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Common Coreopsis: How to Grow and Care for Coreopsis May 21, 2020

This deer-resistant, long-blooming perennial flower — also known as tickseed — attracts butterflies, bees and birds.

How to Grow and Care for Snapdragon Flowers May 20, 2020

Bring cottage garden charm to your yard with snapdragons, an old-fashioned favorite.

Salvia Plants: Growing and Caring for Ornamental Sage May 11, 2020

Welcome the many varieties of salvia to your garden for some low-maintenance beauty.

How to Grow Gerbera Daisy May 11, 2020

Learn about beautiful gerbera daisies and what it takes to achieve garden success with these jewel-tone bloomers.

How to Grow Nasturtium May 5, 2020

Learn how to plant and care for nasturtium, an old-fashioned, easy-to-grow garden favorite that's been in cultivation since the da …

How to Grow Wisteria May 4, 2020

The gorgeous flowering wisteria vine can lend romantic beauty to your garden. Just be aware of what type of wisteria plant you are …

Growing Phlox Varieties May 1, 2020

From garden phlox to creeping flox, learn how to plant, grow and care for this perennial charmer in your garden.

Dahlias: How to Care for, Plant and Grow Apr 30, 2020

These gorgeous flowers unfurl one of the widest-ranging color palettes.

Moonflower Plant Care Apr 30, 2020

Our garden experts offer moonflower planting, growing and care tips for this blooming vine.

How to Capture and Save Seeds From Herbs and Flowers Apr 30, 2020

Don’t let seeds from your plants and flowers go to waste. Learn how to use seed bags to collect and save seeds for next season.

Jasmine: How to Grow and Care for Jasmine Varieties May 18, 2020

From jasmine vines to jasmine shrubs, find out how to plant and care for this popular, prolific garden plant.

How to Grow and Care for Weigela Apr 22, 2020

Get weigela growing tips from HGTV garden experts to make sure this beautiful ornamental shrub flourishes in your garden.

How to Plant, Grow and Care for Asiatic Lilies Apr 24, 2020

Available in many sizes and colors, these low-maintenance perennials are an easy way to add texture and bold hues to your garden.

How to Grow Desert Rose Apr 2, 2020

Find out how to grow and care for desert rose plants from the garden experts at HGTV.

How to Grow Daylilies Apr 2, 2020

With some advance planning, you can have glorious daylilies for spring by planting in the fall with this advice from HGTV gardenin …

How to Grow Stargazer Lilies Mar 31, 2020

The easy-to-grow Stargazer lily has fragrant, bold blooms and is undoubtedly the most popular lily to grow.

How to Grow Columbine Flowers Mar 17, 2020

Find out how to grow columbine, an easy-care perennial to feature in your garden.

Orchid-Care Tips Mar 17, 2020

Find out how to care for orchids with these tips from HGTV gardening experts.

How to Plant, Grow and Care for Delphinium Mar 16, 2020

This sun-loving perennial will thrive with the right care. Get HGTV garden experts' delphinium growing tips.

How to Grow Bleeding Heart Mar 4, 2020

Find out how to grow bleeding heart, a low-maintenance perennial for shade, and how to care for it in your garden.

How to Grow Dianthus Flowers Mar 11, 2020

These cottage garden favorites will add an attractive pop of color to any yard.

How to Grow Forget-Me-Not Flowers Mar 11, 2020

This easy-to-grow flower will brighten up any shady, wet area in your yard.

How to Preserve Flowers Apr 10, 2020

Find out how to keep the beauty of your garden going all year long by learning the best way to preserve flowers.

How to Grow Viburnum Mar 10, 2020

Versatile viburnum bring garden flowers in the spring and colorful berries and leaves in the fall.

Mums 101: When To Plant and How To Grow Chrysanthemums Feb 25, 2020

Mums can give you color till the cold comes. Here’s how to make the queen of autumn gardens thrive.

Growing Sunflowers: When to Plant and How to Grow Sunflowers Feb 25, 2020

Learn the ins and outs of growing sunflowers. Planting these bright and breezy bloomers is a snap. Growing them is even easier.

Dogwood Tree Planting, Care, Varieties and Facts May 21, 2020

Find out what you should know about dogwood trees, a four-season beauty and one of the most popular trees in America.

How to Grow and Care for Gardenia Plants Mar 4, 2020

For those in warmer climates, gardenias make a stunning and scent-filled addition to the landscape or outdoor containers, while th …

How to Grow Calibrachoas Jan 17, 2020

Whether you call them million bells or baby petunias, easy-to-grow calibrachoas may be small, but they pack a big punch of color i …

Do Citronella Plants Repel Mosquitoes? Jan 21, 2020

Yes and no. There are two different kinds of citronella plants and only one has any effect on pesky insects. But they're both nice …

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