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A Mountain Home Makeover With Clean Farmhouse Details

Social media gurus share their tips for making a vacation home both livable and stylish.

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Photo: Vivian H. Huynh

A Vacation Home Makeover

Holly Lauritzen is one half of the husband-and-wife team behind Our Faux Farmhouse, a home decor, DIY and lifestyle site that is wildly popular on social media. Together with husband, Brad, and fellow decor-influencers, Fariha Nasir of Pennies for a Fortune and Danielle Guerrero of Our Nest on Powell, the designer embarked on an epic makeover, reimagining a spacious bungalow in the Berkshires.

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Photo: Vivian H Huynh

A Functional and Cozy Retreat

With three talented design firms, a stockpile of incredible pieces and a dedicated production team, this Berkshires vacation home was transformed into a vacationer’s dream.

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Photo: Vivian H. Huynh

Blending Nautical and Farmhouse Style

To ensure a cohesive finished look, the designers focused on a few key elements for each room: timeless decor, a balanced color palette and creating functional spaces for cozy living. The redesigned look of the living room is a perfect example of how these elements have come together. Its mix of nautical and farmhouse styles is ideal for a cozy vacation getaway.

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Photo: Vivian H. Huynh

Quick Vacation Home Makeover Ideas

The designers worked together to reimagine this vacation home’s entryway, living areas, kitchen, patio and guest rooms. Holly and her colleagues focused on simple yet deeply impactful alterations that could be achieved with a change in furnishings, updating textiles and adding fresh paint to the space as a central backdrop throughout the home’s common areas.

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