HGTV Star Breegan Jane's Home Is as Bright + Chic as You'd Think

Take a tour of HGTV's Extreme Makeover: Home Edition star Breegan Jane's sophisticated Los Angeles home.

March 24, 2020

Photo By: Ryan Garvin

Photo By: Ryan Garvin

Photo By: Ryan Garvin

Photo By: Ryan Garvin

Photo By: Ryan Garvin

Photo By: Ryan Garvin

Photo By: Ryan Garvin

Photo By: Ryan Garvin

Photo By: Ryan Garvin

Photo By: Ryan Garvin

Photo By: Ryan Garvin

Photo By: Ryan Garvin

Design That Matters

Breegan Jane is the newest design star of HGTV's Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, bringing beautiful design to the new homes of deserving families all over the country. But in between life as an HGTV star, mom to two young boys and head of a successful Los Angeles-based interior designer firm, Breegan takes time out to relax in her modern dream home in Los Angeles.

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

Approachable Modern Luxury

Breegan describes her style as "Approachable Modern Luxury." It's the perfect design style for creating gorgeous, inspiring spaces — something she has achieved in her 3,000 square-foot, four-bedroom single family home. In just two years she's filled every inch with her signature style, beginning with the bedroom. Inspired by Ibiza, the classic black-and-white palette is combined with sculptural lines in the furniture and global accents, creating a luxurious space that is both glamorous and inviting.

An In-Home Oasis

Breegan is quick to reference the bedroom as her favorite space in the house. "My bedroom is my private oasis space," she says. "The black, white and gold accents are elegant and comforting every time I walk into the space." It was also the hardest part of the renovation. "It had an open spiral loft in the middle of the room, and a giant change in ceiling height." But with her expert design approach, everything worked out perfectly. "I took it as an opportunity to create an individual canvas for customized art," she recalls.

Custom Work

"It was a complete gut remodel," Breegan remarks about the transition of the home from when she purchased it to its condition today. But the upside of such a monumental task is the beauty of having exactly what you want once it's all over. In the master bathroom that means a vanity fit for a palace, featuring custom-made mirrors and wrap-around marble counters along with Moroccan-inspired metallics.

Designer Powder Room

The bedroom isn't Breegan's only oasis. In the master bathroom marble walls, metallic accents and Moroccan lighting provide an impressive backdrop for the equally impressive soaking tub. Assisted by a soothing color palette of white and deep wood tones, and small touches like the colorful rug and leafy green plant in the cutout shelving, this bathroom is designed to feel like you're being transported to another world.

Self-Care Sanctuary

The bathtub is the focal point of the master bathroom. A marble backdrop and walls featuring cutout shelving create a nook that feels like a sanctuary. "For me, self-care means getting small moments of time back," Breegan says. For an interior designer, TV personality and mom, getting those moments back is not only vital, it requires planning. This bathroom is definitely designed with that in mind. The massive soaking tub is ideal for reclaiming moments as the day slips away.

Room to Grow

Breegan's sons, Kensi and Kingsley, get the full benefit of having a designer mom in this amazing room. Keeping with the black and white aesthetic of the rest of the home, bedding, Moroccan poufs and mudcloth throw blankets complete the color scheme. The relaxing palette makes room for colorful moments. A coffee table with bright yellow lacquer is perfect for reading or playtime.

Reading Room

Reading is important to this young mom. "Some of my favorite pieces are books I've collected during my travels," the designer affirms. Passing a love of reading on to her children, the boys' room features book storage that is perfect for blending form and function. The bookshelves keep things tidy while displaying Kensi and Kingsley's favorite books.

Welcome Home

Breegan spends much of her time designing spaces to make other people feel comfortable and cared for. It's a skill she uses in her own home as well. Her guest bedroom blends soft textures and light colors to make a room any guest would find hard to leave. "I love hearing that people feel welcome," she says. "That's always been my bottom line goal for the look and feel of my home, and that affirmation lets me know I did my job."


With so much going on for this designer, it's vital to have a place where she can sit, plan and decide what to work on next. And if that place also happens to be a beautiful combination of serenity and style, then so much the better. In a corner of the first floor, Breegan has carved out an office space. In her signature palette of black and white, the office features a modern secretary with plenty of storage.

Beautiful Finish

The open-plan kitchen and dining area is full of striking details. One of Breegan's favorite elements is the parquet flooring, which adds pattern to the space. The kitchen bar is also sleek and stylish, featuring comfy bar stools with turquoise cushions — the perfect pop of color in this black and white interior.

Visionary Design

In a full renovation, designing a new kitchen can be one of the biggest challenges. It's impressive then that Breegan points to it as one of the easiest parts of her remodel journey. "It wasn't that the kitchen would be better than any other project," she remembers, "I just knew I was not going to keep any elements of the old kitchen." Fortunately, she had something better in mind. The white cabinetry fits seamlessly with marble flowing from countertop to wall. Breegan's love of metallics is on full display in the kitchen accenting an amazing black oven range. Best of all, the gold range hood that sits overhead is a statement piece. No surprise then that it was all part of the original plan. "It was the part of the home I saw most clearly in my mind's eye when I entered the room."

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