Blender thanks to its sleek design, ice-crushing abilities and dishwasher-safe blades that make clean-up a dream. At 72 ounces, this powerful smoothie blender is the largest one on the list, making it easy to quickly concoct a fresh smoothie for two (or more). If you need a blender for making hot soups though, this blender won't be for you.

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$549.99 $429.95

Much like the Ninja, there are a variety of Vitamix blenders on the market, but none will run cheaper than three bills for this durable, high-quality blender brand. Yes, Vitamix blenders cost more than any other smoothie blender on this list, but the industry-standard quality practically ensures that Vitamix will outlast all other blenders. An easy-to-use speed dial lets you easily adjust the speed of the blades, which, by the way, can tackle just about anything. "No chunks, no pulp, no fuss," notes one Amazon reviewer. This blender can clean itself in less than 60 seconds and can make hot soup too. Plus, this model comes with a seven-year warranty. If there's one blender worth splurging on, it's this one.

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$375.95 $342.99

There's much love and appreciation for the Blendtec Total Classic Blender thanks to extra-strong blades for smooth, consistent blends and easy, push-button blending control. It's also a snap to clean because, seriously, who wants to spend more time scrubbing out the blender than enjoying their juice drink or smoothie creation? Not us. Just add soap and water and the Blendtec cleans itself in less than a minute. This high-performance blender is hassle-free and easy to store until its next use, whether to pulverize ice for a margarita or get creative making soups, dressings, salsas or hummus.

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With the Oster Texture Select blender, you can customize any blend texture with the touch of a button — whether thin, medium or thick — or use the manual settings for more control. It includes a dishwasher-safe, six-cup shatter-resistant glass jar, plus a 24-ounce Blend-N-Go cup.

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Another top-rated smoothie blender with a cool name is the Breville Fresh & Furious Blender. One-touch, pre-set buttons, including Smoothie, Green Smoothie and Auto Pulse Ice Crush, make it a cinch to get going once you unbox the Breville. This highly efficient blender is quiet (well, quiet-er than some of its fellow blenders), making this a popular pick. Whether you want to chop, crush, pulverize or macerate, the Fresh & Furious will serve you well.

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$78.53 $73.7

The NutriBullet has long been a popular blender choice. It's top-rated and has a clear fan base. More than 9,000 reviews tout its ease of use, durability and reliability, among other qualities. You'll also find loads of advice in the reviews, even "tips for smoothie grandmasters" from one five-star reviewer. The NutriBullet is a great entry-level blender that anyone in the family can use (ahem, and clean). A recipe book makes it a snap to get started with this blender. From here, several larger and more powerful blenders serve as ideal upgrades for those eager to level up but remain in the NutriBullet family.

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$59.99 $54.99

If you don't want to spring for the NutriBullet, this top-rated Ninja blender is a best-seller on Amazon and is about $25 cheaper, making it another great choice for single-serve blending for cold liquids like smoothies, shakes and more. This Ninja blender features a 700-watt base and comes with two 16-ounce cups with lids that are dishwasher safe and easy to clean.

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Go beyond smoothies, and make sauces, dips and more with the Magic Bullet. It can chop, mix, blend and whip so you can make practically anything, from breakfast to dessert. It'll be your new favorite kitchen assistant. Plus, it's a steal at just under $40!

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This portable blender for smoothies and baby food is powered by a USB cord and powerful enough to blend small ice cubes. This budget-friendly option is a great pick for smoothies (or baby food) on the go since the bottle is about the size of an average water bottle and fits nicely in a purse or backpack.

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This Portable Blender Makes On-the-Go Smoothies
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