There Are Lots of Kitchen Gadgets on Amazon & These Are the Ones Worth Buying

There are so many kitchen gadgets out there — some will collect dust in your drawers while others you'll use every day. Here are the best ones you can find on Amazon.

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March 07, 2023

If you love to cook, you might turn your nose up a bit at kitchen gadgets. After all, a popular piece of advice is to never buy a tool that only has one use in the kitchen — which, if you’re someone who tends to get sucked into gimmicky plastic gadgets, isn’t always a bad rule to follow. At their worst, kitchen gadgets will go unused and untouched, just there to take up space in your drawers. But at its best, a kitchen gadget can be a widely used tool that will make your cooking or prep work a bit easier. The main difference is knowing how you cook and what types of tools would help make your frequently utilized tasks simpler. Even if a gadget has one use, if it’s a use that you’ll have a need for once a week, this tool will be far from extraneous in your kitchen arsenal.

A great kitchen gadget saves time, is simple in execution and will seamlessly incorporate into your routine. Some are just better than the tools you already have (if you love using fresh parmesan, for instance, you need a fine grater like the one on this list). And some will make things easier, like the one-handed soap dispenser or the small personal blender that won't force you to do a bunch of dishes before you go to the gym. Since good gadgets can be hard to find, we rounded up the best ones on Amazon. Check out our list below:


This tiny spoon is made to easily pull olives or capers out of the jar when you're cooking or plating up an appetizer. It's a brilliant solution to a common problem, which is having to stick your finger in a jar to pull out a few olives, most likely splashing brine on yourself and the countertop in the process. The spoon will easily grab the food and drain it with the perforated holes. Best of all, in the handle, there's a fork you can pull out to grab heavier or bulkier items like pickles or roasted red peppers.

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$15.99 $8.48

This stainless steel grater has fine holes to easily grate or zest things like citrus, hard cheeses, chocolate, nutmeg, garlic, ginger and other basic kitchen staples. Unlike other graters, this has a handle so you can add your food directly into the pot as you're cooking. It even comes with a cover to prevent injury as you're reaching into the drawers, as well as a small brush to clean the grooves.

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This truly is a 'one-use' product, but the use will save you a lot of time and frustration. If corn is one of your favorite summertime foods, then you know prep work is the biggest pain. Even if you're familiar with the bowl-within-the-bowl cutting method, it still ends with lots of dishes and corn kernels flying all over your kitchen. However, with this OXO peeler, you can just run the gadget right over your cob and the kernels will come off with ease. No mess, no fuss, and with stainless steel blades and a dishwasher-safe construction, this is a great tool for a myriad of reasons.

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If you make pasta, fry foods or boil potatoes a few times a month, this is a fantastic product to have around. This scoop and colander from Joseph Joseph is dishwasher-safe and can handle temperatures of almost 400 degrees Fahrenheit — which means you can seamlessly scoop things like ravioli out of the pot and into the sauce without having to drain it first. It's a useful little gadget that won't take up a ton of space in your kitchen.

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A pinwheel masher is the best for easily breaking up ground meat. Seriously, this will cut that job in half, which means your turkey tacos or meatballs will be on the table that much faster. This bright turquoise model from Farberware is heat-resistant and also can be used for mashing and mixing softer vegetables like potatoes, turnips, parsnips and squash.

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A bench scraper is a must-have for those days you're chopping up onion, garlic, vegetables or salad greens on a cutting board: which, if you cook a lot, is most days. Simply run this stainless steel tool underneath the chopped food and you'll have a quick, mess-free way of getting them into a bowl or a frying pan. Additionally, it can be used for baking tasks like sectioning out dough or cutting up gnocchi, and can even chop vegetables or butter. It's a tool you'll reach for again and again.

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This guacamole holder from Prepworks provides a completely air-tight seal that prevents avocados from turning brown for a few days. It's a must-have for anyone who can't stand the look of day-old guac or wants to get ahead of dinners with some meal prep: plus, it holds around five avocados with its four-cup capacity. It can be used for other dips too, of course, so it's a container you'll reach for often.

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$13.99 (Set of 4)

These trivets will save you space and provide a few useful functions in your kitchen. First, it works as a foldable, storable silicone trivet for hot plates or pans. Additionally, it can be used to open jars and also works as a spoon rest to keep the mess off your counter. This four-pack will be something you reach for all the time, and is great for apartment dwellers or those without a lot of space in their drawers.

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This OXO juicer has a few additional uses that your standard juicer doesn't, like interchangeable tops to handle both smaller and larger citrus fruit and markers on the base to use when in need of precise measurements. It's easy to clean and can also store in the fridge, which is great if you would love to keep juice around for things like your water throughout the day.

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Buying salad dressing can be a waste of money when it's so easy to make at home. This salad dressing container, however, allows you to make dressing and easily store it in the container once it's done, so there won't be the need for any additional dishes. Since homemade vinegarettes often need a shake before use, this is an easy way to do so without making a mess, too. It has a wide, open mouth to accommodate most ingredients and is simple to open and close with one hand, too.

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$39.99 $28.97

A good kitchen gadget can save you money over time, and that's what this rotary cheese grater can do. Buying pre-shredded cheese will save you time, but it won't save you money and it doesn't taste as good as the block. However, this makes quick work of blocks and will shred your cheese with the turn of a dial, which is a great way to do a large amount at once and store it for later. This way, you'll have the easy prep, the money you save and the superior taste from the block. It has a suction cup base to keep the device from moving as you use it, and also comes with three interchangeable heads. The fine-shred option is great for cheese (and also works for nuts and ice), but the slicer and the larger shred option work for vegetables like cucumbers, squash, potatoes and more.

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A one-handed electric salt and pepper grinder is a life-saver for anyone who likes to add seasoning as they cook, taste and stir. Just press the button at the top and it distributes exactly what you need without having to use both hands to do it. It requires six batteries, can be adjusted from coarse to fine, and even has an LED light so you can see exactly how much seasoning you're using.

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$69.99 $58.7

This one-handed soap dispenser is one of my favorite products: I used it at my mother's house and promptly bought one with the extra hand I didn't need to use to pump soap with. As someone who is always washing their hands as they cook, I hate when I touch something like raw meat or egg and need to access the soap bottle: I feel like there are germs that are left on the handle and it also defeats the purpose of the soap. With this, just put your hand underneath it and the soap will come out, but it does so in small amounts and doesn't get everywhere.

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A small blender is great for single-use smoothies because it won't create as much of a mess and won't be as much of a hassle to use. I have a big blender and breaking it out for one drink often doesn't feel worth it: it's big and laborious to clean, and I often make too much for one person and have to store the leftovers. With this personal size, it's easy to clean and operate and you can even use the cup to drink out of, so you'll make just the right amount. Additionally, you can use it to quickly blend things for soups or purees with ease.

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