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15 Clever Ways to Clear Off Your Countertops

By: Karin Beuerlein

Counter space in the kitchen and bathroom is always a precious thing. Make these smart moves to banish countertop clutter and keep surfaces free and clear.

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Photo: Chronicles of Home

Float Your Stuff

That plain cabinet that houses your refrigerator? Don’t let it go to waste—it’s the perfect foundation for a set of floating shelves. DIY and design blogger Jen Bridgman of The Chronicles of Home came up with this solution in order to keep her counter space clear for cooking and food prep. Because she was attaching to a wood surface rather than to the wall, she was able to install the simple white shelving from IKEA easily with just screws and a level.

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Photo: Birch Lane

Corral Random Items

If you don’t have enough space to add kitchen shelving, don’t despair. This magnetic organization rack from Birch Lane turns the side of your fridge into a handy storage nook to keep key items out of the way but within arm’s reach.

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Photo: Amy Ellis

Add a Vertical Layer

DIY and craft blogger Amy Ellis got creative when her kitchen counter space was limited, turning a salvaged wood pallet into a handy over-sink shelf with a weathered finish. (Read her complete how-to, including a list of supplies, at her blog, StowandTellU.) The shelf is wide enough to accommodate a couple of large copper dish bins, which keeps surfaces clear — especially important because this kitchen doesn’t have a dishwasher.

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Photo: Joss & Main

Corner Some Space

Modular shelves are a handy way to organize kitchen cabinet space, but they work for countertops, too. Create order in your coffee corner or stack linens neatly out of the way with this corner shelf from Joss & Main.

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