Inside Linda Woodrum's Pretty Kitchen

Meet Linda Woodrum, the genius designer behind HGTV's Dream Homes. No surprise: HGTV Magazine discovered her own Hilton Head, S.C. kitchen is fully stocked with style.
By: Jennifer Berno DeCleene

Photo By: Squire Fox

Photo By: Squire Fox

Photo By: Squire Fox

Photo By: Squire Fox

Photo By: Squire Fox

Easy Clean Up

I’m fanatical about keeping my sink clear,” says Linda. “I actually have two dishwashers, which makes cleanup so easy, especially after a party. I am undone by clutter, so I load them right after meals.”

Self-Serve Breakfast Bar

I have a cabinet by the refrigerator that holds a toaster oven, cereal, bowls, and juice glasses. My breakfast is two cups of Twinings English Breakfast tea. I use an old saucepan that belonged to my mother to boil water. Teakettles scare me—you never know how clean they are inside!”

Secret Ingredients

I had a delicious arugula salad at Alchemy on Martha’s Vineyard a few years ago, and I loved it so much that I experimented with ingredients until I made my own close-enough version. Now I prepare it almost every night. My granddaughter, Madison lives five minutes away, so she often pops over to help.”

Not Just for Display

The china cabinet is my pride and joy. It looks so pretty with those X’s on the front, but trust me, it’s not pristine or perfect. I use everything in it all the time. And the counter-height ledge is deep enough [10 inches] to rest things on as I take them in and out for serving.” Bonus: Roll-out shelves mean no fumbling to find things way in back.

Strategic Spending

My marble countertops were worth the splurge! Nothing else would have achieved the buttoned-up look I wanted. Don’t tell anyone, but I clean them with anything I have on hand!” Fun detail: That round thing above the stove is an exhaust fan. Cool, huh?

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