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3 Bulk Gifts You Can Make in a Clear Ornament Dec 6, 2019

Check off everyone on your list with these double-duty Christmas tree ornament gifts.

What’s the Difference Between an Annual and a Perennial? Oct 23, 2019

Should you pick annuals or perennials when planting your garden? Here's a rundown on the differences between these two types of pl …

How to Store Dahlias for Winter Dec 5, 2019

When the first freeze hits, it's time to tuck away your dahlias until spring returns.

DIY Plantable Party Favors Aug 20, 2019

Green up their thumbs with these take-home surprises that truly are the gift that keeps giving. Following the included instruction …

How Long to Germinate Sunflower Seeds Jul 22, 2019

Fill your garden with the living sunshine of sunflowers. The magic starts with one little seed.

How to Germinate Flower and Vegetable Seeds in Paper Towels Jul 16, 2019

Tackle seed starting with confidence using these seed germination tips.

How to Create Indoor Bonsai Gardens Jun 7, 2019

Bring beautiful, living trees into your home when you practice the ancient art of Bonsai.

How to Make a Monogram Faux Floral Wreath May 28, 2019

Welcome spring with a monogrammed wreath filled with faux blooms in pinks, creams and bright greens. Gift it to mom for Mother's D …

How to Use Canna Lily in the Garden Mar 13, 2019

Turn up the heat in your garden design by adding tropical canna lily. Its exotic beauty makes every planting sizzle.

DIY Edible Floral Ice Bucket Sep 14, 2018

Keep your rosé chilled and your summer theme on point.

Staggered Planting: What It Is and Why You Should Be Doing It Sep 14, 2018

Use this trick of shifting planting dates to manage harvests of edible plants or flowers.

How to Grow and Use Scented Geraniums Mar 16, 2018

Pelargoniums, cousins of common garden geraniums, add delightful fragrance to your home and garden.

How to Make a Cranberry Vase Centerpiece Dec 5, 2017

Take your floral arrangement up a notch by displaying it in a vase covered with faux berries.

Blooming BFFs: Great Choices to Pair With Peonies This Fall Sep 14, 2018

Fall is peony planting time. Take your peonies to the next level by pairing them with plants that really make them sparkle.

Make a Labor Day Garden Arrangement Aug 24, 2017

Celebrate the holiday with flowers and foliage in patriotic red, white and blue.

5 Easy Flower Arrangements + How to Keep Them Alive Sep 14, 2018

Bring your favorite blooms inside with long-lasting arrangements for Water a Flower Day.

Yarrow As an Herb Sep 14, 2018

Discover the herbal side of yarrow.

‘Hidcote’ Lavender: Our Favorite Flowers Feb 13, 2018

This popular lavender cultivar will attract butterflies to your garden.

The Queen Mum Sep 17, 2018

Chrysanthemums make great container plants and landscaping focal points.

Hydrangea Cheat Sheet Sep 14, 2018

Learn about new varieties available, plus how to care for hydrangeas.

Verbena ‘Homestead Purple’: Our Favorite Flowers Feb 24, 2016

Cover your bases with these gorgeous purple flowers.

Favorite Camellia Varieties Sep 14, 2018

Lifestyle expert James Farmer shares his passion for growing camellias, evergreen shrubs with showy blooms.

'May Night' Salvia Sep 14, 2018

Savor the deep purple blooms of woodland sage.

Salvia Plants Sep 14, 2018

Welcome salvia to your garden for some low-maintenance beauty.

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