Painting Kitchen Tiles

Get tips on painting kitchen tiles.


Renovating a kitchen can be costly, but there are many ways to update your cooking space without a complete overhaul. Painting kitchen tiles is one way to give your space a new look, and many areas of your kitchen can benefit.

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If you have tiles in your kitchen that feel old and dated, but you aren't able to replace them with new tiles, try painting them. It'll be a time-consuming process, but you're sure to save hundreds of dollars.

First, you'll want to select the colors you'll be using. To make your project extra easy, select just one color. To add more dimension to your tiles, go with one color in a few varying shades. If you really like to challenge yourself, select a bunch of colors, but be sure to choose ones that pair well with your cabinets, countertops and wall colors.

Since tiles are glossy and it can be hard to get paint to stick to them, try using an enamel paint in your desired color. It's also important to put a surface conditioner for enamel paint on your tiles before painting them.

Before you begin painting, clean your tile thoroughly with a degreaser, followed by some soap and water. Finish the cleaning process by wiping your tiles down with rubbing alcohol. Also make sure to mark off any areas around your tile that you don't plan to paint.

Once you're ready to paint, practice a few times on some old tiles or ones that will be hidden by an appliance to help get the hang of things. If your paint feels too thick, dilute it to get a better consistency. Put a small amount of paint on each tile and brush on a thin layer to avoid any drips. Try to keep the paint from running into the grout, but if it does, you can always cover it up later with some white paint.

If you're using multiple colors, it's helpful to spend one day painting with one color and then moving on to the tiles that will have another color while the first batch dries. You'll most likely need 2-3 coats to completely cover each tile with a new color. Once you're done with all the coats, use a foam roller to smooth out the paint and erase any brush marks. If you want your tiles to appear glossy—and easier to clean—you can cover each tile with a gloss finish for enamel paint. Finally, you should let your tiles cure for a week or so before cleaning or resting anything on them.

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